Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 20) by Zaimal


Swara jerks up from bed screaming in fear.she touches her belly while sweats were dripping out from her forehead.

‘swara…hey?”sanskar said making her look at him.

“sanky…”swara hugged him and starts crying.sanskar gets worried and hugs her back.

“he..he will kill me..”swara said between her sobs.

“swara it was bad dream….”sanskar said,breaks hug and wipes her tears.swara holds his hands,she was still shivering a little.sanskar makes her drink water with his hands.

“i am very scared….that psycho was already angry from me now he will be furious “swara said and two tears slips down from her cheeks.

“he is in prison…..stop worrying about him”sanskar said,getting restless seeing her tears.

“how long a criminal like him stay in jail..”swara said,still afraid.

“swara it was just a bad dream…hmm?”sanskar said.swara looks at him and nodded.both lay down on bed.swara was not able to sleep.her dreams was continuously coming in front of her eyes.

“swara close your eyes and sleep…”sanskar said said rubbing her arm up and down.

“i am sleeping…and my eyes are close”swara said,quickly closing her eyes.sanskar stares at roof with serious face.he picks up his mobile,carefully and messaged abheer and put it back.he takes out a deep breath and closed his eyes.



“sanky i am fine now…..i just got scared last night”swara said looking at his serious face while walking on seashore.

“did i say anything?”sanskar asked in same serious tone.

“look at your face… is swollen..”swara said pulling his cheek.sanskar glares at her but his forehead lines were still visible.

“sanky?..”swara said looking straight.


“sanky..’swara said little louder.

“yes?…”sanskar said and looked at her but swara was looking forward.

“sanky!!!..”she said raising her voice more.sanskar stopped and looked at her with plain face.

“sanky!!!!….’swara said with same plain face as his.sanskar finally laughed a little.

“you are crazy…”sanskar said while swara giggles.

“you look nice with smile…”swara said and kissed on his cheek.Both shares an eye lock which got broken because of sanskar’s phone ring.

“i knew it…” swara murmurs looking at ‘abheer calling’

“sssh!!…’sanskar said chuckling and attend call.

“perfect timing abheer…’swara shouted before sanskar speak anything.sanskar keep hand on swara’s mouth and laughed.swara removes his hand and hit in his stomach.sanskar warned her from eyes.

“sankar…..i have an important news.”abheer said in serious tone.swara points at popcorn stall.snskar looks in her direction and nodded.swara takes one step then turns.

“abheer i am warning you stay away from my husband..i will kill you”swara shouted and run from there laughing.

“why is she saying that to me from morning.”abheer said in little irritated voice.

“forget it…”sanskar said while shaking his head and looks at swara who was fighting with shopkeeper and walks to side.

“what were you saying?..’sanskar said in serious tone.

“Don is not in prison but…”abheer was saying something else but sanskar was not able to hear anything further because of shooting sound.

Sanskar run back with thudded heart.people were running here and there.he hardly reached to that place where he had saw swara.

“swaraaaaa!!!!…’sanskar shouted seeing her covered in blood.her white dress had turned red because of blood.he sits down on his knees and starts patting her face.

“open your eyes…please!”sanskar whispered in low voice hardly audible.his eyes turned cold and emotionless in a second.he picks her up in arms and walks toward his car,



sanskar was sitting outside ICU with emotionless face while his joined hands were on lips and knees on both knees.abheer was sitting on same bench but at distance and was looking at him.

“when you will fall in LOVE then she will leave you in same way the way you are leaving me…..but you will not be able to do anything”Lisa words echoed in his ears

sanskar closed his eyes and one tears falls down from his eyes.swara had got shoot from two bullets and he was not able to do anything except to wait for doctor.

She was leaving him and he was not able to do anything.sanskar gets up from his seat,abheer also gets up.

“i want 20 men fully prepared in 10 minutes…’sanskar said in cold steely voice,looks at ICU then walks out from there.

“it is going create havoc in whole Mafia….”abheer thought worriedly.

Sanskar sit inside his car and drive with full speed and stopped car in front of DON house,loads his gun and entered inside.

“Look who has come?….great prince.”Don said laughing a little.his guards also laugh.Don sign his guards and they leave.sanskar goes and sits opposite to him.

“how it felt to be defeated…’Don said in meaningful tone.sanskar chuckles.

“not bad….not bad at all but you should have bring her in between us”sanskar said chuckling in dangerous tone.

“i am quite surprise…you got married and didn’t told me.she was nice but marrying her?”don said and shakes his head.

“she was good for one night only…”don said and sanskar smiles.After five minutes there was sound of shooting outside.don tried to take out his gun but sanskar shoot at his both shoulder.

“as i said…you should not have bring her in between us….’sanskar said in cold steely voice,gets up,takes out a iron string and tied it around don’s edges of string pierced inside his skin,making it bleed.

“prince you know you can’t kill me….it is going to be very bad for you”Don said while his condition was getting bad.blood was flowing from his shoulder too much and he was not able to breath because of tied string.

“you really think i care…”sanskar said and shoot at his legs.

“you should have just stayed in prison…”sanskar said keep gun nozzle at his forehead and shoot him.DON lifeless body falls down at his back.



Swara opens her eyes feeling sharp pain in her stomach and side of her waist.her eyes got filled with tears feeling so much pain.she tried to get up but she felt herself tied up.she traces it and find belt which was restraining her from moving.swara takes deep sigh and looks around but no one was there.her sight fell on plate full of apple slices and white papers under it.

she takes out one paper and reads it.

“stop moving and silently eats apples….’

swara blinks twice then starts eating apples,looking at door.after finishing whole plate she takes out another paper and starts reading it.

“you had asked once how much i love you?……your love made me selfish.even after knowing that i don’t deserve innocent girl like you,still i marry you.i had lied to you.i am not businessman i am Mafia prince…..Don shot you just to take revenge from me.i am sorry swara but you are not safe with me.i have thousand enemies like him who can do anything with you just to take revenge from me…….i am sorry please forget about me……love sanky”

Swara keeps letter down and starts crying while clenching bed sheet in other hands.

“how can you leave me like this????”swara cried with closed eyes.




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  1. No words????????? amazing episode

  2. Shreny

    Awesome……but emotional.

  3. No no no u cant do this. Plz plz dont end it i will cry. ? its awesome.

  4. noooo… i can’t stop crying, goossshh!!!
    well this twist just okey zaimal, it’s sound fair, sanskar is not good person for our society na, so, this twist and problem necessary for him

  5. Awesome as always dear…… Will Wait wat swara will do????

  6. Awsm epi loved it please try to update today

  7. Such emotional epi n nice twist dr lu d epi but i m also waiting 4 ur another story which u hv started u can call me selfish 4 my demand but i m greedy when it is matter of stories but last not d least u write lovely n dnt take our request as burden take ur time if u wnt n once more u r mindblowing writer

  8. Awesome amazing ….but emotional part …pllzzzzz don’t end ….waiting for next part ..

  9. Neha_01

    Awesome & emotional update..

  10. ,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????bas aur tears nhi waste karungi kyonki. …..,……….,..,……………….. mujhe pata without Swara sanky will not go anywhere so ……???????????????

  11. Swasan separated no this can’t happen n pls don’t end it dear n it was short update but its OK pls post soon .

  12. Amazing twist… Loved it…

  13. Amazing

  14. Sandhiyaswasanian

    Very emotional part.

  15. Adishu

    what mistak will we tell u when u have made none…
    zaimal u know the first season of this story I lived that so much…
    but after that I left TU n that’s why I wasn’t able to read the second season my bad luck….
    n now I want to read that too…
    this story is as perfect as it could be…. n I love it so much…
    first I taught that Swara will leave sanskar but here to reverse Ho Gaya….
    anyways I m waiting for the next part…
    I loved it a lot…

  16. it shocking twist…. bt its needed……Good job dear

  17. Prashasti7

    He can’t leave her like this ???? let swara fit n fyn first she Will teach sanky to not even think about leaving her ever huh

  18. Awesome

  19. Super amazing ???

  20. superb twist..

  21. Awesome wala chappy with an interesting

  22. Tweety_SwaSan

    Hey dear..I am a silent reader of this story.. I love it alot.. especially Swara.. Everything is depicted too good.. ??? I am sad that you are going to end it.. ?????? Please don’t end it so soon.. Please you can show Swara’s pregnancy and how Sanskaar come out of mafia.. and also other couples.. please don’t end it dear.. Pretty please… ????

  23. Swasan7764

    Heyy dear I am silent reader you are writing really amazing and I read first and second season also nd this is really superb I love swara character here and don’t separate our SWASAN pls and update next part soon

  24. Tamil

    Amazing dear……emotional too…..I didn’t except this separation……

  25. Emotional epi……and the twist was super awesome….Loved it but plzzzz don’t end it so soon dear……Can’t wait for next part update soon.

  26. Hadi

    Heart wrenching episode how can he leave her like this if he became selfish than now y he not become is she a toy which he used on his own will huhh am very angry from sanky but I have confidence on u that u will not separate them plz post soon siso n Haan don’t dare to take a leap I hate leaps I want k swara should punish him idiot sanky huhh post soon love you ???

  27. Hadi

    heavy heart at the end how can sanky leave her ‘ike this how can he stupid fellow huhh hurt our chirpy swara so much he could have thought this before marriage also but nah he do marriage n now left her like this when she needs him more painful epi ?????
    post soon now swara should not forgive him easily she should punish him when he will come back post soon siso aj ka din pata nhi kese guzre ga

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