Is it love or infatuation ? chapter 3

Sorry guys for not updating the story from a long time. As I was busy with my exams and some health issues of mine. So now we should move ahead to the story…:-) 🙂 🙂

Somewhere in the dark middle of the room a lady was there sitting on the couch with her figure totally covered in the darkness and was instructing his guards.
Lady: How many times I have to remind you everything. You all my slaves my servants you have to be ruthless and dangerous. You don’t have to show kindness to anybody, is that clear if I see you showing a bit of kindness or you try to help someone going against my will. I will chop all of you with my hands, is that clear????
Gaurds(union): yes Mam..
Lady: All of you dismiss right now..
A photo frame is seen in her hand it’s none other than Arjun’s photo. She brings the photo nearer to herself and kissed it lightly and said” I will bring you back arjun whatever it takes but you have to come back. I know I have hurt to you a lot but what all I did was for your good arjun and i will make you understand it. It’s my promise to you.
Auckland, New Zealand

Radhika and Samaira were enjoying their evening with lots of enthusiasm and joy without any worries about tomorrow.. They wanted to feel every moment want to enjoy the evening to let out the stress of their system.
Samaira: Radhika come here let’s have some drink. I really need it to cover up my nervousness as tomorrow is our first day at university and right now in my mind many things are going on. Come naa….
Radhika: Are you mad or what Samaira you want to wake up tomorrow with hangover and nausea like feeling that to on first day of university??? Seriously I can’t participate in this suicide attempt of yours or neither I will let you this.
Samaira was awestruck with this behaviour of Radhika she didn’t knew that tiny timid looking girl can be this much furious.
Samaira: ok ok holy mother of mine I will not let a single sip not single sip single drop of those drinks in to my system. Now please smile for my sake. I will follow all your orders, aye aye captain 🙂 🙂
At midnight,

“Please leave don’t do this to me I am your friend will not tell your secret to anyone but please leave me.But I can’t leave arjun he is my lifeline. I can leave without oxygen but life without him would be death for me. You are also girl why can’t you see that I am carrying his baby in my womb. You want carry a sin of murdering unborn child on your soul, can you forgive yourself with this whole of your life…??? ” Radhika said while kneeling in front of figure hiding in darkness and crying vigorously by folding hand in front of her for mercy.
” No no Radhika don’t cry like this I will not kill your baby and you would have heard that famous quote that “witch also attacks after leaving seven house in which she resides”. And for kind information I am not but you will that child of yours whom you claimed to be arjun’s with your own hand” she said this by having a devilish smile tug on her face….
Radhika wake up by screaming at midnight and Samaira you wake up after her, radhika was tremblin,sweating profusely and years were flowing out of her eyes.
“What happen Radhika why did you scream like that did you saw a nightmare tell me what happened to you say something…” Samaira said by continuously rubbing her back to calm her down.
“I don’t know what is happening with me but I am sure this aren’t only nightmares they make tremble and devastated whenever I saw them. Please help me Sam I can’t live in this fear like this.” She said by crying on Samaira’s shoulder. She gave Radhika arm hug and some water to drink by constant consoling her make her sleep.

Samaira thought for a while and a lone year escape from her eye and she said to herself” this all because of me radhika that you are going through this pain. I know I can’t remove this pain out of your life but I can ease it that’s why I am here for and if I say true I am here for myself because I can’t beat a curse on my soul which I am carrying from a long time. Your forgiveness is necessary for me and from many other people also whom I had hurt knowingly or unknowingly….”

Precap: meeting of arjun and radhika . Samaira to plan something… What it could be think think…

So how was the update guys I know I am not continuous with my updates but what to do as a student I am always busy with my exams and test but I will try to update once or twice a month. Please do comment and give your suggestions for my story. Love you guys… Bye 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
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