Is it love or infatuation? Part-2

Hi guys, sorry for delay in posting second update as I was busy with my exams..
So let’s start our update…

Early in the morning,
Radhika woke up with announcement of landing of flight by airhostess. At that time she can’t even explain the feeling excitement, happiness, some loneliness kind of thing was also there in her heart she was away from her family first in her life…

Auckland airport, New Zealand
A young guy wearing coolers having a perfect features on which any girl can drool over, perfect marble cut chiseled face and apart from that the spark in his eyes in the deepness of whom anyone can loose themselves was waiting for cab outside the airport. And here Radhika also came out of the airport she was waiting for her university bus which was going to pick the students from airport. She was dialling her dad’s number and suddenly she collided with Arjun it was just a meeting of mere a second but something changed in Radhika’s heart she was just lost to his eyes she can’t think over this she just lost her presence of mind and was continuous staring the disappearing figure of Arjun. After a loud honking sound is bus she came into senses and proceeded towards the bus along with her luggage.

Radhika was proceeding towards her seat she saw a girl fighting with her luggage for getting it to fit into the luggage compartment. She put the thoughts of Arjun aside and went to her. She helped her for her luggage and then went to her seat. The girl whom Radhika helped came to sit beside her and introduced herself ” Hye, my name is Samaira ? And yours? And by the way thanks for helping me.”
“Radhika, I am Radhika Mishra nice to meet you. ” She replied to Samaira. And then both had some chichat and then both dozes of off.
“You can’t leave me like this , why can’t you see the love I had for you in my eyes ??? I never asked for your love in return. You told me that you can’t love me back as I love you you told me that you can be with me but you are not bounded with me you told me that you don’t believe in love then also I didn’t asked for any explanation or reason for it then also above from all these conditions of yours I loved you whole heartedly with out any selfish reasons and desires. You not only cheated me you killed me , you have made fun of my pious feelings I will never forget this betrayal of yours and will never forgive”she said to person whose figure was not visible in the darkness but those eyes whom she was familiar with had given her immense pain and she was sobbing continuously by constantly staring in his eyes ……

” Wake up Radhika we reached our dorm wake up ” Samaira tried to wake up Radhika third time and then she woke up with a jerk and was constantly looking around. She was not able to figure out what she had dreamt about.” What was that ??? Why I feel like a clenching pain my heart it was just dream but why I feel that it was a hint towards my future my destiny. Oh god please help, help me to fulfill my ambition my dreams and always keep my loved ones and family safe and sound”
“Hey princess where are you lost again come fast we have to meet warden and have to select the room also I don’t wanna live in three seater room I want two seater room come fast” Samaira told to Radhika and went to collect her luggage from luggage compartment and then Radhika brushes off her thoughts aside went along with her…. Warden finalized their room and then both of the girls after having lunch started unpacking luggage and decided to roam around and explore the surrounding areas and to do some shopping.

So that’s all for the day I know guys I am not updating it regularly and I my story track is also going somewhat boring ??if you don’t like it then do give me some suggestions I will implement those in my story. Please ignore spelling mistakes and grammatical errors….. And do comment…☺☺☺☺

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  1. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much for your support and I will try to write my story more nicely so that you can feel up the emotions of it….:-) 🙂

  2. Oh sam’s entry came.arjun’s also awesome.waiting for radhika’s past.Loved it and love you take care

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much… I will try to fulfill your expectations to make this story more interesting…..:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. arti viswanathan

    Yamini darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice,awesome,good,mind-blowing episode….. I loved it to the core……. I liked all the scenes…. I liked the way Radhika dashes Arjun and she sees his eyes and she forgets everything…… And later radhika dreams about her pasts was awesomely written….. And Arjun and Sam’s entry was too good…. Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u…… Will be waiting for next episode….

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much arti for your support means a lot to me…. And I will try to update next chapter soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Brin

    Awesome ch, waiting for the next update. 🙂

  5. Superb yamini. ….loved it. …but this was short. …next time longer ones…. Pls

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