Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 1) BY ZAIMAL


Swara is sleeping peacefully while her phone is ringing continuously.She changes her side,keeps pillow on ears and ignored the yelling phone.when it again ringed,swara cursed in mind and start tracing the phone on bed,side table and finally found it under pillow.

“hello…”swara murmured in sleepy voice.


“yes sir…”swara said,recognizing stern voice of her boss.

“bring malhotra’s file in office…”

“sir isn’t it sunday today..”swara said in thoughtful tone,still sleepy.

“reach office in 50 minutes….its an order”he said in stern voice and end the call.

“yes sir..’swara said in sleepy tone and her hand dropped down from bed which was holding phone.she was going in sweet world of dreams when mobile slipped from her loose grip and fell down,making a small noise.swara eyes gets open and she looks down at floor,muttered some curses and gets up from bed and goes to take shower.

“good morning..’sunny and pari shouted while entering from main door.swara looks toward door and smiled.

“morning… breakfast…”swara said with smile,gives them breakfast and started feeding them also,forgetting her own.

“where are you going?…”sunny asked,seeing her ready.

“office…”she said,packing sandwiches in box, closing the square box and glued a chip on top.

“why are you going office on sunday?…i thought its holiday for all”pari said in confused tone then shrugged.

“it is holiday for all but my boss is kind of psycho….therefore i call him mr.psycho”swara said zipping her bag,put it on shoulder,picks up box in right hand and looks at them.they were chuckling.

“i am going office….”she said with narrowed eyes.

“so..’both said in union.swara bites her lower lip and stared at them.

“okay fine…”sunny said,switch off the tv.pari roles her eyes,step down from couch and go outside.swara shakes her head and goes out and smiled seeing her driver,jack.pick and drop facility.initially she felt weird at that,she was not a kid,who needs to be picked up from house and drop at door but later she was happy with that.her psycho boss,works very late in office and she can’t leave before him,so she was thankful that company has offered such facility to employees especially to women otherwise they would have been big problems.

“mr.maheswari send me to pick you up..”

“i was going to call you but i thought you will be enjoying sunday with family…”

“its my job either its working day or sunday..”jack said,opening door for her.

“wait a second..”swara said,put her purse inside the car then run toward a house,put box in front of door and run back.

“let’s go..”she said sitting inside.jack also sits inside and drove off.swara looks through the window and saw a man in his late 60’s,picking the box and taking it inside.


“good morning sir…”swara greeted with smile.

“is it not morning miss gadodia?….it is striking 10:00.”sanskar said in stern voice,without looking at her.

“oh!..but i thought everyone wakes up late on sunday.”swara said in her mind but said something else from mouth.

“sir file…”swara said sweetly.sanskar finally looks at her side and takes file from her hands.

“can i go now?….”swara asked hesitatingly,seeing him reading the file.

“delegates are coming from malhothra’s company…they want to discuss something about project….arrange the meeting hall and make six copies of this file.”sanskar said,ignoring her question,closes the file and give it to her.

“yes sir…”swara said unwillingly,takes file and leaves.sanskar picks up his mobile and calls someone and unintentionally looks toward glass wall,which was showing swara’s cabin,adjacent to his.

“dad! did you take the medicines?”sanskar asked in soft tone,while his sharp eyes were observing swara. she was saying something continuously and making copies of files.

“i ha taken them….those was bitter as always”ram said in bored tone.

“good….bitter things works fast”sanskar said still observing swara.

she was making copies quickly then collects files and moves out from cabin.

“true but the treatment sweet things can do…..bitter can’t do”

At that time,swara knocks at door and comes inside.

“sir they have arrived…”

“dad i will talk later..”sanskar said at phone while nodded,seeing swara and gets up.

he walks to meeting hall and swara follows him.


“thank God…i can go home now.”swara thought in mind while correcting files in her hand and bumped to sanskar.she quickly steps back and looks at him.

“watch your steps..”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“did i tell you to apply breaks all of sudden..”swara said in mind but gives him small smile.

“sorry sir….”

“bring singhaniya’s file in my cabin…”he said and walked forward to his office.swara goes toward her office,takes file and goes to sanskar’s cabin.

“sir can i go?…”swara said hesitatingly.

“who will help me in preparing presentation?…”sanskar asked,looking at her with narrowed eyes.

“which presentation?..”

“new project’s presentation which we are going to represent to singhaniya’s company”

“that meeting is next week…”

“plan is changed…its tomorrow now and we don’t have much time.”

Swara looks at him with face expressions like ‘O’.

‘any problem?…”

swara shakes her head side to side,pull the chair and sit,opposite to him.sanskar shakes his head but an unseen smile touched his lips which vanished next moment.


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