Should a love interest of Ruhi be introduced ?


Hi friendz, Im new to this site though I hardly comment. I watch YHM daily.

As we know that the track of Niddhi is soon going to end and Raman and Ishita r going to get back Ruhi. Ruhi will feel guilty for her behaviour towards her papa and Ishimaa. The whole Bhalla family will unite again although the whole Shagun drama will also start.

Btw Im here to talk about that I think cvs should now introduce a love interest for Ruhi. Ruhi has seen so many hardships from a small age. First her parents Raman and Shagun got divorced, Raman didnt gave time to her. Although Ishita gave Ruhi the love of a mother for few years but again she got separated from her parents and got tortured by Niddhi for 7 years.

She even lost her identity and lived in the society as a boy. Her past is full of tragedy. So what if a guy comes in her life who is full of life who makes her forget her bitter past. A guy who passionately loves her and takes care of her. I know that Raman, Ishita, Adi, Pihu and whole Bhalla family loves her a lot but I think she also needs love from a lover. We already have love story of Adi and Aliya then why not of Ruhi. Some people may feel that Ruhi is too young to have a lover or boyfriend but I think a 16 year old girl can fall in love. There is nothing wrong in it. I think a love angle for Ruhi should be shown. So what do u guys think a love interest of Ruhi should be shown or not. If yes then why and if no then why not? Tell me in the comments section.

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  1. ruhi is actually small for her age. she can forget her past by living with bhalla family. cvs should now focus on adi and aliya love story. during their story ruhi can start liking someone but she is really very small according to the love triangle. children watching the show may get a wrong impact about such a small girl fallen in love.

  2. actually according to the story , ruhi is only 14 or 15 , so at this time if they introduce a love interest it wont be nice

  3. Yah………they may show adya love story but for ruhiat this age it should be shown as a attraction love n thats it…….but for seeing it will be enjoyable n romantic to seee………but lets seee even I also thought of ruhi luv story………

  4. Lol………???

  5. I totally agree with you khyati. Even though it is fiction it should give some values to the society. Ruhi is so small to love. If it happens it is just infatuation. She can come over her past by ishra love towards her. They should concentrate on ruhi being highly educated and helping adi in Raman’s business.

    Sorry if I hurt anyone. It is just my opinion.

  6. i too feel the same as ruhi is so small toh hav a luv story but guys i recently came to know that adi aliya hav no luv story as aliya will fall for mihir …?

  7. I think a love story between teenagers isnt wrong and it does happen in reality. So I think Ruhi falling in love with a guy will not have any wrong impact to the society. Teenage love story is shown so many times in movies and shows. Its not the first time. Though its my personal opinion. Sorry if it hurt anyone.

  8. Veronica

    I dont feel Ruhi should have a love interest as above stated by others it can create an wrong impact on children of 14-17 watching the show….Like they arent matured enough to start a relationship or romance and all………Teenage relationships are good when u have the right decision taking abilities…Like Ruhi in the show was ready to go with niddhi after knowing tht her family still loves her…..Sorry if I have hurt any of ur feelings

  9. Maria Rebecca

    Maybe after a leap of 3 to 4 years…

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