Love is hard part 75

This episode starts at night
Everyone was standing outside
Saiyam: okay everyone ready
Yuvani: haan al ready
Priya: where are we going

Krishna: movie dehkne
Priya: really, I have heard lots of people say that they will go see movies but I have never been before
Saiyam: don’t worry priya all of us go quite often, so u can come with us
Priya: thank u saiyam
Karan: okay lets go or than we will miss the start
In the car everyone noticed that yuvaan was still not comfortable about speaking to anyone or getting frank

Karan: so where will go for desert aftr the movie
Saiyam: I am not sure, yuvaan…have u got any ideas
Yuvaan: no no I don’t mind u choose
Krishna: yuvan just say, everyone knows that u know where all the desert places are]
Yuvaani: haan, why wouldn’t he know,mota always eating out
Yuvaan: yuvaani mein mota nahi ho
Yuvaani:if u say so
Saiyam: okay priya u say

Priya: saiyam I never go out so how will I know
Krishna: yuvaan where is the one that me u and yuvaani and karan used to go to when we were smaller
Yuvaan: ohh the one near the beach
Karan: haan voi
Saiyam: where is this

Yuvaan: its like half an hour from the cinema.
Yuvaani: I remember that when we were kids we would go there every day after school, and then when we came home mumma would get angry because all our cloths would be dirty
Yuvaan: I remember to, and also whenever we were good we would gets treats that would be ice cream
Karan: uff we were crazy over ice cream
Saiyam: I wish mein be hota, so I could also remember all these memories.

Krishna: saiyam, who needs old memories when we can make new ones
Yuvaan: haan saiyam don’t be sad
Yuvaani: lets just forget everything that happened in the past and make new memories
Yuvaan: you will forget everything…..
Saiyam: haan yuvaan, when I did bad things everyone including u forgave me and we moved on, so now u made mistakes and its my duty to forgive u and forge what happened just like u did
Tears came out of yuvaans eyes
Yuvaani: yuvan why are u crying, saiyam and krishna me and karan we all want to forget and forvige, u should be happy
Saiyam: yuvaan stop crying

Yuvaan: this is all tears of guilt, I cant believe that I was going to kill all this families happinesss, I am so so sorry, I don’t deserve to be forgiven or loved again
Saiyam: if ur saying this, than I should also not be forgiven even though it was a long time ago, I disrespected maa and pap aand everyone, so I also don’t be deserved to be loved
Karan: uff god, were going out for party and these two boys are having senti talks
Priya laughed
Yuvaani: priya don’t wory, all this drama always happened in this family

Krishna: okay bus now, lets just forget everything and move on.
Yuvaani: haan, there is no point of feeling guilty or regretting, everything that happened has happened and everything now is fine. Soon this house will be filled of happiness when krishnas baby arrives, then yuvaan u will also have to get married soon
Krishna: yuvaani, you wuill also be a mum soon so how about all that
Saiyam: krishna what are u saying, yuvani is kid herself so how will she look after her own
Yuvan: saiyam ki bat toh sahi haiu vasai

Krishna: and we have a new family member that we havnt introduced yuvaan to
Saiyam: haan, priya the one you are siting next to is yuvaan, he is yuvaani twin brother and also my older brother. And yuvaan this is priya, she takes care of all the children in my orphanage and lives in my house to
Yuvaani: but now she will mostly live here with all of us
Priya: u guys are all doing to much for me I cant stay with u guys for so long and interfere in your family

Karan: priya u are also family okay, so never think that you are alone
Yuvaani: priya do u know that mumma and dadi and bari daadi, love u, they are always talking about how good and nice u are
Priya: awe your family is very very sweet, may u al stay happy all the time
Saiyam: okay guys were here now lets go
In the theater everyone sat down to watch the movie
Yuvaan and priya had to sit together because the seat numbers got mixed up
And yuvani and karan and kriyam sat together
Krisna: saiyam give your hand

Saiyam: why
Krishn: because I want to hold it
Saiyam: why
Krishna: because I want to
Saiyam and krishna were sitting at the very end in the comer at the very top
Saiyam: are u in a romatic mood
Krishna: no I just want to hold a hand

Saiyam: but I am in a romantic mood
Both of them were whispering so saiyam had a very husky voice
Krishna: we came to watch movie not do romance
Saiyam: I don’t really care my darling
Saiyam took his hand and put it over krishnas baby bump and held her hand
He kissed krishnas neck as well
Krishna breathed deeply
Krishna: saiyam someone will see us

Saiyam: so let them see us
During the whole movie saiyam get romancing with krisha

After the movie finished they all came out.
They wre walking outside and priya slipped but yuvaan caught her and they had an eye lock
Karani and kriyam turned around and saw this and they all smiled
Yuvaan: are u alright
Priya: haan I just slipped
Yuvan: walk carefully or u will hurt your self
Priya: han voh these shoes are not so comfortable

Yuvaan: okay wil get new shoes than.
Saiyam: kya hua
Yuvaan: priya shoes are not so comfortable
Saiyam: okay will go buy new ones than
Priya: no no its fine honestly, I can walk
Saiyam: okay yuvaan me and krishna and karan and yuvaani will get some ice cream and go on the beach, and u can see I u can find anymore shoes for priya
Priya: saiyam I am telling u na its fine, u already do way to much for me
Krishna: why has everyone stoped

Saiyam: priya isn’t comfortable in her shoes
Krishna: oh I bought spare one there in the car, I thought if I get tired in heels I could change, I will go get them
Karan: wait krisha I will come with u don’t go alone
Yuvani: saiyam I want ice cream come
Saiyam: okay yuvaan and priya go and sit on the beach we wil come

As he said that yuvaani pulled saiyam away
Yuvaan and priya were walking on the beach
Yuvaan: are u okay, u can take ur shoes of for a while, krishna is bringing her spare ones
Priya sat down
Priya: I am so sorry because of me everyone got orried, I shouldn’t have said
Yuvaan: no no its okay don’t worry
Priya smiled and thought in her mind: he is so caring and thoughtful. No has ever noticed me or cared so much for me like this family does.hai bagwhaan, please keep them happy
Yuvaan: why are u smiling

Priya: voh kya hai na, I am not used to going out like this, I have spent my life with children and looking after them, soo all this is vey new
Yuvaan: are u enjoying it
Priya: haan I am, its really nice, saiyam is very caring and krishna and yuvani karan everyone is so nice
Yuvaan smiled: han they are amazsing people, just then krishna and karan came back with the spare shoes and and saiyam and yuvani came back with the ice cream

Priya: thank u krishna its much better now
Krishna: your most welcome
All six of them sat on the beach and had ice cream they talked and laughed, every few minutes yuvaan would look at priya and enjoy seing her smile and laugh
Everyone noticed this and got happy knowing what will happen very soon

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