ishra and arshi..(with ishra and arshi)…episode:2

hi guys hope u like and support it.
sorry guys a small change, ishitha is working in it field and khushi is the md of wipro company.sorry for making a mistake.

ammu slaps arnav for hurting khushi.
arnav falls on ammu’s feet and tells sorry for hurting your daughter.
ammu:if u tell sorry,will my child’s life be back…or she will be leading her normal life.
arnav: sorry i did’nt do this iam feeling sorry for it..
ammu: let’s wait and see what doctor is telling .if doctor is telling something that she is in dangerous situation then see what is going to happen..
arnav: nothing will happen to her.
all get seated at chairs and waits for doctor’s comment.
after 15mins…
doctor comes out with a file..
ammu runs back of the doctor and asks docter that what happened to khushi..
doctor: i could’nt tell anything strongly now madam.
just we have given anesthesia ,and we have arranged a big operation by cheif doctors.just pray to god nothing in my hands.

ammu: please doctor,please try to return back my child’s life.
doctor goes out of that ward to bring cheif doctors.
ammu goes near arnav and tells what doctor told.
arnav gets scared..
now cheif doctors comes to the hospital and arrives at ward 116 where khushi is admitted.
ammu falls on cheif’s feet and pleases them ,to get back khushi.
cheif doctors went inside the operation theatre and wore operation suits..and started operation.
the time when they started operation was 11:00 am and after 1:30 pm they come out .
ammu: doctor ,is she allright…
doctor: a good news she opened her eyes.
ammu: thank you doctor…

doctor: wait mam she just opened her eyes but she dint gain consiousness.
ammu: doctor (in shocking voice…)doctor: what can we do.. we did all the possible operation .
ammu:doctor don’t we have anyother treatment to bring back her consiousness.
doctor: if she be in unconsious manner for long time it will lead to coma.
we are trying to give electric shock treatment.
ammu: do it
doctor discusses about the electric shock treatment with the nurses.
they arrange room for performing this treatment.
after performing this treatment…doctor comes out.
doctor: madam,we could’nt do anything madam ..she is not in the condition to gain consious..sorry to say this mam..we could’nt..

arnav: sir sir pleasae don’t tell like this . doctor please try again ..
doctor: we did this teratment thrice..
we must not do this treatment more than thrice , if we do, it will lead to death.due to over electric shock.
ammu: see asrnav what can i do now see my daughter is in hard condition .
arnav: doctor ,is there any treatment left.
doctor: there is only one way..
anyone in her family should explain each and every segmant of who is mother,father brothers etc..
or else it is very difficult to bring her back to normal life.
arnav goes near ammu..
arnav: sorry ,knowing or without knowing i became a barrier for ur child’s life..
ammu: now leave these things lets see what can we do to bring her back to life.
arnav: iam the reason for ur child’s accident.i will try to bring her back..i will teach all the things and matters around the world andrelatives everything …
ammu: ,but you itself don’t know who is khushi’s father ,relatives. you only know me,how will u teach her.
don’t want i will take care you go.

doctor: we will discharge her after4 days.
arnav: please leave this under my responsibility ..i will bring her to normal life.
ammu: ok ,i will first show all the relatives photo to you..then u teach everything to khushi.
arnav: ok ,hereafter i will call you maa.
ammu: ok arnav.
arnav: thank u maa for giving me chance to get khushi back.

but before that i will tell one thing .iam gm of infosys company …so iam the important person for my company so let me inform this matter to the office staff so that they will take care of my company.
ammu: arnav,are u gm of infosys..even my daughter khushi is the md of wipro.
arnav: really,maa..
ammu”: ok u just inform to ur staffs that u won’t come to company for 2 months..
aranv: ok maa.
arnav informs to their company staffs .

precap: after 4 days ;after discharging ,arnav takes her to park.he puts her in the wheel chair . and starts teaching everything in action mode..

Credit to: suva

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  1. Lg superb episode. Please be regular. All the best for ur upcoming episodes

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  2. Nice one……But where is ISHRA???

    1. Next epi

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  3. Great episode..
    Waiting for ishra…

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