Love is in the hospital – Episode 1 (Part 1)

                          Love is in the Hospital _________ Episode 1  (Part 1)

SO  guys hope you like the episode .
            Scene 1
girl: yar ajj pehla din hain aur mein aj bhi late hogi.

her mom call her: beta Anjali jaldi karo.

Second girl: Di breakfast nhi karo gi I don’t have time.

Di: Thora kuch toh kah lo.Neha

Anjali:No mom love you (and both the girls move out.)

Scene 2

Anjali: uff oh pata nhi yeh first class kaha honi hain aur mera hostal room. (and she crash with a girl)

neha: sorry sorry (while picking its notes from  the ground)

Anjali: sorry…. (and she see her) Neha tum hi tumhey bhi yeh hospital mein internship mili hain mujhe toh yakeen nhi horaha hain.

Neha: same here. mujhe nhi pata tha mein apni intership tumharay sath karo gi (and they hug eachother. And a group of three girls come to them)

First girl: hi I am Swara and they are Sanchi and Naina

Naina:aur hum ap logon key room  mein ap key sath rahey gaye.

Sanchi: hum ap ko ap key rooms mein ley jaye gay but abhi class attend kartey hain dr.Kabir aur dr.Kriti ki class.

Anjali: meine suna hain woh bhut strict hain.

Swara: yeh toh ap ney sahi suna hain acha chalo chaley.

Anjali: sanchi kya tum mujhe dean key office mein ley kar jao gi actually mujhe kuch kaam hain.

Sanchi: offcourse. tum log chalo mein Anjali key sath ati hon.( and went to clas and office.)

Scene 3

Anjali: I am very licky mujhe ap jasey frnds milay.

Sanchi: thank you aur ab ap mat kahna nhi toh tum log humey koh do gi.

Anjali: okay and they laugh.( Anjali bumped into a boy and was about to fall but he safe him and they share a eye lock)

Anjali: choro mujhe.( and he leave her and she fall)

Anjali: yeh kya badtameezi hain.

Sanchi:Anjalin tum theek hona aur Aditiya yeh kya.

Aditiya: Iss ney kaha toh meine chor diya.

Anjali: arrey Mr. attitude yeh apney attitude ko apney tak hi rakho.

Aditiya: Sanchi yeh new student hain na tumhari room mate.

Sanchi: haan..

Aditiya: haan kyukey itni badtameez larki toh hospital mein koi bhi nhi. issley yeh new hi ho sakti hain.

Anjali:tumney mujhe badtameez kaha . (aditiya was about to say something but Dr. Preeta came)

Preeta: yeh kya horaha hain.tum  log dean key office key barh kharay ho kar lar rahey ho. Aditiya Sanchi ap logon ko toh pata hona chaiyey.agr ap ko DR. kabir  yah dr. kriti dekh ley toh.

Sanchi: sorry mam. yeh anjali hain issey dean sey milna tha toh iss liyey.

Preeta: acha ap new doc ho. par abhi dean sir nhi hain he will meet you later.

Scene 4

In the class.

Sanchi: chalo tumhey kya zaroorat thi larney ki inn fazool logo ko chor do.

Anjali: theek kah rahi ho.

Neha: tum log agay. Anjali dean sey milli.

Anjali: nahi yar.

Swara: kyu? acha chalo bad mein mil leyna. (Anjali nods.) and a boy look at Neha and say

Boy: hi new student.nice meeting you.

Neha: excuse me I don’t know you. and it not nice meeting you.

2 boy: arrey rohit  bewakoof apni beizzati karwadi new larki sey yeh dekh. (to swara) hi kasi ho.

Swara: varun tumhey kya chahiyey mujhe tang mat karo..

Rohit: hahaha tohney toh purani larki sey hi izzat karwali. Aditiya enters and Anjali and Aditiya see each other

and than Dr. kriti come

Kriti: Good morning. aur ab ap logo ki baatein hogi toh yeh lay sab ki files inn patients ko aplog ajj attend karey gaye.aur new interns ap log aj kissi bhi doc ko insist karey gaye. aur kal ap logon ko fime mil jayey gi.

BOTH: okay.

Scene 5

kabir enters : Gud ek important accounment karni hain mujhe. theek teen dino baad I will take a test and whoever take highest marks will be appointed head of interns and whoever become the HOI will have a chance to choose a insist and the insist will be with him/her for 1 week.

Kriti: and Neha and Anjali agr ap yeh test nhi dena chatey toh its okay…..

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  1. Anee

    Heyyy Dear you didn’t faced Dr. Kabir and Kirtii… and by the way Very nice start… I enjoyed each and every scene… Just Love it…. Keep writing. bye tc.

  2. Fenil

    waiting for next

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