Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 19) by Zaimal

“who is she????…”swara asked putting her arms around sanskar’s arm.Lisa looks at swara then at their joined arms.

“he got another one…”lisa thought with clenched fist.

sanskar was going to say something but abheer spoke before him.

“she is my ex-girlfriend..”abheer said quickly.sanskar and lisa looks at him with jerk.

sanskar sighed in relief.swara gets excited.

“really..hey!” swara said waves hand with bright smile on face.but lisa was not able to answer her something.

“why are you crying….”swara said and sanskar cursed himself.

“you were going somewhere…”sanskar said,holds and drags her with him.

“sanky why is she crying?” swara asked worriedly.

“abheer and she had a little fight…”sanskar said while opening car door for her.

“abheer fight with her?…i can’t believe”swara asked not able to believe that person like abheer made a girl cry.she sit inside the car and sanskar closed the door and bends on window.

“i will come to pick you in evening…”sanskar said and kissed on her forehead.swara smiles and driver start the car.

“i owe you abheer…”sanskar said while seeing swara’s car moving away.

he walks back and stands in front of lisa.he looks at abheer with thankful look on face.abheer bends his head a little and leaves from there.

“therefore you don’t want to meet,i am so stupid why will you meet me now you have got another sl*t then…”lisa was not able to complete when sanskar gives her a tight slap.

“watch your mouth before saying a single word about my wife.”sanskar said in cold tone,coldness in his eyes were increased more.Lisa looks at him with extremely shocked expression while her one hand was on her cheek,which was burning with pain.

“wife??….”lisa asked,still in shock.

“why you want to meet me,i had clear everything that day didn’t i?….”sanskar asked in sharp tone.

“you…how can you marry?…… can you marry someone else?….you used for years and now married someone…how can you do this with me?”Lisa said,holding his collar while tears rolled down from her eyes.

“Lisa leave the collars….”sanskar said,controlling his anger.

“answer me…”Lisa shouted.that was enough for Sanskar.he removes her hands with jerk and wanted to throttle her till her death but Swara’s face comes in front of his eyes and her words echoed in his ear.

“i know its not necessary that we must love that person we loves us but please respect his feelings..”

she had said that to him someday when they were talking about some random things.which sanskar don’t remember at what thing she had said that.

sanskar leaves Lisa’s hands and takes deep breath.

“Lisa tell me one day when i had called you to come here…..”sanskar said in serious tone.

“as far as i remember i never forced myself on you and most important i never said i love you….you were the one who took first can you blame me for one girl is throwing herself on i God who will not do anything”sanskar said there was no mocking not sarcasm.

“i love you..’lisa said helplessly.she did everything with little hope that one day he will fall for her.

“i don’t…..i love my wife.look Lisa you are nice girl,find a nice guy for yourself.”

“why not me…why her?”

“she is just like my own reflection.same anger,same attitude,everything is same about us”sanskar said and started missing her next moment..Lisa just looks at him.His eyes were never bright this much and this soft look,from where he got that.


Swara steps down from chopper and looks around with aww! was quite big island and had thick forest,long seashore and big hut like house.

“wow!..”swara muttered and twirl around to look around.she takes out her mobile from her purse and start taking picks.Sanskar was looking at her while his hands were in his pent pockets.

She was wearing simple long light blue color frok,red chora in her both hands,hair were curled and symbol of marriage around her neck.

sanskar wished to be a artist then he would have made painting of that seen.she would have been the best part of that painting.

“sanky its awesome…so beautiful”swara said coming toward with bright face.

“hmm…very beautiful..”sanskar said in deep voice.

“let’s take selfie….”swara said excitedly

“i don’t like taking pictures..”sanskar said but swara ignore him and stands beside him.

“there should be memories of happy days…..i will make big album’swara said and takes several selfies in one go.sanskar snatched mobile from her hand,feeling that she is not going to stop.

“let’s go inside…’sanskar said and walked toward hut.swara jumps on his back while raising her legs at her back.sanskar keeps hands at her arms, which were around her neck.

“i am tired…”mama was saying husbands only listen his wife in honeymoon”swara said smiling.sanskar chuckles at her childish antics and start walks inside,taking steps slowly,carefully that she might not fall down.



Swara sits beside sleeping sanskar and keep breakfast at his side table.

“sanky wake up….’swara said while keeping hand on his shoulder.she has just placed her hand on his shoulder when he twist her arm and pulled her inside him,grabbing her neck.

Swara screams from top of her lungs and her foot hit breakfast,making it fall down.

‘dam!…”sanskar muttered and leaves her neck and twisted arms.sanskar looks at her with apologetic look on his face but swara pushed him to side and started picking plates.

“i had spend one hour in making breakfast and thought to wake you up in romantic way but you…”swara blabbers in anger,gets up after picking things and walks toward kitchen.

“swara i am sorry…”sanskar said,coming in front of her.

“Sorry!…i am feeling sorry for day i will die from your hands”swara said cryingly and tried to free herself but sanskar didn’t let her go.

“i will never do this again…promise”sanskar said but swara twitch her nose.

“i will never wake you up in romantic way…you don’t deserve it”swara said,push plate in his hands and free herself with jerk and walks out from house.

sanskar keep plate on table and walks after her.swara starts walking at the seashore with angry red pout.

“swara i had warned you…don’t do anything like this but you don’t listen to me”sanskar said walking beside her and tried to keep hand at her shoulder but swara slaps on his hand and looks at other side while murmuring under her breath.

“you know what you don’t deserve to make you up with love…”sanskar said and holds arms, pull her back and throw her on shoulder like potato sack.

“sanky you are jerk…”swara said hitting her fist on his back.

“what can i do?…you don’t listen except this way”sanskar said walking inside the house and make her sit on kitchen counter.

“don’t move…”sanskar said in warning but swara stuck out her tongue at him and tried to step down but sanskar keeps both hands on table at her both sides.

“want to eat pasta…”sanskar said.swara’s eyes widened to hear pasta and nodded vigorously.

“then first give me morning kiss…”sanskar said leaning toward her and captured her lips.



Sanskar was arranging a small bone fire at the beach and swara was sitting at side.she was looking at sanskar while keeping her chin on her hands.after arranging wooden sticks,sanskar starts fire and walks toward swara.he bends at her,swara moves back automatically but sanskar holds her hand and pulls her up.

swara giggled and stands at his feet and both starts dancing.sanskar smiles and kissed at her cheek.

“sanky why you kiss on cheek…which husband kiss on cheek?”swara asked in little annoyed voice.

“where should husband kiss?..”sanskar said and nudged his nose in sides of her neck.

“you don’t know…”swara said and started feeling ticklish.

“sanky its tickling…”swara said giggling a little.she push him back and tried to run from there but sanskar grabs her next moment and pulled her toward him.swara falls on his shoulder

“bad move…”sanskar said with smirk on face while sliding his hands under her sweatshirt.

Her heart started beating fast when his warm hands touched her cold skin.his hands traced her whole back slowly in teasing way.

“sanky stop teasing…’swara said breathing heavily,clenching his shirt.

“why only you can tease me…’sanskar whispered in her ear .swara was loosing her control the intimate way he was touching her everywhere.

Swara moves back holds his hand and takes him inside their bedroom,push him on bed and comes over and kissed him before he says anything.sanskar kissed her back with same passion.after making love both get tired and lay down on bed and swara was on his chest.

“i love you sanky..”swara muttered while going into deep sleep.

“love you too…”sanskar said and kissed on her head.



Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at his side.AGAIN MISSING!

he gets up,wears his pent and walked toward washroom,he opens the door and a bucket full of cold water falls on him.sanskar looks up and holds empty bucket which was going to fall at his head.

“swara…”sanskar muttered through gritted teeth and starts looking for her in full anger.

swara was humming song and giving water to trees(on beach).she hears his angry footsteps,looks back and giggles.

“good morning….look sanky there are so many trees my whole day is going to spend giving them water”swara said in extra sweet voice,blinking at him twice.

“why you have done this after a very romantic night..”sanskar said in angry voice but he has naughty look in his eyes,not listening what she had said.swara blushed a little but quickly hides it and twitch her nose.

“this is because you pressed my neck yesterday….TIT FOR TAT”swara said and turns to give trees water.sanskar gritted his teeth,goes picks her up and throw her inside the river.

“AAAAA!…mama!!!”swara screamed when he was throwing her.

“tit for tat..’sanskar said with smile and crossed his arms.

“sanky…i…don..’t kno…know…swimm..swimming”swara hardly completed her sentence,struggling hard to swim.sanskar smile vanished,he jumps inside next instant and brings her out.

he make her sit on beach and push wet hair back from her face.

“i am sorry swara…i didn’t knew it”sanskar said getting angry on himself for doing such childish act.

“i am very bad..”sanskar said and hugged her tightly.

“this you said right..”swara said and burst out laughing after breaking hug.sanskar stares at her with flat face.

“you really thought i don’t know swimming”swara said between her laugh.sanskar gets up and walks away from there with clenched fist.swara pressed her lips and run after him.

‘sanky sorry…..sanky listen to me na”swara comes in front of him.sanskar stares at her angry red eyes.

“sorry…..i will never do this again promise”swara said cupping his face with both hands.

“that was really bad…”sanskar said keeping hands on her,which was on his cheek.

“i will never break my promise..”swara said after hugging him.sanskar hugs her back and closed his eyes.


“sanky…..who do work during honeymoon.”swara said poutingly while keeping her face in both hands.

‘hmm….”sanskr said,his eyes were still glued to laptop screen.swara gritted her teeth,gets up and close his laptop.sanskar quickly pulls his hand from keypad.

“i am getting bore…”swara said making face.sanskar sighed,keeps laptop apart and make her sit on his lap.

“what can i do your highness…”sanskar said and slid back her hair from face.

‘can’t she keep hair off her face..”sanskar thought annoyingly.

“let’s play a game…”swara said while her eyes flashed with mischievousness.

“i can’t give answer of your stupid questions..”sanskar said,not wanting to answer her rapidly asked questions.

“okay then another game…i will tie cloth on your eyes and you have to fine me”swara said and sanskar shakes his head rapidly.

“sanky everything will not happen with your choice”swara said with twitched nose and make him get up.sanskar takes out a deep sigh while starts tying cloth on his eyes.

‘no cheating…”swara said and put full force while making a tight knot.after that she twirls him and stands at far distance.she claps for once and tried to leave that place but sanskar catches her and removes cloth.

“sanky you cheated right?….how can you catch so fast”swara said annoyingly.

“your turn…”sanskar said chuckling and tied silk cloth on her eyes.

“i don’t need eyes to feel your presence”sanskar whispered in her ear after tying cloth an twirls her.

he goes and stand at far distance with crossed arms and start looking at her struggle to find.

“sanky at least clap…”swara said loudly, not able to catch him.sanskar shakes his head side to side.swara stumbles and was about to fall down when he catches her at right time.

“got you…”swara laughed and remove cloth.

“you did that on purpose…”sanskar said and slapped on her head.swara only laughed.

“you are going to do this again…”sanskar said in annoyed voice and again tied cloth on her eyes.swara did the same next time and sanskar again holds her.

“you will always come to hold me…..thinking that i will get hurt”swara said and pulled his cheek.

“i can’t help it…”sanskar said and kissed on her forehead.

“sanky how much you love me…”swara asked with raised eyebrow.

“top secret…”sanskar said and leaves her.swara falls down and cried.she looks at him angrily but sanskar ignores her angry eyes and leaves.

“sanky what do you mean top secret tell me…”swara said walking after him.she snatches water bottle from his hand and keep it on kitchen counter.

“answer me…”swara said with narrowed eyes.

“let me give you a practical example…”sanskar said and tried to grab her hand but swara run from there,laughing.

“sanky words will be enough for me…’swara said laughing and running,thanking God that she had took her medicine today.but sanskar speed was very fast(he is mafia prince).

“what had you asked?…”sanskar asked pulling her close to his chest.

“nothing…”swara said shaking her head vigorously.

“you were asking something…”sanskar said,giving her a kiss on ear shell.swara closes her eyes, feeling his touch.sanskar give trial of feathery kisses down at her neck.swara slid her fingers in his soft hair and other hand around his neck,pushing him more inside.sanskar starts removing her shirt while touching her bare skin.after removing her shirt,he kissed her on lips……..



Chopper does its landing on ground of sanskar’s palace.swara and sanskar steps down and abheer greeted them.sanskar and swara moves toward the house.

“sanky my classes are going to start…will you come with me to Shimla?”swara said making him remember about her college.

“swara i have one month work here then i can go shimla”sanskar said,entering inside their room.sanskar sits on bed and start removing his shoes.

“its mean you are not coming with me.”swara said sadly,sitting beside him

there is still a month in your classes…where are you going?’sanskar said with raised eyebrow.

“do you have memory loss problem…..that month had passed during honeymoon.”swara said giggling.

“i had told your principle you will come after a month.”sanskar said in normal tone.

“do you want me to fail in exams?..”swara said in extremely shocked voice.

“i am going to take shower…you are coming/”sanskar asked,ignoring her shocked expression.

“no thank you…”swara said angrily.sanskar shrugged and went for shower.swara’s mouth dropped to the ground at his attitude.

“i will surely fail in exams….”swara said worriedly and her sight fell on his mobile.she bites her thumb nail then picks it up and starts checking its messages,call log,gallery.his gallery was full of her pictures which swara had no idea when he clicked them and call log was full of abheer’s call.message folder was empty.

“if you had checked my mobile then go take shower.”his voice was somewhere near to her.swara looks at her back and smiles.

“mama says we should always keep an eye on our husbands…therefore i was checking your mobile’swara said not getting at all ashamed after getting caught.

“Aacha..then what you came to know?…do i have affair with someone else”sanskar said back hugging her.

“after seeing your call log i have a doubt that abheer is your boyfriend……your call log is full of abheer’s call…are you gay?”swara said in very serious tone.

“then i need to give proof to you…”sanskar said,kissing at her cheek.

“many medical tests happens…”swara said giggling.

“who will go hospital…i have a better idea.”sanskar said leaning close to kiss her but a sudden knock at door made them look in that direction.

“yes…”swara said pushing him back.abheer comes inside after knocking.

‘lunch is ready..’abheer said obediently.

“perfect timing abheer… my doubt is getting strong.”swara said,winks at sanskar and go for shower.abheer looks at sanskar confusingly.sanskar rubs his forehead,chuckling a little.

“we are coming…”sanskar said,abheer bends his head and leaves,thinking about swara’s words.


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  2. Awesome epi i mean u write quite lenghty chapter n thank u 4 dat but den also i wnt 2 keep reading further u wrote so beautifully mainly swasan scenes amazing dr

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    soooo much romantic episode the way u turn lisa,s matter is just an example of ur skills superb i like that how much abheer is faithful to sanky but i think now sanky should told swara abt being prince n abt lisa as well before she comes to know from someome other and the rest of epii OMG superrrrrrbbbbbbbb sooooooo much romantic every scene is classical happy to see arrogant sanky how much changes to an naughty sanky just becoz of our crAzy swara every part of this epi is so much good that i am confused to mention which scene in comments…… ????????? love u

    hahaha????? sanky is a gay or not swara knows better swara is so much innocent her n naighty also plz siso dont end it soon n ya want their more romance n light scene n no fights soo plz post soon so that we can know what u kept in ur market for us n swasan lovvvvveeeee u loads ????????

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  4. Thanks for this beautiful chappy swasan scene r just awesome I have read it so many times n going to read it again pls post soon dear .Zaimal whenever u post just check it by ur own whether its posted on swaragini page or not because it create lots of mess.

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    Awesome episode dear.

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  7. It was beautiful dear..
    Swasan in an island on their honeymoon was so romantic and something new??
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  20. Lovely and beautiful epi dear….. Waiting for next part post soon.

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    Awesome… I read all parts in watty yesterday again.. He he.. Swara should know about sanskar being prince.. And how did sanskar made Sharmishta accept him… Dnt they don’t know about sanskar? So much confusion… Please clear it

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