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Swara was giving water to her plants when sanskar hugs her from back and twirls her around twice.she screams a little and water pot falls down from her hands.sanskar chuckles seeing her scared.

“sanky you scared me…”swara said poutingly and slapped him on shoulder.

“morning…”sanskar said while chuckling and kissed on her head.

“when did you come from Mumbai?” swara asked with small smile.

“just now…i have a good news for you”sanskar said caressing her cheek.

“what is it?….marriage is after one week?”swara said getting excited like kid.sanskar laughed loudly,seeing her excitment.

“if you want…marriage will happen right now”sanskar said still chuckling.

“i was saying because you are can do anything”swara said hiding her blush completely.

“i just want you to come in my life with all rights as soon as possible”sanskar said in deep voice.swara stands on her toes and kiss on his cheek.

‘now tell me good news…”swara said,keeping hands on his chest.

“don is arrested….he will be sent central prison today”sanskar said and swara’s face was like ‘O’.

“you are not lying?..”swara asked not able to believe.sanskar shakes his head.swara jumps and hugs him.

“i am so happy…finally i am free..”swara said in extra large voice.she breaks hug next instant.

“you know i was so scared…i didn’t sleep whole night because of him”swara keep on blabbering and sanksar was feeling satisfied seeing her happy like that.

“i got it you are very happy now come with me”sanskar said and drags her with him.

“but my college?” swara said while walking with him.

“i very well know how much you study…”sanskar said in non-serious tone.swara’s mouth gets open a little.

“how dare you said that,i am very good student…”swara said and punched him.

“i never saw you studying once…every night party then in morning hangover”sanskar said in mocking tone.swara’s face turned red because of anger.

“i am not coming with you now..”swara said and free her hand with jerk which was enterwinged with his.

“swara okay fine i am sorry…you are topper of class”sanskar said,chuckling a little.

swara shakes her head side to side with crossed arms.

“you are not coming with me?”sanskar asked and swara nodded in NO.sanskar shruggs and picks her up on shoulder like a potato sack and start walking.

“sanky leave me.i don’t want to come with you”swara said and beats her little fists on his back.

“did i ask from you,swara you want to come with me or not? i told you to come with me”sanskar said in general tone.

“you are mannerless…”swara said and again hit on his back.sanskar puts her down when he reached near his car.swara looked with angry red face.

“this is the way to pick girl”swara asked throwing daggers at him.

“sit inside the car..”sanskar ordered her instead of answering.swara gritted her teeth and looks at his back.

“hey abheer!…”swara said waving her hand.sanskar turns his head and looks back.swara runs with full speed.

“my sandal will also not come with mannerless idiot like you”swara shouted while running.sanskar cursed himself and run after her.

“your fatherwill also come with me…”sanskar said through gritted teeth at her childish behaviour.swara gets tired,stops and start taking deep breaths.

sanskar grabs her from waist.

“when you can’t run why the hell you try…”sanskar said and picks her up again this time in bridal style.

“this is cheating….i can’t run and you took advantage of this”swara said with unsteady breaths while putting hnads around his neck.sanskar chuckles seeing her pout face.

“i am taking you out with me and you are showing attitude”sanskar said after making her sit in passanger seat and walks around car and sit behind wheels.

“why do you mean “i am”?… are some kind of prince” swara asked with narrowed eyes.

“yes i am…”sanskar said honestly.swara burns out laughing.sanskar looks at her with raised eyebrow.

“i call you my prince it doesn’t mean you became prince in real….come back to ground.this much flying in air is not good for health”swara said still laughing.

sanskar starts the car with meaningful smile on lips.swara felt little weird seeing such strange smile on lips but jerks her head.


Swara was looking at wall clock,keeping her chin in was striking 10 in morning.

‘how many hours remaining?”swara murmured to herself and starts counting in that time kunj sits beside her with jerk with pizza in his hands.swara looks at pizza.

her mouth gets filled with water.kunj looks at her and giggles,seeing her ogling at food.kunj offers her food.swara looks at him with red face.

“oh!..i am sorry i nearly forgot you are keeping fast for sanskar”kunj said and moves pizza away from her.swarasighed heavily and again looks at clock.

“lucky what is manue in lucnh today”kunj asked loudly.

“broast chicken,chapli kabab,cheese sandwitch,malai kofta and alloo ka paratha”lucky said putting pressure at every word.

“your stomach will exploade if you will eat this much”swara said angrily,gets up and leaves.kunj and lucky laughed loudly.

“God should never brothers like this to anyone”swara said fuming,sit on kunj’s bike and drove toward sanskar’s house.

abheer gritted swara and let her come inside.

“where is sankt”swara asked,looking here and there.

“he is in his room…”abheer said and swara bites her lower lip and looks at abheer.

“i have a little work..will see you later”abheer said and left from house.swara blush a little and walks toward sanskar room.she entered inside without knock and saw sanskar,working on laptop.

he looks at her and closed the laptop.swara goes and sit on bed.

“you here at this time?”sanskar asked and looked at his wrist watch.

“kunj and lucky were teasing me so much…..they will eat this,they will eat that.jerks”swara said poutingly.

“they are not letting you eat anything?”sanskar asked,goes and sit beside her.he puts hand around her waist and pull her close.

“sanky don’t tell me you don’t know today is karwachut….”swara said putting head on his shoulder.

“karwachut?…what is that?”sanskar asked generally.swara riased her head and looked at him.sanskar raised his eyebrows.

“hey bhagwan! here i had kept fast for you and you don’t even know what is it?”swara said hit her forehead with palm and push him back.

“fast for me? when did i tell you to keep fast?”sanskar asked with shocked expression.swara burst out laughing and slap on his forehead.

“mad…’swara murmured between her laugh.sanskar looks at her confusingly.after 10 minutes swara stopped laughing.

“karwatchut is festival in which every wife keeps fast for her husband long life and unmarried girls keep fast to get good husband.”swara explains him and chuckles.

“oh God!…swara i don’t believe in these stupid things.go and eat can’t even stay hungry”sanskar said in annoyed voice.

“i am keeping this fast when i was 16 just to get you”swara said dryly.

“no need of this…totally will my life will increase with your fast?”sanskar said making face.swara holds his hand and keeps it between her hands.

“logics and believes are far away things.just like love.according to logic such things doesn’t exist but is it true?”swara said with smile on face.sanskar open his mouth to say something but swara put hand on his mouth.

“who is saying you to think that your life will increase just think that this is my love for you”swara said with full love in her voice and removes hand from his mouth.

“i don’t deserve this much love..”sanskar said in very serious tone,looking in her eyes directly.

“you will not decide this how much i should love you…that’s my duty”swara said gigglying and again keeps head on his shoulder.sanskar enterwinged their fingers and kiss on back of her hands.

Both laid back on bed while swata’s head on his shoulder.

“sanky?..”swara said after a long pause


“i know it is stupid to say but i want you to know….”swara said hesitating a little.

“what is it?”sanskar asked

“i was waiting for you from that day when i started feeling mom,dad’s love for each other.they had also did love marriage.i don’t know maybe i love you before you had entered in my life.its just i really love you.”swara said with all emotions in her voice.

sanskar kept silent but his grip around her tightened.

“oh i forgot!…mama was asking for your size.send her message”swara said,remembering all of sudden

“why?…”sanskar asked,lost in thoughts

“for sherwani…”swara said then gets up all of sudden and looks at sanskar with excited eyes.

“you know sanky japnese have ritual to grow a small plant on their marriage.they have believe that their marriage prosper like plant.i want that one in marriage and that a lot of fire lamps in the air.i really love that”swara said without break and some other functions also.

sanskar was staring at her while his both hands were under his head while blabbering continuously.

“sanky are you listening what am i saying to you”swara asked poutingly,finding him silent.

“you speak so much how much i listen”sanskar said in teasing tone.

“oh!…you are so mean.i will not talk with you.”swara said and tried to get but sanskar holds her hand and pull her.swara falls on him with little scream.

“you get angry so easily..”sanskar said while pushing her thick hair back.

“if you have problem then find another girl for marriage..”swara said angrily.

“marriage will only happen with this little angry bird”sanskar laughed and pulls her small red nose.swara slaps on his hand.


swara was driving toward home and was talking with sanskar on phone.

“sanky how can you lie to mama that i want this marriage within seven days?”swara said through gritted teeth.

“what wronge i said?..”sanskar said in meaningful voice.swara’s cheeks turned red because of his confidence.

“more than me you want to do this marriage…”sanskar said in teasing voice.

“shut up! you are only getting mad…”swara said but bites her lower lips to control her smile.

“fine then i will tell aunty that marriage will happen next year…”sanskar said in serious.

“next year!!!…are you mad,who will wait this long”swara almost shouted but regreted it because of sanskar loud laugh.

“you are jerk…”swara said while fuming in anger.sanskar didn’t stop laughing.

“oh shit!…”swara’s eyes widened while looking at road,mobile drops from her hands and she turned car quickly which hits a tree.swara’s head strikes with stearing wheel.

“aaaa!…mama”swara cried and gets straight on seat.she tounched her forehead and her fingers tips gets covered with blood.she bends downward,picks up mobile and comes out.

“swara are you fine?…are you stupid,who use mobile during driving”sanskar scolded her in full anger.

“sanky my baby car…”swara cried loudly seeing destroed front of car.

“you are fine right?”sanskar asked being hell worried.swara didn’t reply to him and continued crying.sanskar aasked twice from her about her place but swara keep on crying and talking whoch was passing from sanskar’s head.

sanskar cut the call and trace her location and goes there.swara cried more loudly seeing ended call.

sanskar cursed hard seeing her forehead bleeding again.swara points at her car,still crying like baby.sanskar’s anger reached to maximum level first seeing blood then tears.

“quite!!!!…such a irresponsible girl you are.can’t you take care of much blood is day is not passed when you don’t hurt yourself.”sanskar said in full anger.swara immediately stopped crying and blinks twice seeing his angry red face.

“how this happened?”sanskar asked, still angry from her.

“a small cat came in front of car…i turned then tree came in front of car.”swara said explained to him,innocently.

“cat?…”sanskar asked,wanted to confirm that she really hit her sports car to save a cat.

“baby cat…”swara said and show cat’s size with her hands.sanskar rubs his temple and starts laughing.

“why are you laughing?”swara said angrily.sanskar shakes his head and takes out his handkarchief.

“i need new stock of these”sanskar said,pointing at his handkarchief.swara bites her tongue and giggles.sanskar starts cleaning her wound,still chuckling

“you know sanky when i was kid i had a baby kitten…she was white like cotton,one day a car hit her and she died.i cried whole week at her death.after that incidence dad calls me kitten”swara tells him giiglying a little after remembering the incidence.

“you are still a kid…”sanskar said chuckling and put handkarchief in his pocket after cleaning her wound.

“my car…”swara said poutingly.

“you will get new …”sanskar said,consoling her and lead her to his car.

“who want new car….i want this car to repair”swara said and sit on passanger seat.

“what!!!!!!!….you hit the car.were you blind?”lucky said,shocked from head to toe.kunj spits juice with full force

“you…you…”kunj didn’t find words.

“a baby cat came in front…what would have i done?”swara said innocently.

“arra!…if a person would have came in front i would have think twice before hitting that car on tree”kunj said and slaps on swara’s head.swara slaps him back on face.

“sanskar break up from her right now….you will get thousands times better girl than her.”kunj said through gritted teeth.swara throw daggers at him.

“first time kunj said something correct….trouble is her second name.last year she burnt our farm house on diwlai”lucky said angrily.

“that…”swara tried to speak her favourite sentence but lucky and kunj shouted ‘shut up”in union.

“your father had left the gas open in kitchen…you were only making jalabi”kunj said and slapped at her head.

“i told you there is no need to give her sports car….madam will hit someone again”kunj said to lucky,pointing his finger.

“you told me that…..i told you there is no need of it”lucky said and slapped him for putting blame on him.

“next year we will give you one candy…you only deserve that”kunj said and swara gets angry.

“who want your git…keep it with yourself”swara shouted in full anger,goes toward her room and close the door with full bang.

“i think we had scolded her too much”lucky said scratching his head.



“how is this?”swara asked twirling around.kunj and lucky looked at her.

“you are looking witch….sanskar will get scare”kunj said making very bad face.lucky gives her another dress to try.swara sighed and went to change for sixth time.lucky and kunj laughed and give hi-five.

they had come to select dress for engagement ceremoney.although they had found her beautiful like doll in every dress but they were helpless before their teasing nature.

swara comes out again after changing.she was wearing baby pink colored lehanga, cream colored shirt with net duppta which had both colours in it.

kunj and lucky looks at each other for second then shakes their head vigorously.

“chiiii!!!….”lucky and kunj said loudly.swara gets angry this time.

“you both like something or not…i am tired now”swara said and sit on floor in punjabi style.

“you two only know to tease me only……today is engagement.yesterday also we didn’t buy anything.”swara said making cute angry put.

kunj and lucky smiles and sit beside her,on both sides.

“when you will get married…how will we tease you”lucky said said and put arm around her shoulder.

“what do you mean by “leave”?….who is leaving,i will stay here after marriage also”swara said and pulled lucky’s cheek.

“what about sanskar?..”lucky asked chuckling

“i will make him understand…”swara said with full confidence.

“oye!….who will bear you after marriage.i will myself drop you at his home.if it would have been in my hands i will sent you his home right now”kunj said in full fighting mode.

swara looks at him with narrowed eyes then slaps him.

“i am not going anywhere…”swara said crossing her arms over chest.

“who will listen to you…”kunj said and makes face.swara and kunj starts fighting.lucky smiles seeing them fighting and takes deep breath.


swara and sanskar exchange rings and whole hall echoed with clapping.shekhar hugged swara and shomi kissed on sanskar’s forehead.

“take care of my daughter…”shomi said to sanskar.

“mom!…this witch is not going anywhere.she had planned to stay here after marriage”kunj said while making face.

“what is your problme…this is my father house”swara said with twitched nose.sanskar holds swara’s arm and turned her toward him

“you will stay here?”sekhar asked while chuckling.swara nodded her head vigorously.

“after marriage girls went to her husband’s house….what type of wish is this, how can sanskar leave here?”shomi said in little scolding tone.

“why will sanky leave here….i will go at his house every saturday and sunday”swara said telling them their future plans.sanskar’s mouth gets open a little.

“sanskar i told you she is crazy.”lucky said,laughing a little.abheer,kunj and shekhar and all girls burst out laughing,hearing that.they all talk for sometime then left swara and sanskar alone.

“if you didn’t come with me then i will abduct you”sanskar muttered in her ear.swara looks at him and both share a romantic eyelock which was broken by flash of camera.

“thank God you came…sanky let’s go for photoshoot.i want a big album”swara said getting excited after seeing photographer.

photographer point at good background view and swara drags sanskar there.

swara made different pose with sanskar from typical husband-wife to stupid filmy scenes.

“now titanic pose…”swara said extending her arms to sides.

‘you are crazy…”sanskar said and hit at her head and tried to leave but swara pulls him.

“this is my favorite pose…”swara said stubbornly.sanskar shakes his head vigorously.

“no way in hell…”sanskar said getting stubborn this time.swara twitch her nose,removes ring and throw at him.

“fine another girl for you…”swara said,stamp her foot and leaves.sanskar looks at photographer( who hided his smile quickly) then runs after swara and stops her by grabbing her arm.

“why the hell you give this threat all the time and dare if you remove this ring again”sanskar said in annoyed voice and made her wear ring again.

“don’t talk to me…”swara said and pulled her hands from his.

“you are such a kiddo…”sanskar whispered in her ear while his lips touched her ear shell and he slid his hand around her waist and pulled her close.

swara breath got stuck in lungs,feeling him so close.she gulps a little and place hand on his.sanskar kissed on her ear shell,swara close her eyes.

“what is happening here?”kunj said loudly and sawsan comes in their senses.swara steps away from sanskar quickly and slids her hair behind her ear.

sanskar throw daggers at kunj.

“after marriage please….till now keep at least inch distance from each othere”lucky said and both stands between swara and sanskar.

swara gritted her teeth but kept silent and looks at sanskar,who was looking at them angrily.

“twinkle when you and kunj getiing married?”sanskar asked in serious tone.twinkle’s eyes widened at sudden question.

“i…i…”twinkle tried to find words but sanskar cut her.

“i should not see you and him together before marriage….its your brother’s order”sanskar said in same serious tone and twinkle’s bends her head.

“you got so serious,we were just kidding.”kunj said meekly and leaves from there after holding twinkle’s hand.

“don’t listen to him”kunj muttered in twinkle’s ear.sanskar looks at lucky with raised eyebrow.

“lakshah let them have some romance..”ragini said,holds his hand and drags him with her.

“what if she got pregnant..”lucky said worriedly.

“they are getting married..”ragini said in irritated voice.swara’s face turned red hearing lucky’s words.

sanskar holds her hand and took her to some silent place.

“you handled them very smartly”swara said gigglying.

“just know to do comedy…”sanskar said and pulled her close.

“how long i had not kissed you??”sanskar asked in slow whisper and kissed her cupping her left cheek and sliding another hand in her thick open hair.swara’s both hands were on his chest.


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