Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 23) by Zaimal (LAST EPISODE)


Sanskar was working on laptop very late at night or maybe was waiting for swara.he looks at his wrist watch and sighed.

“where the heck is this woman…”sanskar thought and again start working.he gets restless after waiting,close laptop and gets up.he roamed in almost everyplace but she was no where.sanskar sighed heavily and went back to his room.


“she said she will eat latter…’abheer said seeing sanskar,waiting for her.

“did i ask anything?”sanskar said angrily.

“pardon me…’abheer said bending his head.sanskar rolls fork in his fingers then puts it back and gets up.abheer looks at his untouched food then at him.

‘what?…go ask driver to take out car”sanskar said in strict voice.

“she was crying..”abheer said,turned and walks out.sanskar’s heart stopped a little,he clenches his fist tightly.

‘abheer????…which room?”sanskar asked loudly.abheer turns toward him

“outside in horses sector…”abheer said

“dam woman!…its cold outside.”sanskar cursed and goes outside.

‘what will happen to them?”abheer giggled and left.

Swara was caressing sanskar’s favorite horse,lost in deep thoughts.sanskar stands behind her and clears his throat.swara looks at back him and narrowed her eyes then turns back again and wipes tears.

“why you didn’t come for breakfast?”sanskar asked,he tried to strict but his voice came out to be filled with worry.swara kept silent.sanskar holds her arm and turned her toward him.she open her mouth to say something but sanskar put finger on her lips.

“don’t do this swara,i can’t handle your hatred.i want to end this relation on good note.i am doing this for you….trust me.”sanskar said and swara removes his hand from her mouth.

“why are you doing this?…….please tell me.”swara said in wet voice.

“i can’t tell….”sanskar said in whisper,kiss on her forehead and leave.



Swara opens the door of her room,run and hug sanskar, who was lying on bed.sanskar hissed in pain a little but keeps his one hand on her back.

“swara i am fine…bullet just touched my shoulder.its normal for me”sanskar said after hearing her sobbing but swara keep on crying.sanskar breaks hug and makes her look at him.

‘i am totally fine…can’t you see,you shedding tears as if i am dead”sanskar said chuckling.swara slaps him on face.(everyone was waiting for this slap)

“ouch!!…swara i can’t believe your tiny hands can give such hard slap”sanskar said acting to be hurt.

“you are very bad actor..”swara said smiling a little at his bad acting.sanskar wipes her tears.

“have you took painkiller…”swara asked,still worried a little.

“i don’t take medicines…”sanskar said rolling his eyes and swara looks at him with narrowed eyes.

“sanky if you will take medicine then nothing will happen to your reputation….”swara said making face and gets up and start finding first aid box.

“i am not kid..’sanskar said in annoyed voice.

“sanky is this necessary to show to everyone….i am strong.i promise i will not tell anyone that great mafia prince took painkiller”swara said and give him medicine.sanskar sighed heavily and took medicine.

“Good boy…”swara said and gets up,walks around bed and lay down beside him and keep head on his shoulder.

“sanky not today please shut your mouth…”swara said expecting him to speak something harsh.sanskar silently close his eyes.

‘you know sanky….i was so wrong about one thing”swara said in little regret voice.

“about what?…’sanskar asked with closed eyes.

“i used to thought God don’t listen to me but see i prayed to him to send prince in my life and he actually send mafia prince.”swara said and burst out laughing.

‘shut up…”sanskar said in irritated voice.



“swara i have very important work today…’sanskar said,trying to convince her.

“you will not step down from bed…”swara said shaking her head side to side.

“abheer go and ask driver to take out car.”sanskar said ignoring swara.

“abheer if he stepped down from bed then i will break your legs…”swara said angrily.

“both of you don’t drag me in between…handle each other yourself.”abheer said in hell annoyed voice.

“sanky you are not going anywhere today.”swara said and push him.sanskar falls down on bed.

“you are looking good there… i am going for my class”swara said and turned to leave but sanskar pull her down.swara falls on bed beside him with thud.

“sanky how dare you…”swara said pushing back her hair.

“you can never shooting,your aim is really will kill my any guard the way you shoot”sanskar said in mocking tone.

“i can do anything….don’t challenge me”swara said pointing finger at him.

“challenge…”sanskar said with smirk.

“aacha!!…..let’s go now.”swara said and gets up.sanskar also gets and walks outside.

“and if i won the challenge you will do whatever i will say”swara said,looking at gun.

“i can bet your bullet will not even touch board.”sanskar said while laughing in mocking tone.swara burned from head to toe.

swara points gun at aim and shoot with closed eyes.sanskar’s eyes gets little open,seeing her bullet hit at center.swara first open her one eye and them jumps,screaming from lungs.

“that was luck..”sanskar said making face.

“grapes are sour…”swara teased him.sanskar shakes his head.

“what was bet….you will do what ever i will say…”swara said acting to remember.

‘in your dreams…”sanskar said rolling his eyes.swara put hands on waist.

“you can’t back out…/now first breakfast then shopping and i will buy clothes with my own choice”swara said while sliding her arm around his and makes him walk,blabbering continuously.


“swara you would have got all this at home…what’s the need to come in such crowded place”sanskar aid in annoyed voice.swara ignores him and place a beautiful summer dress (short) on herself and starts looking in mirror.

“i am going to try this…stay here.”swara said,looking at dress.sanskar looked at short dress with narrowed eyes

“can you listen my anything…i told you to stay away from me,i told you stop wearing short dresses…..but my talks fly from your head.”sanskar said in angry voice.

“you wish rubbish things,what can i do?….”swara said making face.sanskar murmured something under his breath.swara giggles and puts back dress.

“ask for something good….like come with me for romantic date,don’t leave me,share my problems…then i will listen to you…..”swara said putting hands around his neck.both shares a short romantic eye-lock but swara breaks it.

“let’s go… are number one don’t want your wife to look beautiful….”swara said making face and goes toward Jewellery shop.sanskar smiles.


“make me eat…”swara ordered him as he is his servant.

“your hands are broken…”sanskar said chuckling and put bites in his own mouth.swara hits on his chest.

“you are forgetting the bet…”swara said smirking.sanskar throw daggers at her and start making her eat.swara keeps head on his shoulder and bites her inner cheek.

“sanky don’t you trust me?…”swara asked in low voice.

“i do…”

“why don’t you tell me the real reason???”swara asked and looked at his face.sanskars jaw get ticked,he makes her stand from his lap and tried to leave.

“sanky stop running from me…”swara said helplessly.

“i had told you everything…you don’t want to trust what can i do about it?”sanskar said in little angry voice.

“this is stupid sanskar…plz tell me the truth…”swara said in wet voice.sanskar kept silent.

swara tried to make him look at her but sanskar removes her hand with jerk.

“i am dam cursed…..”sanskar shouted in furious tone.swara gets scared a little at his roar.



“what are you doing here???”lisa asked yawning and tied rob of her night gown.

“sanky..i mean prince had told me everything….i…”swara lost her words,seeing her poker face.

“listen lisa….i am really sorry from his side,please forgive him.”swara said after standing in front of her.

“do you know what he did to me?”lisa asked crossing her arms over chest.

“i..i know but he is changed now and very guilty….”swara said holding her hands.

“he can never be change….”lisa said in hateful tone.

“he is changed now…trust me.plz forgive him”swara said in pleading voice.

‘”i will never forgive him…i just hate him,the way i cried for him he will cry for you.”lisa said in hateful voice.

“please don’t say this….i love him a lot,i will die without him.please don’t do this with us.”swar said and tears flows down from her cheeks.lisa frees her hands with jerk.

“get out from my house…”lisa said pointing at door.

“lisa please…”swarra tried to convince her but lisa holds her arms and takes her out from house and close the door.



swara was sitting on the edge of bed while tears were silently falling down from her eyes.her packed bag was placed near’s door gets open with jerk and sanskar comes inside.swara looks at him and wipes her tears and gets up.

‘i was just leaving…”swara said in low voice.

“what the hell you went to lisa?…”sanskar said in angry voice,holding voice.

“i thought maybe…”swara said and bends her head and starts crying and hugs him.

‘what you think i didn’t try this…she is selfish b*t*h.”sanskar said in furious voice.


Sanksr comes at lisa’s house after leaving from hospital.he knocks at the door.lisa gets surprise seeing him there.

“wow great mafia prince has come at my home..”lisa said in surprised tone,somewhere in taunting tone.sanskar didn’t retort back which made lisa more surprised.she looks at him,red eyes,dishavelled hair,worried face.

‘what brought you here?..”lisa asked,looking at him with narrowed eyes.

“i am sorry for everything i did….my wife…she is in very bad state.i don’t want her to pay for my sins.please take back your curse.”sanskar burst out like helpless ordinary man.lisa was quite shock seeing him like this.

“she is very innocent,she should not pay for what i did… please take back your curse.she will die.”sanskar said in same helpless tone.

“i am very very happy to see you like this…Today i just started believe there is a God.”lisa said with devilish smile on face.

“i am joining hand in front of you..”

“you know what you should thank me,you fall in love because of my curse,half one is completed half is remaining….she will die just in front of you and you will not be able to do anything…..i wish i could have seen her dying.”lisa said regretting it.

Sanskar just stares at her then wipes tears from corner of his eyes.

“you know what!….. you are a b*t*h who is happy that someone is losing her life….don’t worry nothing will happen to her i promise,i will leave then how will she die?”sanskar said and grabs her neck and pined her to wall.

“don’t think i am weak…i am just changed for her only and one more thing you had asked why i love her…..according to her i am result of her prays but you made me curse for her…this is difference and if there is any God then he did right with you…”sanskar said and left her highly pressed neck.lisa coughed hard.sanskar turns and left from there.


“i am really sorry swara because of me you are going throw this…..i really don’t believe in these things but can’t take chance in your matter…”sanskar said,a tear slipped from corner of his eye.

“can’t we meet….”swara asked gulping down her tears.

“it will make more hard for us…”sanskar said and swara breaks hug and wipes tears from back of her hands.

“will you do one thing for me..”swara said looking direct into his eyes.

“if i can…”

“try to leave all this please….try for me.”swara said,wipes tear from corner of his eye.

“will you do one thing for me?” sanksr asked in deep voice.swara nodded at once.

“never change yourself…someone else will fall for you”sanskar said and kissed on her forehead.swara hits her fist on his chest,picks up bag and left with heavy heart.



Swara was sitting in mid of bed and was staring at her open books.lucky and kunj gets sad seeing her like this.they were seeing her while standing at doorstep.she was like this from whole week…..silent and lost.

“swara…..”lucky called her and she looks at them and arrange her face.both entered inside and sit beside her on bed.

“why are you not attending mom and dad’s calls…”lucky asked in soft tone.

“did you tell them anything?”swara asked getting worried a little.

“i didn’t but we can’t hide it for very long…can we?”lucky said and caressed her head.

“i have no strength to answer their questions…”swara said with teary eyes.

“we will not tell them until you are not ready…..”lucky said in same soft tone.

“Everything will be fine…”kunj said giving her side hug.swara shakes her head vigorously.

“nothing will be fine….he will never get over his fear and that…that girl will never forgive him….kunj mama says God also forgive us when you ask forgiveness from heart why people don’t forgive..”swara said starts crying.

“i am missing him so much…”swara said,crying hard.kunj and lucky hugs her and try to calm her down.But her tears were stopping even if she try to hold them back.



Sanskar was reading some files and checking them on laptop but his ind was diverted.his typing hands stopped when some memory hits his mind.


“sanky what are you doing?”swara asked pocking her finger in his shoulder.

“can’t you see swara i am working….”sanskar said in busy tone.After one minute swara again pocked her finger in his shoulder.

“what are you doing?”swara asked in serious tone as if she is blind.

“work…”sanskar said in serious tone.

‘what are you doing?..”swara again asked after five minutes.sanskar looks at her angrily.swara laughed loudly,seeing his irritated voice.sanskar gritted his teeth,close the laptop,put it side and start tickling her. whole room echoed with her whole hearted laugh.

“sanky enough…’swara said laughing with red face.

“no noe laugh now…wanted to laugh then laugh…”sanskar said tickling her more.swara push him back and run from there.

“you are angry bird…”swara said and stuck out her tongue at him and runs while laughing.

“swara is bachi…” sanskar runs after her and as usual catches her.

“you troubles me a lot….today i will make straight like arrow..”sanskar said picking her on shoulder.


Sanskar throws laptop and files on the ground and clenches his hair.abheer comes inside after hearing noise and looks at him.

‘when are you leaving from here?” sanskar asked looking at him.

“after one day…when papers against you, will be destroyed”abheer said and turns to leaves.

“switch Off the lights…”sanskar said and laid back.


Sanskar jerks up from his sleep,sweating hard.

“swara…”sanskar whisper,he wipes his sweat and jerks up from couch on which he was sleeping.he takes out his phone.

“abheer i want my chopper ready as soon as possible…”sanskar said,sweating hard.

“i hope you are fine swara…’sanskar said and rubbed his temple.


sanskar steps down from chopper and looks at sky,sun had started spreading his rays,he looks at his wrist watch.

“will go college after an hour…”sanskar thought and sighed.


Swara gets ready before her usual times and comes out from house.she was about to open the door when she saw punctured tire.

“this is the time to get puncture..’swara said in irritated voice and starts changing the tire.

she was putting the things back after changing the tire and felt someone’s presence at her back.

she turns quickly,sanskar hides behind a thick tree.swara looks there for a second then makes face.

“stupid swara..’swara whispered to herself and sit behind wheel and zoomed off.

“thank God you are fine….and looking quite beautiful”sanskar said smiling,feeling peace around his heart seeing her fine.he comes out from there and start walking on empty road.after half an hour his phone started ringing.he picks up call and his eyes gets narrowed,seeing the display.


“swara please at least today come with us…”kunj said pleading her to come for party.

“kunj i am tired i want to sleep…”swara said sadly and lay down on bed and pulls cover on herself.kunj pulls cover from her and throw daggers at her.

“if this continue you will get devdas award this year…get up now”kunj said in irritated voice.

“please kunj,i really don’t want to come…”swara said after sitting,crossing her legs.

“i don’t know anything….you are coming with us and this is final,go and change”kunj said shaking his head and walks out from there.swara sighed heavily and drags her toward washroom.

“kunj why is here so dark…”swara said and looks at her side and her eyes got narrowed,seeing him no where.

“kunj dare if you had arrange a prank for me..’swara said loudly and looks around.

“light comes after darkness….”sanskar voice appeared somewhere near her and she turned quickly.there was sudden light which forced her to close her eyes for second.

“missed me…”sanskar asked in his usual tone,cupping her left cheek.he gets worried a little,feeling her temperature.

“do you have temperature?…’sanskar said while touching her forehead.

“what are you doing here?”swara asked,still shocked to see him there.

“that b*t*h still had some soul…”sanskar said chucklingr.swara understands his meaning and hugs him.

“i missed you so much…you have no idea”swara said in mixed voice of happiness and sadness.

“i know…”sanskar said,hugging her back tightly.

“dare if you did anything like that again…’swara said angrily while tears of happiness comes out from her eyes.

“now i am honest citizen…”sanskar said chuckling a little.

“what do you mean?..”swara asked being confused.but she had not break hug.

“madam i am sorry to say that now i am not a prince but a very poor guy and i have a small house with small business……and you have adjust with this only.”sanskar said in light way.swara breaks hug and looks at him with wild open eyes.


“i kept my promise but you didn’t…why are there dark circles and you looking very weak,stopped eating and what were you doing in morning..”sanskar asked in little angry tone.

“what did i do..”swara asked poutingly

“your car’s tire was punctured and you just calmly changed it….that was not you.”sanskar asked angrily.

“you were there???…why didn’t you come in front of me”swara said with twitched nose.

“i didn’t want to disturb you..’sanskar said cupping her face.

“have you done anything which can separate us?..”swara asked with fear in her voice.sanskar chuckles but shakes his head.

“but madam no troubles from now…no beating boys,nothing…i am not prince now who will handle everything in a second…got it”sanskar said in serious tone and swara nodded vigorously.

“hmm good..”sanskar said,leaned toward her and captured her lips.swara kissed him back with full love.




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  1. Hmmm. Good one.?

  2. Nice ending, but i will miss this story

    1. Zaimal

      thanks dear

  3. Hadi

    Like seriously is this a last episode? ? U can’t do this siso I expect that at least u had planned 25 epis bit u ended it so fast I was soooooooooooooooo much shocked after reading the ‘last episode’ title itself how can u do this with me ?????

    Khair as it’s a last no one can change this fact that this beautiful season of emotions has ended but this epi done a perfect ending with no requirement of epilogue full complete story with no lacking like always u did full of emotions feelings trust hope love perfect ???????
    Sanky deserve this as he was changed now coz of swara Lisa did good after taking back her curse n sanky left all his doing just coz of swara swara have her prince what she wants all couples all complete no loop holes n over all things the message u gave is also heart touching that no person has right to use another one as a toy n should respect others feeling even if u didn’t love them
    A perfect n classy season like the previous ones now waiting for the next season n ur remaining ffs post that will support u in that as well love you keep smiling with ur million dollars smile ????????

    1. Zaimal

      Thanks a lottttttt di for such a lovely and overwhelming comment.

  4. I cant believe it ended u cnt do that it was my one of fav n beautiful story omg how much i compliment dis story it was mindblowing i will always luv dis sad 4 ending but happy 4 new beginning . I will miss fierce swara,rough prince n swakunlak bond

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      thanks dear

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      thanks dear…sorry for epilogue

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    Amazing dear…….Swasan love so pure……Swasan cute moments ???romance ❤❤❤so lovely……. lucky swara kunji bonding so Beautiful……loved it……going to miss this story……..

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      thank you so much dear

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  8. Tejasvi

    I love your ff and sorry for not commenting your previous ff but i read all the previous parts

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      thanks dear

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      thanks dear

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    Awesome dr but still i can’t believe u finished this stort. This is one of my favorite stories. I wish this ff has some more parts but it’s okie. Waiting for ur another ff. And another thing i felt u rushed the story in some parts like sanskar fell in love with swara and many more but overall the story is first class

    1. Zaimal

      thanks a lot dear

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    If possible try to give Epilogue

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      sorry dear…don’t cry

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    Well said dear when two people meet after so long then there z tear of happiness….
    Finally she did…she changed her sanky for good…
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    M feeling very sad there will b no more update of this story ???? m gonna miss swara, sanky, lucky and kunj n most importantly her not to forget slaps ?? will miss them ????

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      thank you so much dear….i am also going to miss swara’s slap

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      thanks dear and don’r worry i will post teri meri love stories soon.

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      thanks dear

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  30. AnuAnn

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