Love is hard part 73

At night in kriyams room. Krishna and saiyam were both lying down in bed
Saiyam: krishna are u upset with me
Krishna: nahi saiyam. Look i am angry with yuvaan and i dont want to go near him but that doesnt mean that suhani auntie has to also stay away from her own son
Saiyam: krishna thats what i thought. I could see maa trying to hide her pain but she was so hurt about loosing her son
Krishna: thinking about loosing my child makes me scared and Suhani auntie went through it
Saiyam: thank u krishna for understanding.
Krishna: saiyam thank u again for today i am so so happy
Saiyam: did my baby enjoy today
Krishna: haan i am sure baby enjoyed to.

In a another room yuvaani was with priya.
Yuvaani: okay priya here is your room and i am rite next to u in my room so if u need anything please please tell me okay
Priya: thank u so much di i havnt enjoyed this much in such a long time
Yuvaani: its okay i am happy that u enjoyed.
Just then karan called yuvaani into the room
Yuvaani: u rest and i will come back in a while.
In karani room
Karan: yuvaani i am confused yaar
Yuvaani: q y u so confused
Karan: i dont know weather to act normal with yuvan or not i am so disappointed with him still but i dont want to act bad with him and hurt suhani auntie
Yuvaani: haan baat toh sai hai, i dont know either i think we should just see.
Karan: do u know that u looked really good today
Yuvaani: haan i know its nothing new
Karan: are u not going say anything about me
Yuvaani: haan u looked very handsome
Karan: i know nothing new
Yuvaani: heyy thats my line

Kriyams room
Krishna: saiyam i am not sleepy
Saiyam: mein kya karoon
Krishna: are u sleepy
Saiyam: no
Krishna sat up on the bed and turned the lights on
Krishna: saiyam daidu is very angry with yuvaan
Saiyam also sat up
Saiyam: haan i saw how he left when yuvaan entered
Krishna: do u think yuvaan is sorry for what he did
Saiyam: I thought he was sorry and after that he did worst
Krishna: i am scared saiyam
Saiyam: i wont let anything happen to u krishna i promsie.
Just then someone knocked on their door
Saiyam went and opened it.
Krishna: saiyam who is it
Saiyam gentured the person to come in
It was yuvaan.
Saiyam: kuch chaiye
Yuvaan is really really guilty and he knows that what he did was wrong and is disgusted at his own acts.
Yuvaan: i dont know how to say sorry i dont know how to say thank u i dont know how to talk to everyone if i should and if i shouldnt
Yuvaan started crying
I cant believe what i did i cant say sorry because no one will believe me i cant say thank u because it wont be enough
Saiyam and krishna looked at eachother as if asking what to do
Saiyam: what’s happend already happened so there is no point crying over it.I messaged u to come back on becuase i knew that bari daadi and maa were hurting and missing u
Yuvaan: i dont think i should stay here i think i should leave in the morning before anyone wakes up
Till now yuvan made no eye contact with anyone in the house becuase he was to ashamed.
He was about to go till krishna called his name
Krishna: yuvaan just stay here so u are with suhani auntie becuase i cant see her upset she has already went through alot and i cant see her upset anymore so just stay here
Saiyam: but stay away from krishna. Dont try anything this time. At least for the babys sake. If this time u try to hurt her she wont be able to take it. Yuvaan last time becaue of u if Krishna was five minutes late to the hospital she wouldnt have had anything.
Yuvaan left from there with teary eyes and both kriyam fell asleep

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