Love is in the Air

The story revolves around the 2 love birds.the hero is actually a young ,handsome ,medium heighted,aggresive ,stylish guy of age around 26-27 .he is smart but with lack of interest in studies and is pursuing something that his mom dreamt for him i.e., bsc it and is in the fourth year,though he has got admission not because of his percentage but his moms prayers.he is insensitive free dude in search of a girlfriend and wants 2 enjoy life to his best.he has 2 small sisters whom he loves a lot .he is a bit proudy and brand obsessed.he loves himself the most.and has build due 2 regular work outs at gym.

the heroin is actually 10 years younger 2 him and is his cousin.she is a shy ,ambitious,simple ,studious ,beautiful ,medium heighted ,religious. She is calm and like no fights though the hero can really fight well just 2 protect his loved ones .the girl only wishes 2 make her parents happy and agree 2 all their decisions with a smile and satisfaction that decisions of ones parents is the best.she is very obedient and helpful and social.she has just come from abroad and is happy 2 be back in india.she has nt seen him fr many years and being in fourth std she is more sensible and matured as being elder than one sis who is just 5 years old but she did’nt want 2 leave her friends though she wanted 2 live with her cousins.

At louis place:
Heroine’s name is laura taylor and the hero’s name is louis styles. Laura comes n strts her usual chitchat wid louis youngest sis anabella about her school ,frnds ,etc. At that momentt louis enters with brown tshirt and denim of lee cooper with a leather college bag with hairs dishevelled and puma boots.he rushes in throws his bag lies down on sofa without realizing dat laura is on the either side of sofa brathing heavily as soon his touches his feet touches her lap he realizes smthing and sits upright 2 chck finding laura .he recognizes her and smiles and asks,”how r u ?”

She in return smiles as she had already recognized when he entered and says”i a fine ” he says how was ur journey ” she says gud he then says y u came back 2 india whats d use being here u shud hv stayed there (unknown 2 d fact what god has already plannd fr them)and then all of sudden his phone rings he eyes grow big and the rushes out answering the call(most probably his girl frnd)she the gets a weird feeling regrding his behavior n then goes back home.

at lauras plc:
There is a knock and a tall,handsome but not so cute bt a complete idiot waits outside wid a sweet ,beautiful elder sis.laura opens d door is happy seeing them .as soon as dat boy enters with his sis lauras small sis screams happily victor and elizabeth at my plc .mom see elizabeth n victor hv cm n hugs them.laura is also happy seeing them both and strts chhting wid dem and there is another knock and louis comes in wid a bag dat his mum had sd him 2 give 2 his aunt .he luks at all of dem n says hi goes 2 laura’s mum n leaves in a haste saying dat he has imprtnt wrk (it is sunday but he has imprtnt wrk seriously a big lie its nt true his surly going 2 meet his grl frnd) laura is cntinuosly staring at him and again fells weird bt gets rid of it n strts her chit chat.

later at night she feels restless thinking abt him and weird feelings storming in her brain and then again gets restless y does he behave so weird and questions arise in her brain dat if he has any gf and what kind of frnd he hooks up wid ,if he smokes or consumes alcohol, etc.
she then turns on either side and prays and tries 2 sleep

next morning she wakes fresh and strts wid her mother 2 go fr admissions in schools n then returns being tired with a marvellous interview.the school on the spot recognizes her potential n gives admission which reall makes her mum happy as it is d best school in town on the other hand her sister gets admission in another school which is also gud bt nt as our own english high school.this school is a branch of our own in abroad and is very popular fr its academic n sports records.laura den doses off after a hectic schedule n den strts going fr tuitions frm d next day onwards 2 victors house n strts learning marathi frm victors mom as days pass by elizabeth n laura become best of frnds and strt conspiring though laura has no issue wid victor bt anabella is victors sworn enemy though she is his elder sis.

after 3 years :
Laura is now bff of elizabeth and has rare talks wid anabella nd her elder sis rosetta n elder bro louis bt is kind of frndly wid victor.elizabeth n laura share everything and are just like sistrrs often found at each others plc explring diffrnt doors of knowledge they really love d sherlock holmes series n artistic shows.they are into their own wrld but their jrney of frndship ruptures a bit wen elizabeth gets in college fyjc and finds new frnds which chnges her attitude a bit bt not dat much.laura gets usd 2 it n usually visits louis home wid victor n elizabeth or her mom n small sis maria bt she rarely finds louis n if she finds him his always in his world(i mean his gf world) though knowing nt much abt louis she feels strange wenever he is in her vicinity making her mad abt d feeling and gud 2.

at louis plc:
victor n elizabeth had left laura and maria .at louis plc due 2 sm wrk as lauras mom wntd 2 do so as she (her mum)n her aunt(louis mom) were out.anabella was nt dat frndly n so she went 2 sleep after chting a bit wid laura and rosetta had gone out wid her frnds

Precap – louis shirtless and asking if he has a nice build 2 laura

guys dus is just d strt see hw d story proceeds n both come close hoping fr ur satisfactry feedbacksguys wtever u feel just let me no abt my stry i hv never written just trying 2 do so .

Credit to: manny


  1. Hayathi

    Nice but so many charecters are here… so little bit confusion is there but coming episodes it will clear

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