love once again ( introduction and episode 1)


Girl1: give me my old ishani back I need her I want her back please Ishu come back
Ishani:sorry but that ishani is dead 2years ago and now I don’t want to be old ishani or else my daughter life will be destroyed my little tiya will never be able to live a good life i hope u understand Aparna
Saying this she lifts her two years old daughter tiya in her am and kisses her forehead and takes her to room
Aparna:not everyone is like that beast there r still many good people alive u try to understand ishani and move on please move on
Screen shifts to a house in London

Boy 1:oh business tycoon chalo today is our flight to India u know na get ready
Boy 2:ya bro getting ready BTW my Dr.shikhar is very exited any girl is there ha tell na
Shikhar:shut ranveer chalo get ready or else let me call ma
Rv:ok ok getting ready don’t call maa please
Shikhar:ok chal jaa
Screen shifts to ishani house
Ishu was playing with her 2 years old daughter tiya when Aparna comes
Aparna:Ishu tomorrow will u join in the company in which I am working
Ishu:sir y not but tiya I can’t leave her alone

Aparna: don’t worry tomorrow ur mom and dad are coming here
Ishani: that’s gr8 haina tiya now mumma will go for work so don’t irritate ur nani ok na
Tiya smiles and claps
So ishani is having a bitter past due which a bubbly girl changed to a sad girl and tiya is her daughter
For knowing her past keep reading

And I am tanishqa malwiya and I am tanvee elder sister and i am studying in 12th and u all must be knowing tanvee na so keep supporting me

Credit to: tanishqa

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  1. HI TANISHQA DHI!!!! I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY YOU ARE GOING TO WRITE A FF!! I am superrrr excited about it!! I am intrigued to know what happened to Ishani. And this story is different since she already has a daughter.. Keep going Dhi!! I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!

    1. Thank u I am glad u liked it

  2. superb 🙂


    Hii.tanishqa……it really a bitter start……but want to know badly what’s happen in the past…..and I loved the title and track both…….its really super story line start I think !!!!!????

    1. I know start is bitter and u will soon come to know the past thank u for liking it

  4. Hi Tanishqa it is a great introduction I am very excited to read it pls update the episode soon ? and how is Tanvee?

    1. Thank u dear and tanvee is getting better

    2. May God bless you both?? hope she will recover so soon ?

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Hi tanishqa dhi…I am very excited to know ishu’s past.a different starting.keep updating..

    1. Hmm sure soon u will come to know and thank for your support

  6. Good start dhii! Keep rocking!!!

    1. Thank you radhika and sorry unable to comment on ur ff but the episode was so cute and romantic

  7. Hey tanishqa dr… it’s a interesting intro…. I’m so excited to read it.. pls post the next epi soon….

    1. Hmmm if I get time I will post like tomorrow or day after tomorrow not sure

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