love is an inherited trait…for ishra and arshi..(with ishra and arshi)..episode:1

hi guys hope u like and support it.
this episode starts with new generation of life but continueing old life of love..
arnav an gm of infosys , is travelling in the car and he is tired after his job,so he drives the car very fast.and thinks what happened in company meeting…..

arnav and other senior managers ,assistant managers and office staffs were seated in round table conference.
and arnav stands and starts taking seminar on growth and improvement of infosys company.he explains some new features to bring their company famous.
silently…one of the assistant manager records the speech spoken by the gm.(arnav).
arnav continues the saminar and informs all the other staffs and assistant managers to not inform any others apart from the company members ,but a assistant manager who is an messenger to the md of wipro company.informs all the decisions of infosys company. wipro company blooms well and contained all the features what arnav desired to do.

now,after 1 year he finds that some member in his company could have only told their all decisions to wipro,he calls all the company members to the conference hall and asks everyone rudely about the wipro company.but no one answered about what had happened .

due to the blooming of wipro company ,arnav’s company faces severe loss.and the infosys owner who is at london comes to know about this matter. and suddenly calls and questions arnav that what happened to our company.
arnav could’nt answer for this question.owner blames arnav and scolds him.

flashback ends….
keeping this in mind arnav drives the car very rudely.
arnav and khushi din’t meet each other although they were md and any circumstances only the staffs were contacting the other company…
now ,our heroine entry..
khushi md of wipro,hears song in hear phone and crosses road in scooty.
matargashti khuli sadak mein

tagdi tadak badak mein…..
oley gire sulagte se sulagte se sadak mein….
arnav suddenly hits the scooty in which khushi comes …arnav stops the car and comes out .khushi was very badly hit by arnav .every people in that accident zone started shouting at arnav..
arnav could’nt do anything….he suddenly called ambulance.ambulance came after 5 mins.arnav carries khushi and puts her in ambulance stretcher…arnav goes to hospital with her..
khushi’s head was banged very badly with the road…and lots of blood were lost in travelling..
arnav could’nt do anything..he just joined her in hospital…

while treatment undergoing nurse comes out and asks arnav .
nurse:sir,are you relative for that girl.

arnav:no,mam,how is she now.
nurse: she is serious ,she is unconsious…she has been under going surgery for half an hour but yet we could’nt wake her from unconsiousness…we are planning to bring higher docters from mumbai.
arnav: ok mam,do all the possible operations.
nurse:sir,it is not easy and not confirm that she will be all right.its just a try.but for this u have to spend more money.
arnav: its ok mam ,i will spend.
arnav finds khushi’s phone in her bag in hospital .

and dails the no,which is saved as mom.
and tells all the sequences and gives the hospital adress and asks them to come fast.
arnav gets scared …
all the members of khushi’s family arrives at the hospital.and comes to the ward in which khushi is admitted.
ammu gets afraid and asks the way to the ward 116.and somehow she arrives at the ward.arnav was sitting in the hospital chair and was waiting for khushi family members.
they all arrived at the ward and asks arnav that you only called me .
arnav tells yes.and asks sorry.
ammu gets angry and slaps arnav.

precap: khushi undergoes big surgery by higher doctors.khushi opens her eyes slowely..but could’nt gain consiousness.

Credit to: suva

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  1. In your intro. .ishitha was md of wipro right? ??

    1. Thank U raadika

    1. Tq reshma pradeep

  2. The episode is good…
    But could u clarify me one thing..
    In ur intro u have mentioned ishita as the MD of wipro and mentioned kushi as a person in IT field..
    If kushi is the one who is the MD..
    Then is ishu the person working in IT field?? Sry if u mistake me..
    Its not to hurt u.. I juz asked to get my doubt clarified.. Pls don’t mistake me..
    And the episode was so… Good…

    1. Sorry its my mistake I will change it…actually a small change..from next episode ishita will work in it sector and khushi will be me of Wipro…any way tq for giving oppurtunity to change it

  3. Wow wow wow.. Nice episode..liked it very much

    1. Tq khushi

  4. Wow… So nice to see kushi in a successful way.. Really good job.. Looking forward.. Post next one asap…. Pls pls
    . Can’t wait for ishra intro

    1. Tq arshi

  5. wow lg u rocked.. i liked it so much. please update ur ff soon. cant wait.
    post it soon. and congrats lg

    1. Tq nappi

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