Is it love or infatuation? Part 1

Hi friends this is my first story.I am not experienced in writing work but trying to do. I just need your support and please try to ignore my grammatical errors.

“My life was never simple like I always wanted to have it. It has given me numerous wounds and many challenges also, in some of them I made myself a winning person but there are some in which I am a looser and can’t even face myself. I just wanted to ask God why he has given me such a life in which every other day I have to struggle for my dreams and moreover for my happiness which lies in my family’s happiness. Ahh enough of this emotional lines my diary tomorrow is biggest day of my life I am going to take a step towards my dreams, new country, different city away from my family. I hope this new phase of life brings lots of good omen and happiness in my life where I can find some peace for myself. So good night diary sweet dreams..:-):-)” Radhika ended her daily diary updates and dozes off to sleep. She closed her eyes with a bleam of sparkle of her dreams waiting for the sun to rise soon so that she can see her dreams becoming true in front of her eyes.

In the morning,

“Get up Radhika beta you are getting late, beta get up or you will be late you have a long day today” her grandma tries to wake her up.” It’s already 7 am radhu please wake up” and there radhika wakes up with a jerk.

“Oh God Amma why didyou let me sleep so long I am getting late and thank you so much for waking me up you are such a darling..”She gave a peck on her grandma’s cheek and ran towards the bathroom.

At evening,

All the family members have came to airport to see her off Radhika after an emotional moment with her family and a nice selfies with her brother and capturing those moments in her heart she bids goodbye to them and entered the airport.

But but my friends nevertheless she knows how her life is going to take a twist and turns but also giving her emotional fallback also. How she always wishes her life to be simple and sweet is going to be more complicated and harsh…

So friends this was my first update please try to understand my story and please do vote and give your suggestions through comments for it also..

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  1. good…

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much. Will update next chapter soon….

  2. arti viswanathan

    Yamini darling superb,excellent,outstanding,nice,fantastic,good,fabulous,mind-blowing episode… I loved it to the core….. I liked all the scenes…. Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to u…… Will be waiting for next episode…..

    1. Yamini

      Thanks dear for your support…..Will update next chapter soon 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Your name reminds my sister’s loved this part.if you are in wattpad then please do tell me your name so that I can follow.

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much dear. Yes I am also on wattpad by name @agrawalyamini97.

  4. Good waiting ……….god bless u

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much…:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Brin

    Awesome, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much. I will try to update next chapter soon…..:-) 🙂 :-)!

  6. good start dear..loved it.

    1. Yamini

      Thank you…

  7. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Yamini

      Thank you so much…..

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