Love (Intro)

The every film contains the love story but in this the love story is based.

In this the Hero named as Logu and the heroine named as Priya

one day after leaving the school the girls studying 12 standard gone to the bus stand by lying to their parents that was “I had a special class today.

But the girl gone to bus stand and purchased the dress, caps and some cosmetics to go out with her boy friend because they two were lovers. In the girls house their parents have decided to engage for her. Her boy friend was the mechanic in the work shop he earns only 5000 thousand per month. Now they were ready to go for the chennai to start their new married life but the girl doesn’t know any one in the chennai but the boy knows one friend named KATHIR his working as the toy seller in the platform.

Now the bus starts to go for the chennai after some time the boy brought the bun and coffee for the girl to eat in that time the girl remember her love story which was the beautyfull moment in that time.

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