Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 3 (Episode 18) by Zaimal


“sanky one girl was telling me that if mehndhi’s colour doesn’t come dark then husband don’t love you…if its colour didn’t come dark then i will kill you” swara said throwing daggers at sanskar.

“swara what is connection of mehndhi with husband love”sanskar said chuckling.

“i don’t know anything,its colour should come dark otherwise i will not marry” swara said while stamping her foot stubbornly.

“i love you swara…don’t you trust me” sanskar said cupping her face.

“but that girl…”swara said poutingly.

“who told you this..i will shoot her” sanskar said angrily. swara giggled and hugged careful with her hands.sanskar hugs her back tightly.

“is there any other function after this?” sanskar asked, still hugging her.

“most important function…”swara said gigglying.


“bachelor party..”swara said and breaks hug. sanskar looks at her angrily.

“you are going for bachelor party…”sanskar asked in serious tone. swara nodded her head vigorously.

“i am going to spend my whole life with you…so one day with some other boys are very necessary.” swara said like a teacher. sanskar’s anger reached to peak.

“you are not going for bachelor party..”sanskar said fuming in anger.

“who is asking from you?…for your kind information marriage is tomorrow i am still single.i can do anything.infact dad had told me to enjoy fully drinking,dancing,boys…”Her blabbers sopped when sanskar picks her up in arms like bridla style and goes out in full anger.

“sanky what are you doing?..”swara asked confusingly and was going to hit on his chest but stopped thinking about her mehndhi.

sanskar didn’t say anything,made her sit in car and bends at her,swara moves her face back automatically and looks at him with wide brown eyes.

“you are kidnapped..”sanskar said with smirk


“sanky this is cheating,you don’t want to do party but i want to do…”swara said, whinning like kid.sanskar looks at her dryly.

“if i would have interest in other girls i was not going to marry you” sanskar said in annoyed voice.

“sanky you should also go for party otherwise you will regret latter..”swara said,gets up from bed and came near to him.sanskar holds her arm and pull her in his lap.

“how is you mehndhi…”sanskar asked looking at her hands.

“dry now…”swara said showing him her both hands.

“i think we both should do bachelor party”sanskar said while looking at her.

swara was still in her mehndhi function.she was wearing dark green colour lehanga saree and light matching jewellary.

“i was saying the same…”swara said excitedly and tried to get up but sanskar restrained her by holding her.

“let’s celeberate bachelor party with each other..”sanskar said,not wanting to get drunk in some club and get into another problem.

“huh!!!…with you?”swara asked confusingly.sanskar nodded.swara laughed loudly.

“you are mad…”swara said still laugging,putting both hands on his shoulder.sanskar was mesmerized seeing her whole hearted laugh.

“i am serious…”sanskar said when her laugh reduced.swara opens her mouth but sanskar cut her.

“for one night assume that i am a stranger…..”sanskar said caressing her cheek softly.

“think you stranger like this?”swara sign at her position and again laughed.

“get up now…do you feel shame…tomorrow is your marriage”sanskar said suddenly with changed tone.swara laughed again at his tone.

“there is a problem…i will never have that feeling with someone else which i feel with you…..i love you”swara said, looking in his eyes direct.

“i love you too….”sanskar said caressing her cheek.both have a long romantic eye lock.

swara moves close to him and kissed him with closed eyes.sanskar slid his hand around her belly and pulled close to him,leaving no space between them while kissing her passionately.


“come early tomorrow….i will not wait for a second”swara said trying to be serious but sanskar pulls her close.

“i don’t want to leave,you are sending me…”sanskar said and kissed her on cheek.swara giggles,she feels strange when he kiss her on cheek.

“you are laughing so much today…’sanskar said burying his face side of neck.

“don’t know…i am just very happy”swara whispered with closed eyes.

“promise me you will never leave no matter what happens”sanskar said still in that position.swara nodded slowly.sanskar makes her look at him,their forehead are touching each other.

‘promise? “sanskar asked looking in her eyes.

“promise..”swara said honestly.sanskar kissed at her forehead.

“bye…’sanskar said,sit inside car and leaves.


Swara was stepping down from stairs while wearing beautiful red bridal dress with matching jewellary,girls make her stand in front of sanskar.shomi gives them garlands but sanskar was staring at swara without a blink.swara giggles lightly, seeing him staring at her.

lucky abd kunj shakes their head at that.

swara pressed her lips,picks up a garland and put around his neck and pinched him on shoulder.sanskar cames back to his senses.swara winks at him.sanskar clears his throat and picks garland and when he was going to put it around swara’s neck.kunj and lucky picks swara on their shoulder.

sanskar looks up at swara who was laughing.Whole hall echoed with laughter.sanskar throw daggers at lucky and kunj.

after teasing him for few other times they made swara stand on ground and sanskar put garland around her neck.

Other marriage rituals also went gone with perfection.

“swara are u fine?..”sanskar asked while driving.swara wipes tear from corner of eye but nodded.sanskar silently drives and stops car in front of his palace like house.

both comes out and was walking inside when sanskar holds her hands and enterwinged their fingers,swara smiles and holds his arm with other hands.after entering inside bedroom,he takes her toward balcony.

A wide smile appeared on swara’s lips when she saw lighted lantern.

“i thought you didn’t listen what i was telling you…’swara said with smile and run toward it.sanskar chuckles and stand beside her.

they leave it in air together and stares at it.night was full of starts and it was also appears as one start which had left from hands of two love birds.

“there is one another surprise is also present on table….’sanskar whispered in her ear while back hugging her.swara moves her sight from sky toward table and her mouth dropped to ground.

There was plant with an empty pot.

“new plant..”swara exclaimed happily and putting sand in the pot,sanskar keep his chin on her shoulder while listening her blabbering.

“sanky you also have to do gardening…”swara said seeing him staring at her.

“i don’t know gardening…’sanskar said and swara looks at him dryly.

“do as i am doing…”swara said and sanskar nodded.Both wash their hands after planting the plant.

“where are you going?”sanskar asked confusingly,seeing her walking inside room.

“to change…”swara said and tried to walk toward washroom but sanskar pulled her with jerk.

“you can’t change…i had not even seen you fully”sanskar said annoyingly.

“okay…see then i will change,its so heavy.i don’t like heavy dresses like this.”swara said standing in front of him,like a doll.her cheeks turned a shade of red when sanskar looks at her from top to bottom slowly.

“then let me help you to remove it…”sanskar whispered in her ear romantically,pulled her close and slid his hand at her bare back.

swara closed her eyes when he touched her back sensationally.he turns her toward other side and back hugs her and slid one hand around her bare belly and other to open pin pf her duppta.

swara’s duppta falls down to the ground and he opens her long hair which were beautifully tied in bun.

he buried his face in her thick hair and inhales deeply,his flower fragrance was making him crazy.swara was feeling ticklish with his touch,she quickly turns toward him and hugs him.

sanskar hugs her back and picks her up in bridal style,he made her lay on bed and buried his face in crown of neck and start planting soft kisses on her delicate skin.

swara’s heart was beating with rapid speed,her stomach was twisted.everything was new for her.swara moan his name when he bites her soft skin.her soft made him more crazy he starts giving her love bites all over her neck.

she pushes him on bed and comes over and kissed him on lips.sanskar comes over her again after a second pinned her both hands on bed and continued their passionate kiss.

Both made love whole night while trying to dominate each other.



Sanskar trace swara on bed in sleep and eyes gets open when he don’t find her.he jerks up and looks around.he gets worried,wears his pent and starts finding her.

she was in kitchen and preparing breakfast.sanskar laid against door with crossed arms while seeing her preparing breakfast while humming softly.she was wearing his shirt which was coming to her upper thighs.

sanskar goes and back hugs her,swara gets scared a little but recogniz his touch.

“good morning…”swara said give him peck on lips.sanskar kiss her on cheek.

“when did you wake u?” sanskar asked looking at things she had made because he had vacation to servants for today just guards around outer walls of house were present.

“i have habit of waking up early…”swara said while a small smile was present on her lips.sanskar nodded.

“i want to see you in bridal dress again…”sanskar said in deep voice.

“what type of wish is this?….”swara asked while giggling.

“i just want to see you in that again..what’s wrong in this”sanskar asked in little annoyed this time.

“marry me again then i will wear it…’swara said smiling and shakes her head at his stupid wish.sanskar sighed and founds her hair little wet.

“you took shower without me…”sanskar asked huskily,while inhaling her frgarance.swara blushed a little but controls it quickly.

“not only shower…..first i gave water to new plants then took shower and now preparing breakfast….and it is almost done”swara said telling him everything from start.

“hmmm…but i don’t want to take shower alone”sanskar said and plant a feathery kiss on her ear shell.this time swara was not able to hide her blush from him.

“sanky don’t be shameless…go get fresh i am arranging breakfast”swara said hitting her knee in his stomach.

“i am serious…”sanskar said,hiding his smile.

“you will get a slap from me…”swara said and push him toward door.

“before marriage you were complaining i am not romantic now you yourself are pushing me”sanslar said in annoyed tone.

“sanky you are going or should i come…”swara said raising long wooden spoon.

“i also want to come with me….”sanskar said in flirting tone and swara laughed.

“flirting doesn’t suit you…and go fast,breakfast is getting cold”swara said laughing.sanskar shakes his head and leaves.

sanskar comes out after getting ready while swara had arrnaged breakfast on table.he sit on front seat.swara was going to sit on right side chair when sanskar holds her hand and pull her in his lap.

swara looks at him with wide eyes.

“what do breakfast…’sanskar said ignoring her wide brown eyes.swara chuckles and arranged one plate for both of them.both eats with their own hands

“where you want to go for honeymoon…”sanskar asked making her eat with his hands.

“Everest…”swara said excitedly.

“as expected…”sanskar murmured and looks at her dryly.

“madam i want a romantic honeymoon with you…not a thrilling in which i have to worry for your life”sanskar said and wipes foor from corner of her lips with his thumb.

“then why are you asking from me…decide yourself”swara said making face and crossed her arms over chest.

“hmm….then what about my private island”sanskar said while pushing one bite in her pouted mouth forcefully.

“you have private island???”swara asked with wide eyes.sanskar chuckles but nodded.

“then okay…will go everest next year”swara said happily and start making him eat again.

“i had told abheer to arrange chopper…..get ready after breakfast’ sanskar said.

“but today i am going gadodia mention”swara said looking at him confusingly.

“why are you going gadodia mention just yesterday you came and today you want to go again”sanskar said and shakes his head in NO.

“sanky you don’t know anything about rituals….after marriage next day bride spends whole day at her parents and husband have to pick me in evening”swara said beating her forehead.

“this is stupid….you are not going anywhere leaving me”sanskar said getting more annoyed.

“ritual is ritual…”swara said and kiss on his cheek softly and again start eating.

“i am hungry…”sanskar whispered nudging his nose in her cheek.

“here eat this…’swara said,not understanding his meaning.sanskar kissed at her jaw line and goosebumps raised on her skin.

“look sanky i am also very hungry and i am not going to leave from here without breakfast so you control your hunger”swara said pushing him back and takes a bite of apple.

“eat later….”sanskar said picking her up in arms.

“but my breakfast…”swara cried and wriggles in his rams.but sanskar don’t listen a single thing.


“i know prince is inside…abheer plz let me meet him once”lisa said helplessly but abheer’s strict expression didn’t changed a bit.

“everything has finished between you and him 2 months before…what are you doing here?”abheer asked strictly.

“plz abheer i love him a lot….i just want to tell i will not repeat my mistake again.plz tell him to meet me.”lisa said while a tear fell from her eye.

“lisa listen…he don’t love you.why don’t you understand”abheer said in same tone.

“abheer…”sanskar comes there looking at his phone.lisa gets happy,push abheer to side and hug sanskar.

“i am sorry i will not repeat my mistake…i will never force you let me live here.”lisa said while crying.sanskar gets shock a little,seeing her there but quickly push her back.

“what are you doing here…i had told you to not show me your face that day…didn’t i?”sanskar said in icy cold voice.

Lisa opened her mouth to say something but sanskar stopped her with raised hand.

“sanky what are you doing here?”swara asked coming there and looks at lisa confusingly.sanskar closed his eyes and looks at swara.

“who is she?”swara asked while putting arm around sanskar’s arm.



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