Love is hard part 76

In the morning the next saiyam went jogging and saw yuvraj sit in the car
Yuvraaj saw saiyam and called him over
Saiyam: papa where did u go so early
Yuvraaj: i had to post these files
Saiyam: okay.
Yuvraaj: saiyam why did u take yuvaan with u guys last night. If i was u i wouldnt let him near krishna
Saiyam: all of us forgave him and we will forget that anything like that ever happened. Because i know that ma will get hurt seeing his son be ignored in his house
Yuvraaj: so u want to forgive everything he ever did
Saiyam: u and him forgave what i ever did this, so why cant i forgive him
Yuvraaj: saiyam that was a long time ago and u were sorry and u didnt know
Saiyam: haan but i still had bad intentions
Yuvraaj: what if yuvaan still has bad intentions
Saiyam: he wont this time i am so sure of it .anyways will u forgive him to
Yuvraaj: i dont know
Saiyam: at least think of ma, just think about it
And saiyam left from there.
He went into the kitchen and saw priya and krishna cooking
Saiyam: krishna what are u doing.
Krishna: priya is teaching me how to make her special dish
Priya: saiyam i told her i would just make it for her but she said she wanted to help
Saiyam: krishna i told u na that u shouldnt work
Krishna: saiyam nothing will happen
Priya: no di saiyam is rite
Saiyam: krishna u can do something esle away from all the smoke and hot oil
Krishna : saiyam please i want to
Saiyam: no krishna come do something else
Both of them were arguing and just then yuvaan came
Yuvaan: krishna, listen to saiyam and do something else its not safe for u to be around all these things
Saiyam smiled looking at yuvaans changed behaviour
Krishna: then who will help priya
Yuvaan: i will help her
Krishna and saiyam smirked
Krishna: okay fine and saiyam i am not talking to u now
Saiyam: what did i do now
Both of them went to there room
Saiyam: why u angryyy
Krishna: why dont u let me do anything
Saiyam: because u are pregnant
Krishna: haan so that dosnt mean that i cant do anything
Saiyam: u are two months pregnant and it’s dangerous to be around things that can harm u
Krishna: achaaa so u only care about your baby
Saiyam: no i also care about u, if something happens to the baby something will also happen to u
Krishna: i still dont want to speak to
Saiyam kneeled down infront of her
Saiyam: but i still love u
Krishna: but i dont
Saiyam: i dont care if u do or not, but i love u he whispered this to krishna in a husky way
Krishna: okay thats nice
Saiyam: so u dont love me
Krishna: i will think about it
Saiyam: okay then u think about it i need to leave for work. And that doesnt mean u can go in the kitchen again because i told karan to make sure u dont do any hard work
Krishna: saiyam thats not fair at all.
Saiaym: do whatever u want just dont go in the kitchen or do any cleaning
Krishna: then what else can i do
Before saiyam said anything karan came in
Saiyam: thank god u came yar, tell her she cant do anything and she can rest
Krishna: karan i dont want to rest
Karan: okay come with me i think i have something
Both of them went and saiyam left for work

In the kitchen yuvaan and priya were helping eachother
Yuvaan was just talking when he gasped
Priya: what happend,why did u shout
Yuvaan: voh i cut my finger
Priya: show it to me,
Priya took his finger and started running the cold water
Yuvaan smiled seeing her convern and care for him
Priya: y are u smiling, is it not hurting
Yuvaan: no no its nothing. I am just smiling seeing ur care
Priya: well then i can say the same for u, u also showed care for me yesterday
Both of them talked alot and got to know eachother
In karani room
Yuvaani and karan and krishna were talking
Yuvanni: i think we should get priya and yuvaan married
Karan: i think the same, u know while i was in the kitchen both of them were helping eachother talking and laughing
Krishna: i really like priya to she is very sweet
Yuvaani: and she has no one she is all alone
Krishna: i think we should speak to suhani auntie about it.
Just them suhani came
Suhani: speak to me about what
Krishna: yuvaan and priya
Suhani: wait u forgave yuvaan
Karan: haan all of us forgave him thats why we took him last night with us
Suhani : thank u for giving him another chance
Yuvaani: we forgave saiyam and saiyam wanted us all to forgive yuvaan to
Suhani : well he thought rite
Karan: anyways voh i think yuvaan and priya get along well.
Suhani: i think so to, i just came past the kitchen and saw them both laughing
Krishna: we will talk about it to everyone at night

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