Love You to Infinity (Episode 1)

Hello friends ! This will be a short series on my favourite couple Swasan and only about Swasan. A big sorry to Raglak fans from my heart. Named this ff The Fault In Our Stars. My favourite novel but don’t take this ff as beautiful ad that book. In fact this is really bad I guess. So not giving you any false hopes at all.
**Helly Shah as Sayara and Swara.

**Varun Kapoor as Sahir and Sanskar.

**Nikita Dutta as Kaya and Kavita.

Yep two characters. Wondering why ?
Its a two life time story. So here is a small introduction. There will be more characters which would be introduced later.

Sahir : A charming Muslim fellow with a dark secret which no one knows. Not even his parents.

Sayara : A girl who believes in love and happiness and can do anything to eradicate hatred from this world !

Kaya : A mysterious girl who has a beautiful face and can make any guy fall for her with her charisma.

Chapter # 1 : That’s why we met !

14th February 1995

Sahir was going to his college where he sees a beautiful girl standing with her scooter crashed to the tree. She is scared to ask for help as all the men passing by are looking at her with their lusty eyes.

Sahir walks to her. The girl steps back.

Sahir : Dont worry. I wont harm you. Just thought about helping you. If you don’t mind I will drop you wherever you want me to.

The girl stood dumbstruck. Sahir was upset in her silence. He turns back.
“Listen!” says the girl.

Sahir immediately turns back facing the girl. The girl continues “I want to go to the market. I would be very thankful if you drop me out there!”

“Sure!” exclaims Sahir.

Sahir walks with her protecting her from all the devils on the road. She sits on his bike along with Sahir. She tries to maintain a safe distance with him as she knew hoe conservative how family is and how cruel the society was who didnt stand to see any boy and girl together. They reach the market. The girl gets off the bike.

Sahir shouts “What’s your name ?”
The girl blushes as she tells her name “Sayara. My name is Sayara.”

Sahir : Nice to meet you, Sayara..

Sahir returns back home and thinks about Sayara. “She was really charming. I want to meet her again.”

The next day Sahir comes to rhe same spot where he had met Sayara before but in vain. He gets upset as he had lost his true love.

After two years….

Sahir’s mother wanted him to get married. “At least check the photos once. You might like one Sahir my son !” tells her mother

Sahir : No way mom ! I dont want to see any girl’s face.

Mother : Check out this girl. I have never seen such a pretty face before.

Sahir : No way mom !

Mother : Okay, if you don’t like her I promise I would never force you to get married.

Sahir : Show me .

His mother shows him the photo and he is shocked. He speaks out after five minutes of stillness “Sayara my love !”

Mother : See. You liked her and you had known her before. At least you should have told us before. We will talk to her parents ASAP.

Sahir : Thank you mom. Thank you so much. Love you a lot !
Sahir’s mother calls Sayara’s parents and they fix a date for meeting tomorrow

They go to sleep. While lying in his bed Sahir kept on thinking about Sayara. “We will meet tomorrow. And after that we would get married soon and have children. I want to live my whole life with you. We would be together for all our seven births. You know that’s why we met !”

Precap : Sahir and Sayara meet. Their engagement is fixed. All are happy with their match.

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