Love is hard part 74

At night yuvaan is shown in bed
Yuvaan is tossing and turning and cant sleep
Yuvaan: i cant believe i ever did such horrible things. My dad my siblings mammo everyone is soo disgusted with me. I dont know where i found the shame to go to saiyams room but i am happy i found the courage to do that because i know y saiyam called me back.

In Suhani room
Yuvraaj: suhani saiyam did the wrong thing brining him back
Suhani: he did it for me becuase he could see that i was missing him
Yuvraaj: suhani he disrespected krishna extremely. He is my son or not he did wrong.
Everyone fell asleep and woke up late in the morning.

Everyone was having breakfast
Pratima: priya why did u make breakfast u are guest over here
Priya: voh actually i always make breakfast for all the children so i have a habbit of waking up and cooking
Rags: but i must say this is very yummy
Priya: saiyam u didnt mind me making food did u
Saiyam: no no not at all. Feel free

Suhani: yuvaan?? Where is he
Yuvaani: i am not sure mumma he has been in his room
Karan: yuvaani come lets go will get late
Yuvraaj: where are u two going
Karan: mummy and dad nai bulaya hai.
Yuvraaj: okay tell them i said hello
Yuvaani: i will
And they both left
Krishna: priya u will not go in the kitchen

Priya: but di u shouldnt work in this condition
Saiyam: haan krishna she is rite.
Krishna: okay teek hai. Priya come i want to show u some old photo albums
Both the girls left.
Saiyam: ma are u okay, u look tensed.
Suhani: yuvaan didnt come out to eat.
Bhavnaa: maybe he is to ashamed to show his face to anyone
Baari daadi: suhani dont worry he will come out in a while
Rags:daadi shall we go now

Daadi: haan challo
Rags: yuvraj will u drive us to the city please
Yuvraaj: haan and sharad u come to we can mail the files on the way
Everyone left leaving saiyam suhani on the table
Suhani: saiyam will u go give breakfast to yuvaan. I wont be able to control my tears because of what he has dome
Saiyam: okay teek hai
Saiyam took food over to yuvaan
He knocked on the door nd yuvaan opened it
Saiyam: ma sent breakfast for u

Yuvaan is to ahamed to look at saiyam let alone speak
Yuvaan took the tray : thanks
Saiyam: can i come inside
Yuvan was shocked by his question: haan ao
Saiyam: are u okay
Yuvaan: are u not angry, or disgusted by me

Saiyam: no i am just disappointed that u had the same intentions as my father a
nd u were willing to kill my child
Yuvaan: then why are u talking to me.
Saiyam: becuase yuvaan ur my brother and i know how u felt for those three weeks while u were away because i have suffered it for 20 years
Yuvaan: i dont know how to tell everyone how sorry i am and how ashamed i am
Saiyam: i dont know yuvaan but i just dont want u around krishna okay.
Yuvan lowered his head and saiyam left

In kriyams room
Krishna: saiyam if yuvaan is going to be scared to talk to anyone whats the point of him being here
Saiyam: krishna i bought him back only because of maa
Krishna: can we just put everything behind us and forget it
Saiyam: krishnaaa how can u forgive him after what he did
Krishna: the people who make the mistake are the most hurt becuase of there guilt.
Saiyam: he tried to kill our child krishna
Krishna: lets just leave it now whats the point of bringing something back . Look ur baby is still here in me and nothing happened.
Saiyam: u really think we should forgive him
Krishna: haan lets just forget this all and start again.

Saiyam: and what if he gets the same intentions againnn
Krishna: then we all know what would happen
Saiyam: shall we talk to yuvani and karan
Krishna: han, but there is one person who will not forgive him so soon
Saiyam: papa
Krishna: haan he hasnt even gone to see or speak to yuvaan since he came back.
Saiyam: anyways i have something for u
Krishna: what is that?
Saiyam: i didnt give u ur gift for ur baby shower

Krishna: but saiyam this is also ur childs celebration so u dont need to gift me
Saiyam: well i got a gift anyways close ur eyes
Saiyam bought out a box it was a beautiful but simple jewelry set
With a bracelet, ring and necklace

Saiyam: okay open ur eyess
Krishna: woww saiyam its soo beautiful thank u
Saiyam:I knew u would like it
Krishna: saiyam why do u waste ur money all the time
Saiyam: my money is ur money
Krishna:saiyam I love u so much, never ever go far from me

Saiyam: nai krishna I will never ever go far from u or our baby.
A while later Krishna called Karan and yuvani to their room to discuss about yuvaan
Karan: krishn have u gone crazy, u will forgive yuvaan after what he did to u and saiyam. He was going to kill ur child and ruin ur relationship with saiyam. And u wan to forget that and forgive him.
Krishna: karan what will we achieve by holding on to the past. Us having a grudge against saiyam will also break suhani auntie.

Yuvaani: krishna is rite, and yuvaan might really be this sorry and regret what intentions he had
Karan: saiyamm tum toh kuch bolo
Saiyam: sorry karan I am with krishna and yuvaani. I think that we should just forget this. Keeping on to all this will break everyone including us. He is our brother and everyone makes mistakes.
Kran: saiyam u have gone crazy
Saiyam stood up and got frustrated

Saiyam: no karan I havnt goty crazy, I am staying this because I know how he feels. Now look at me. I made soo many mistakes I did soo many bad things with ma with krishna, but everyone including yuvan forgave me. And moved on. So just imagine if everyone did what u want to do now, imagine if everyone wanted to hold onto all the mistakes I made and was still angry with me. Do u think we would be happy do u think krishna would have her dream come true of becoming a mom
Krishna: saiyam sit down and calm down, stop talking about ur past I don’t like it
Yuvaani: karan do u understand now
Karan got up and hugged saiyam
Karan: I do understand I will forgive yuvan

Saiyam: thank u karan
Yuvani: krishna so u are not scared of yuvaan yh? I mean u don’t mind being near him anymore
Krishna: no, because I know that saiyam will always be there to protect me from anything and any one
Saiyam: haan always.
Yuvaani: arayy vaahh krishna I just saw where did u get this jewelry set from it looks so nice on u

Krishna: saiyam bought it as a gift for me
Yuvaani: awe krishna u look beautiful
Siyam: nai krishna makes it look beautiful
Yuvaani: karan, look now saiyam buys gifts for krishna all the time, where Is my gift
Karan: saiyam, thanks a lot, no i need to go a spend more money.
Yuvaani and klaran left the room arguing like children
Krishna huggd saiyam
Saiyam: whats this for

Krishna: why do u keep on bringing up ur past, u know that I don’t like it
Saiyam: u don’t like it because it was a time where u were alone and when u were hurt.
Krishna: saiyam but that was before, I ma happy now and I am not alone
Siyam: but I am still guilty for the way I treated u and ma and everyone really.
Krishna: saiyam bass karo ab
Saiaym: today I relaised that yuvaan forgave me for when I hurt and disrespected someone so dear to him which was ma. And now he hurt and disrespected someone dear me who is u. so I must forgive him like he did me.

Krishna gave saiyam a kiss on his cheek and cuppd his face
Krishna: u have changed so much from who u used to be an who u are now
Saiyam: u changed me for good krishna, I don’t think I could be happier in my life with out .
Krishna: me too
Saiyam: I just was the nine months to be over so I can hold my baby
Krishna: well keep waiting there is sill 8 monmths
They both laughed.
Just then yuvaani and karan came back in the room
Krishna: acha so ur arguments finished

Yuvani: haan
Karan: so how shall we show him that we want to forget this all and forgive
Saiyam: I have an idea, today that new movie is coming out, so we cann all go together and give a ticket to him, so he come with us

Yuvaani: haan that’s a good idea. Saiyam can we also take priya with us
Krishna: haan saiyam lets take priya, I really enjoy her company
Saiyam: haan perfect we will all go for a movie tonight
Karan: lets go give the ticket to him

All four of them went to yuvaans room and knocked the door,
They went in and saw yuvan sitting on the floor against the bed deep in thought
Karan: yuvaan?
Yuvaan: tum log, yahan, do u need anything
Saiyam: there is a movie that were going to and we want u to come with us
Yuvaan: me, come with u guys to the cinema
Everyone was talking as if nothing had happened

Krishna: haan u, who else, it will be fun and then after that we can go for desert somewhere
Yuvaani: u will have to come bro, its that new movie that we saw the trailer for, u also said u want to watch it
Saiyam: its okay if u don’t want to come….
Yuvaan: no no I want to come

Kran: okay great, be ready at eight
Yuvaan: okay]
They left yuvans room and went to priya to also invite her
Yuvaan was left in confusion as to why they would invite him
Yuvaan: do they want to forgive me, or forget everything because they were all talking as if nothing happened

Precap: movie night

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    Nice epi…
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  2. Muniya

    Nice epi…
    Come back soon…

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