Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 2) BY ZAIMAL

Swara’s POV

“swara!…i want to do some changes in mail.”he said,signing me to sit.he was standing at side of large glass table.his reflection was forming on glass.


i went and sit on chair and he started telling me points and i started pen down them on my diary.why is he revolving around me.can’t he sit down in his least his voice will not resonate in my ears

“cut this point…i guess its not needed.”he said while bending on me from back,hitting his index finger at one point on my diary.swear on God! he is really close,i can feel his warm breaths falling on my shoulder.

“yes sir..”i said while cutting the line and looked at him.he was still in that position,starring at my cheeks turned a shade of pink,feeling his gaze.

why is he starring at me,like this? and why his eyes changing colors?

we were still in that position when his phone on desk started ringing.he looked at phone and our eye contact was broken.he got straight,walks toward phone and picked up receiver and heard something then put it back.

“Mr.Malhothra has arrived…take them to meeting hall.”he told me in plain.

i nodded my head,closed my note book,got up and left from there,without looking at his face.

that was weird…too  weird!



“i am going home and will meet you all at airport…”sanskar said while getting up from chair.everyone also gets up from their chairs.

“he is going home so early…good…. good i will sleep two hours extra today”swara thought surprisingly then get happy.

“swara?…”sanskar made her return to her senses.she looks at him,he was standing near half open door.swara bites her tongue,picks up files and goes toward him.

“yes sir!…”

“have you done your packing?..”he said while walking out.swara walks after him

“packing?…”swara looks at him confusingly.

“you are also coming kolkata with everyone..”he blasted boom at her head.

“huh!….but sir you didn’t tell me before.”swara said in delimma,all her sleeping dreams got break

“i forgot….”sanskar said shrugging his shoulder and turned to look at her face.

“any problem…”

“you are problem from head to toe…”swara shouted in mind but shook her head.

“no sir…i will go home and pack my bag”swara said meekly.sanskar nodded and left.swara stamp her foot in anger and walks toward her cabin.

“didn’t even know ‘m’ of manners….i can have many problems but No…just ordered and left.psychopath”swara blabbered in angrily.


Swara’s house

“why didn’t you tell us before..”sunny asked in annoyed tone.

“no one told me…how would have i told you?..”swara said throwing her clothes in suitcase quickly.

“for how many days you will not be here..”pari said sadly.

“2 to 3…”

“why don’t you say anything to him…you promised you will take us joyland tomorrow “sunny said angrily.

“i can’t say anything to him….”


swara zip up her bag and sit in front of sunny and pari.

“i don’t say anything to children,they are truly angels….”swara said,pulling pari’s cheek

“and old people…they are guests in this world,will leave in few days and…”

“and?…”pari asked with wide eyes.

“and those people who have their top floor empty… psychopath is of third kind”swara said and kids laughed at that.swara kissed on their cheeks and gets up.

“i will take you joyland some other day …”swara said while dragging her bag out.sunny and pari follows her trail and comes out from house.swara locks door and sunny pari runs toward their house.

“who are they…..relatives?..”jack asked while taking bag from swara.

“No!…. cute neighbours “swara said chuckling.


“mrs.smith who is she?..”swara asked seeing a woman coming with sanskar.

“she is kavita….takes care of sir’s father.he has a heart problem therefore sir has appointed a girl who stays with his father all the time…but what is she doing in business trip? “mrs.smith said confusingly.

“don’t know what am i doing in this trip?..”swara muttered to herself.

“you said something?…”mrs.smith looked at swara with raised eye brow.she shook her head vigorously.


“are you fine?…”swara asked,seeing kavita’s health not good during take off.

“i…i am afraid…”kavita said in scared voice and keeps hand on mouth.

“nothing will happen…relax”mrs.smith said,keeping hand on kavita’s hand as she was sitting beside her.sanskar was sitting on window seat,opposite to kavita and swara was sitting beside him.sanskar was going to say something when kavita vomit on him.swara covers her mouth.sanskar curses in audible voice and throw daggers at kavita.

“don’t laugh…don’t laugh”swara scolded herself in mind.

mrs.smith quickly takes kavita with her.sanskar also gets and walks toward washroom after ordering swara to bring his clothes.swara gets up,takes out his bag, picks his clothes,walks toward washrooms,giggling all the time.

she knocks at the door,sanskar opens the door and her eyes widened seeing him  shirtless.

“shameless…”swara said in mind,lowers her eyes and forward that plan jolted and swara fell on sanskar.he holds her from waist.swara looks at him with wide eyes,both shares a long romantic eye lock.plan jolted again,bringing them come back to senses.swara pulled herself back and turned to leave but sanskar’s sharp voice stopped her.


swara cursed in mind and gives him clothes without turning back.


“so mean!…”swara thought with twitched nose and looked at sanskar angrily.he was reading business magzine with full concentration.swara looks forward at  kavita.sanskar had made swara sit opposite to kavita so that next time,she should vomit on swara,not on him.

“swear on baba ji(God) if this girl vomit on me i will break his head”swara thought firmly.mrs.smith gives kavita sleeping pills and swara felt happy that she got window seat.

when plan landed they went to hotel for rest as meeting was next day.

To Be Continued………

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    1. Zaimal

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