Love is a JOKE!!!!

Hello everyone…. today after reading the spoilers,,,my mood got spoiled…..I loved swaragini serial…but now I’m actually fed up of this love triangles…..
Lets count the love triangles…
1 Ragini-Laksh-Swara
2 Sanskar-Swara-Laksh
3 Kavita-Sanskar-Swara
4 Kavya-Laksh-Ragini
5 Sumi-Shekhar-Janki
Aur kitna?
To be honest….this serial has made a clear joke of love….Ragini loved Laksh…fine…she was so desperate that she planned such conspiracies..fine…everything is fair in love and war….Mr Laksh Maheshwari…..he got engaged to Ragini…then fell for Swara,married Ragini,ditched her and now after all these prob they r together….I must say Laksh apne zindegi ko lekar bohot confused hai,first Swara then Kavya and now Ragini..then…comes Swara….so much happened because swalak loved each other…..and then when Sanky arrived in her life…she realized that her love of Laksh was just an infatuation…fine…..Sanky.who did so much only for revenge…..for his love Kavita……forgot everything so easily and fell for Swara…
Kehete hai ki anth bhala toh sab bhala…..i thought that its fine..but now after reading the spoilers… god….
SUMI GETS PREGNANT….SWARA LOSES HER MEMORY?AURR SWALAK SCENES…..NEHIIIIIIIIIIIII..come on they r now devar bhabi or Sali jiju…… i think now we have to see swalak……i guess Swara will reach that time when her engagement was fixed with Laksh……aahhhhhhhhhhhhh…..go to hell Swaragini writers…agar mere bass meh hota toh meh apka sar phor deti……i love swasan…..i want swasan… more separation…….i can’t see swalak scenes……honestly speaking…i won’t be surprised if in future because of Swara’s memory….swalak gets married even…….but then what about my Sanky?He loves Swara so much…and Ragini?How would she tolerate her husband with her sister?
Swalak fans must be very happy right now…..but my poor swasan…nooo….swasan should not be separated…if they r then it would be a big insult to the word love….Swara’s memory loss will destroy many lives…..twists r important but..this twist?A lady who has 2 married daughters gets pregnant…… I feel…how will Swaragini and sanlak react when they get to know this..and in top of it…will Swara have her memory to react to this?Swaragini ma nehi behen banengi issh umar meh…..
People…i want all swasan,swalak,raglak and ragsan fans to comment on my episodic analysis about r u happy with the present track or not…

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  1. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    I agree with you Kristal! When they don’t know how to entertain us they just write some stupid plot. How can Sumi be pregnant? And why does Ragini do the sacrifice?
    What Ragini’s mistake in that, she just loves Laksh!
    I’m not the one who will be for Ragsan, Raglak, Swasan or Swalak! I love all the actor, but CVs show us the wrong think. Like you said love is not a joke, same with marriage! When Laksh think Ragini was wrong he married Kavya. He married three times first with Ragini, second with Kavya then Ragini. What is happening with the writer or producer, if they don’t have idea, please call me I have a lot in my mind. If they continue with their nonsense many people will stop watching the serial, and they will abruptly end the show.

  2. Yaaar i feel like killing the person right know who thought of this idea.
    Truthfully speaking i want tat swara shud loose her memory bt from very beginning as it will give an intense swasan track. And after all this drama i just cant imagine swalak i dont like them from the very beggining.. I started watching this only for swasan…. And also after many tricks or watever ragini get her true love and again cant see them suffering. I know tat cvs can do anything they can jst turn swara -ve then surely trps will fall . This will be a total crap. I am lack of words to take out my frustation even i can kill a person right know if smthng like this happen

    and moreover sumi prego yeh toh sone pe suhaga like seriously

    Yaar humble request to our ff writers plz give them a 1% prt of ur brain to theese writers then hopefuly we can get some senseful story

  3. Relax swasan will not be seperated as in serials its always comon she will get her memory at mandap or before

  4. I agree with u how could shomi get preganant its her daughter who should be pregnant and after rajat’s entry everyone know that uttara would never get true love and yes SwaLak if cvs bring them everyone would bash them as just evrthing between swasan and raglak got okay and then again ni ways and then i think while all this from both sisters some one would pregant BUT NOW TWIST IN TALE all this would destroy swasan raglak uttara and maheshwari and gadodia i think it has to take leaps

  5. The serial is crap they should end it with an happy ending, I actually stopped it ages ago when they turned Ragini evil. I’m a Swalak but it’s not cool at all to play with the feelings of the fans.

  6. Wer did u read sch spoilers?? Wat d heck z ol diz… I mean ssly can’t see swalak anymore… It’s swasan foeva… I agree twists r needed bt dey shud make sm sense atlest… My dea writers if u lack creativity thn kindly read d ff’s… Dey r far more better… Huh

  7. no i am not happy with the track!! but namish said in an interview that if something like this happened then he will act as swaras best friend!!! its okay the track will strech for a month and that time swaras charecter will be the most annoying!!! but this time period will prove to be gud for raglak cause it shows their love and trust in each other!!! itne time se swasan that ab raglak ka time aagaya!!! but as u all know NO ONE can chane swasan and raglak !! they are together and always will be!!!!

  8. I dont get why swalak fans are getting bashed for the upcoming twist…I knw j didn’t bash but the way u r saying swalak fans must be happy…yes we are happy… like u all were when swasan were together…seriously hw is it swalak fans fault….it’s the stupid writer and cvs who can’t think of something else…
    now coming to sumi being preg…that is soooo disgusting at her age…come one her age is of an grandma now…they are so crazy for this plot…

    1. Ya you are rt yr hamesha swalak fans are bashed we didn’t tell anything when swasan are engaged or married. I read it but what is the meaning of basing swalak fans. I leave the serial when swalak were separate. But always swasan fans were bashing us. Everyone has their own choice so we love swalak. But we’re not telling them to separate your swasan. So plz stop bashing swalak fans and it is a serial only. I know you loved swasan but if you want to bashing someone then do it with writers not swalak fans.

      1. Yap….swalak and ragsan fans wer bashed..and i saw that…i’m a swalak fan….so i understand a swalak fan’s feelings..

  9. swasan final hai.itna jaldi suhagrat dikhane ka yeh matlab hai.writer kuch big plan kiya hai. only swasan crazy fan ko ensure karne ne ke liye.In future jo kuch bhi hone wala hai……swasan final hai.sanskar ne swara ko pendent diya ss.future that pendent help to swara memory chill guys……. enjoy the track.humare sawsan koi bhi alag nahe kare.Aab hume phir se swasan ki luv story dhekne milega.sanskar thora tak lif hoga bt last humara swasan sath main is completly swasan track.swara thora thora karke sab kuch yaad ayaga.

  10. one of my fvt serial kayamath main memory loss track aya tha.milend sab kuch vhul gaya tha.then sab kuch yaad ahgaya

  11. guys this s just a spoiler no one from d team have confirmed guys so chill….even there was a rumour that karthick will fall n love with ragini….like that hope its all a rumour..if dis s true coming to shomi preg track it s disgusting…..but swaras memory loss track we will get equal scenes of all 4 leads……then there will swasan scenes a lot bcoz sanky will try hard to bring her memory back…..if laksh nd ragini are seperated for time being then they will miss each other laksh will secretly meet ragini n badi… its a treat for both swasan nd raglak fans……think positive guys

  12. I agree with u Krystal yeh puri swaragini serial mein ragini hi ek hai Jo sirf air sirf ek insan se pyar kiya. But now how l she see swara with her husband. Sanky how l he see his love loving his bro( bcoz of memory loss) I think swaragini ki writer ne love ko mazak samja hai batate hai ki pehle pyar ko koi bula nahi saktha par dekho swara ne bhi laksh ko bhul chuki hai aur laksh bhi. Swasan ka love toh true love hai na! Toh jab swara ko memory loss ho gayi she should have remebered sanky but no she remember laksh then wts the meaning of true love pls CVS don’t play with the name of love . ” true love never dies” but If it die so that doesn’t mean its true then it clearly shows that in ur show u didn’t respect the name love. U r making it a game. It’s just my opinion no bashing comments!!!

  13. no..i will not swalak again..cvs know swasan popularity.. so don’t take the risk.. actually I’m happy with teack..i think it will be beginning of swasan love story again…so don’t worry nd enjoy the track..

    1. And i think that its a start of some swalak scenes….sorry…kya toh swalak fan hii…thats why I’m happy…..

  14. I am sorry to say swalak fans that now if swara will love Laksh then the story is disaster because now swasan have husband and wife relationship and same with raglak also so it will be disgusting if they show that matter is not about devar or Sali the matter is wife and husband relation and I don’t believe that making sumi is good idea I mean she has two daughters they are married also if they are small then it different. They are making worse day by day. And in future they will make old woman pregnant or Wat they are showing rubbish they are making fun of love and to some extent relations also

  15. I agree with you how can they do this I mean they are making joke of every relation every feeling at least the writers should have some sense and in other words have some shame how can they even think to separate swasan……………and crab swalak scenes…………..I think they have forgotten that their show is gaining ‘TRP ‘ because of swasan and raglak………and now they are separating them……….In other words they are going to loose their ‘TRP ‘ which I think is not too high in short the writers of this serial will be the cause of failure of this serial
    Abhi bhi waqt hai writers mat dikhao aise warna koi bhi ye serial nai dekhe ga
    I respect all swalak fans but as the title of this analysis LOVE IS NOT A JOKE AND ALSO MARRIAGE IS NOT A JOKE k jab dil kare is k saath Jodi bana do jab dil kare us k saath
    Littrly ye serial me apni family k saath kabhi bhi na dekhun jis me kisi rishta ka koi lahaz hi nai

  16. Yrrr but seriously swaras memory loss I am thinking to kill the writter for these I want swasan and if this happens they will loose their TRP common yar

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