Love is in the hospital – Episode 1 (Part 2)

                                  Love is in the Hospital           Episode 1       (part 2)

 guys there was  little mistakes  in the previous part I wrote Rohit instead of Karan and Veer instead of Varun.
       so NOW,

Anjali: dr. we will take this test.

Neha: and off course doctor ‘s life is challenge.

Kriti: Nice I am proud of you girls.

Kabir: now head to your duties. (everyone says OK)

           Scene 6 In The corridor.

Karan: the new doctors are nice .

Aditiya: Nice what has happen to you they are so rude especially Dr. anjali

Karan :I don’t know about Dr. anjali but Neha is nice.

Karthik:  Karan you find every girl good.

Varun: par aditiya what has happen to you you have never talk about girl in such language.

Aryan: it seem that you are get effected by us.

Aditiya: nothing is like this. and lets go to our wards.

          Scene 7   Girls side.

Naina: my ward is children ‘s ward. the children are cute but when they cry I just get mad.

Sanchi: there is a good news for you that Karthik will be with you.

Naina: yar No.that british worm OMG.

Swara: but how do you know.

Sanchi: I am dr. kriti assistant.

Neha: ohh

Anjali: Swara where is your ward?

Swara: I am in OT.

Neha : So I  am going to be with you.

Anjali: and me

Sanchi: 2 doctors cannot assist one doctor.

Anjali: okay then I have to ask Dr. kriti.

Swara: sanchi you know Aryan is going to assist Dr. kabir.

Sanchi: yeah I know (with sad face)

Anjali: lets go.

Sanchi: okay.

            Scene  8  In Dr. kriti cabin

Dr. kriti and dr. Preeta are discussing a case and Dr. ankita is also there just than anjali and sanchi come and knock the door.

Sanchi: mam may I come in.

Dr. Preeta: yes.

Sanchi: kriti mam….

kriti: its dr. kriti.

Sanchi: Sorry.. Dr. anjali wants to know her duty that who she can assist.

kriti: Dr. Anjali its your work or Dr. sanchi.

Anjali: my work…

Kriti: then u should ask .. alrisght you can assist Dr. Ankita She is in general ward.

Ankita:* Now this down market will assist me*.

Ankita to kriti: okay mam. lets go Dr….

Anjali: Anjali.

Ankita: yes lets go.

                 Scene 9        In OT 1

Aditiya: okay bye varun.  I think Swara is in this OT nad you are in OT 2 so sad.

Varun: shut up do not tease me.

Aditiya: Hi swara.

Swara: hi and Varun you are here but you are going to be in OT 2.

Varun: yes I am in OT 2 but you are taking very much interest in me.

Swara: We should know where are our enemy.

Varun: you are right that’ why I take care of you but now it will not important as I am Going to be HOI and you are gonna be my assistant.

Swara: I will be HOI and you will be my assistant.

Varun: let see. hi Neha I think Anjali can be HOI  what do you say adi.

Aditiya: shut up Varun. Neha I  like your confidence in front of class.

Neha: Thank you Nice meeting you.

Varun: okay Swara we will me in Lunch time Wait for me. ( Swara gaze at him and he move out)

Adi: Nice meeting you Neha and I like you but your frnd Anjali.

Neha: she is a little bold but she is nice.

Adi: for you only.

Neha: you say something.

Adi: no.. okay LET me see my patients. ( neha nods)

             Scene  10                 In children ward

Naina: Stop crying children plz.

Karthik: yes please after all she has said good thing first time.

Naina: What do you mean. Listen I am very Mad at these kids and I am also very hungry so in short I AM VERY ANGRY SO SHUT UP.( karthik is about to fall)

Karthik: oookay. Desi girl.

Naina: British worm now u are finish.

Karthik: haan so in America girls are hot and sweet and very important silent.

Naina: so go marry them.

Karthik :  There is a problem they all are Hindus. but don’t worry I will never marry you.

Naina; So i am also not dying to marry you. dont make me mad.

Karthik: look at you language.

( naina is about to punch him but nurse come..)

NURSE: what are you doing look kids are also afraid and silent.

( they see here and there and all the kids are on bed.)

Naina: Nurse lets give them their dose of injection and medicines.

                     End OF EPISODE 1
PRECAP: Anjali see the boy gang hiding the notes.girls plan to get the notes. adi flirt with ankita. New faces are reveal.
Note: Guys to know almost all the characters real name and fictional name check out this video on youtube  (  and follow on istagram love is in the hospital.
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