Love is hard part 72

This episode starts starts at the night
The baby shower is still going on bari daadi and krishna are both sitting together while everyone is dancing
Baari daadi: did u like it krishna
Krishna: i loved it soo much i am do happy today

Bari daadi: good always stay happy like this
Krishna: so whoes idea was this
Bari daadi: it was mine then u shared it with everyone and started planing
Krishna hugged daadi

Saiyam came to krishna and asked her if she needed anythinf
Krishna: haan sit with me
Saiyam: u want anything
Krishna: thank u

Saiyam: how many times yaar krishna
Krishna looked around and quickly gave a kiss to saiyam on his cheek
Saiyam was shocked at this move of krishnas
Saiyam: vaah what has pregnancy done to u
They both laughed
Yuvaani and priya were both togther talking, they got on really well.
Everyone was enjoying them selves and a fee hours later everyone left as it got quite late. The birla family and priya were all together
Bhavnaa: mmm so krishna u enjoyed

Krishna: very very much. Maasi i cant explain to u how happy i am
Sharad: all yr happiness we can see in your smile
Suhani: haan always keep smiling like this. All of a sudden there was a knock on the door
Yuvraaj: who could this be
Sharad: i am not sure, did anyone leave anything behind

Yuvraaj: maybe let me see who it is
Yuvraaj opened the dooor and was shocked to see who was standing there
Suhani and the rest were also very shocked.
It was yuvaan.

Suhani ran to him and hugged him.
Suhani: yuvaan i am so sorry
Yuvaan: maa ap sorry q i am the one who did such a nasty thing. I was waiting all the time for someone to call me back here and then someone did
Suhani: who called u back
Saiyam: i called him back

Krishna was a bit shocked that saiyam didnt tell her
Suhani: saiyam, tumne

Pratima: yeh sub baate hum baad mein karenge, yuvaan beta have u ate anything
Baari daadi: haan yuvaan, come and eat
Yuvraaj was still upset at yuvaan so left from there
Krishna was still scared and was confused to why saiyam would call him back.
Later suhani called saiyam into her room
Saiyam: maa did u call me
Suhani: haan i did

Saiyam: its about yuvaan rite
Suhani: why did u call him back after what he did with u and krishna.
Saiyam: when i was in orphanage i always wanted a mum i thought i was in complete with out u. I suffered. So much and i didnt want yuvaan to go through the same thing and ma i knew how hurt u were becuase of me and krishn he had to go and he is ur son i saw the amount of happiness that was on ur face ma that i didnt see for so long
Suhani got tears in her eyes
Saiyam: maa why are u crying
Suhani: these are tears of happiness

Saiyam hugged suhani
Krishna came in
Saiyam: krishna i am so sorry i ddint tell u i wasnt sure how u would react
Krishna: dont worry saiyam i know why u did it and i am okay with him. Suhani anutie i saw how happy u git and that made me happy to
Saiyam: thank u for understanding krishna
Suhani: i have the worlds best children

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    Wow…It was so cute and lovely…
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