LOVE is an EMOTION (SwaSan) SS Part 1

A beautiful village is shown. Bright morning, birds are chirping and river flow makes beautiful sound like payal. A mansion is situated near to the river.

Old lady in mansion is looking tensed as well as surprised.

Lady: Paro, are you sure? They will arive in 30 minutes na.

Parvati: Dadi, how many times? They will arrive in 30 minutes with your Rajput Princess.

Dadi: Gauri is everything ready to welcome her?

Gauri and Parvati look at each other with smile in kitchen.

Gauri: Dadi ma, everything is ready.

A young man entered the mansion and went directly to kitchen ignoring dadi. Dadi followed him to kitchen.

Young man: oh wow, sweets. My dear bhabi’s whether there is any function.

By saying that he keep his hand on sweet. Dadi beat his hand with her walking stick.

Young man: ouch, dadi. Are you mad?

Dadi: those sweets are for my potee. She should eat it first, Sanskar.

Sanskar: yeah…yeah i remembered that your long lost potee is coming na.

Dadi: Sanskar, i am going to kill you.

She chased him with raising walking stick. Parvati and Gauri laughed at them.

Sanskar: old lady, why are you struggling at this age? You can’t catch me.

Dadi sit in couch breathing heavily.

Sanskar smiled and came near to her.

Sanskar: i told you na.

Dadi hold his ears suddenly and smiled.

Dadi: now i caught you.

Sanskar: i am angry on you.

Dadi: why?

Sanskar: these many years, even though i am your neighbour you gave first priority to me. But today, you not even allowed me to eat sweet for your potee, who not even met you from her childhood.

Dadi: no, Sanskar. I am excited to see her. She is my daughter’s daughter. After to my daughter’s death, her father take her away from us in the name of astrology. I wish to see her atleast once in my life.

Sanskar: yeah, yeah. After all, i am third person na. So, i became third person again after her arrival.

Dadi: who told?

Sanskar: who should tell this? You not even allowed me to eat sweet. Go dadi, i am going to my house. I won’t come here until she left.

Dadi: let me see. How you will stay away from me, atleast for a day?

After a while, Sanskar left, A car arrived at mansion. Two men along with girl stepped out of car.

Dadi: Gauri beta, Paro, they came. Bring aarti.

Girl: dadiii

She hugged her. Gauri take aarti for her. She hugged Gauri and Paro.

Girl: how are you, my dear bhabi’s?

Both: fine, Swara. What about you?

Swara: fine, bhabis. Atlast i met you all. Om bhai, Rudra bhai. Come, you 4 stand as couple, i wish to see you in pair. I can’t able to see your marriage, i will see you now.

Om and Rudra smiled and they stand as couple.

Swara is cousin to Om and Rudra.

Dadi: Swara beta, i will show your mother’s room. Come with me. There is lot to speak with you.

Om and Rudra: hereafter, dadi won’t see us.

Dadi: oh… my dears.

She hugged them.

– to be continued.

This concept is inspired from movie. I dedicate this to sissy Jasmine and all SwaSan fans.

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  1. awesome

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much…

  2. Is it Malayalam movie mayilpilikkavu

    1. Jasminerahul

      No.Its the malayalam movie Nokketha doorathu kannum nattu

    2. Anuva

      it is also in tamil Poove poo choodava sis

  3. Jasminerahul

    Wow..the story takes place in a village n u described the village the movie the story took place in a city.i had requested u to add parud in any of ur ffs.never thought that u will add parud in this ff.rikara was a complete surprise.i am surprised to see IPKKND nani as dadi here.sanskar dadi scene was so cute n the movie they didn’t have such a cute bonding as dadi was a strict angry introvert there.swara’s arrival was sweet.who r om n rudra’s parents?nice pics.

    thank u so much 4 writing on this was my wish to read a ff on this movie.almost 5 yrs back one of my friends had asked me to write a ff on this movie with a happy ending.but i could’nt.but i wanted someone else to write on this movie.unfortunately that friend of mine is she cannot read this was her dream to read a ff on this movie

    1. Anuva

      Thank you sissy. I will try to write as you expected. I forget this movie, so i made some changes.

      1. Jasminerahul

        its ok.i loved the changes.follow the story in wikipedia if u forgot the story

  4. thank u for posting swasan ffs I was waiting long for swasan ff, awsm writing Dr keep going like dis.

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much…

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much…

  5. Mica

    hi, interesting story.. wooaahhhh, TU made so much update, we can put pic also… love this… glad to see swasan FF here…

    1. Anuva

      Thank you so much…

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