LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 6


Hii…i am back with the part 6 of my ff…i am dedicating this episode to all my fans?….so i hope that u all love it and enjoy it…here we go

everyone is happy except dev and sonakshi
ASHA:so from now on u are my samdhan
ISHWARI:ya samdhanji(giving a laugh)
BEJOY:i think now we will is getting late.
ISHWARI:ok,Sonakshi keep coming after all now this is ur house too.
SONA:ya sure.bye aunty.
like this they leave after coming home asha ,bejoy and sona have their dinner and go to their rooms to sleep.

sona has changed into her night dress i.e.a top and pyjama.she is lieing on the bed but not able to sleep as she is constantly thinking about something(i hope u know it?,about dev)
SONA(to herself)i just can’t manage to travel a small distance with him how will i travel with him my whole life..i can’t spend my life with him..if i do then then my life will surely become a hell..from a happy modern cinema it will come to old and sad movie..??…i have to do something but what..think sona think …fast it,i have to tell him but how?

here too they had their dinner and went to their room to sleep,ishwari is brimming with happiness
dev has changed into his night dress i.e.a blue colour t-shirt and pyjamas.
he is standing in the balcony,thinking about what to do?? But not able to find a solution,gets irrated and finally goes to his room,takes a sleeping pill and sleeps.

SONA:(talking on phone):Ria i need ur help.
RIA:what at this time,is everything al right.
SONA:if i didn’t did anything now,surely nothing will be right.
RIA:what are u saying?
SONA:i will explain u later,u come to my house now with ur car..plz
RIA:ok but
SONA:plz no if’s and but’s i will explain u everything later..ok come fast,i am waiting.
RIA:ok give me 5min
sona cuts the phone,and changes into jeans and puts over a black leather jacket..ties her hair into a top ponytail and wears shoes..she also takes a rope.
after correct 5min,ria arrives,she messages sona that she have arrived.sona opens her room window and with the help of rope goes down and reaches her garden from there she opens the back gate of her house as the front gate is guarded by a watchman…she gets into the car.
RIA:what was that was tok dangerous.
SONA:i know,but it was plz take me to dev’s house.
RIA:ok but tell me what up
SONA:hmm(tells her everything)
RIA:interesting but will it work,
SONA:i have to take the risk.

after sometime they reach the dev’s house.
SONA:now how shall i go to dev’s room.
RIA:can u climb with the help of pipe.
SONA :do i have any other option.
sona jumps the boundary of ishwari mansinon(luckily no sees)and the she starts climbing the pipe which leads to the balcony of dev…as she climbs and slips once but balances herself and finally she reaches the balcony of dev’s room.

SONA(to herself)thank god finally i reached …and nothing happened too great,sona i never knew u are such an expert climber.
from the balcony she enters dev’s room…through her phone’s torch checks the light switch and on’s it.
SONA:(to herself)how irresponsible,someone have entered the room..but he didn’t even move.
sona tries waking her up…our dev does not even moves
SONA(to herself)what a kind of man doesn’t even move.oh no(sees the sleeping on the beside table)he have taken pills (checks the bottle)umm.but its of low power..what to do??got it..(takes the glass filled with with water from the side table)so sorry but have to do it.
1..2..3she pours the glass of water…dev all of a sudden gets up and sits on the bed full of shock.
DEV:what the hell,who is it?(has a blury vision,can’t see sona properly..rubs his eyes and sees her)u …how dare u enter my room
SONA:shhhsh!listen i have not come here on my was important,i didn’t have ur no: so i have to come here
DEV:(wiping his face)what is so important?

so how was it?plz comment.

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  1. Rj12

    amazingly fantabuosly superbly amazingggg!!?????
    so amazing dude have no words to say it was that amazing but now just wondering what is so important that sona had to go to Dev’s house so late in the night?
    whatever the reason is but please post soon can’t wait?????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much i will try to post asap..?..till then keep smiling?

  2. Awesome episode dear but plzz post snext episode soon and long episode also.

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u …i will surely try to do so and post asap?

  3. Omg……such a superb and thrilling episode ????????????❤……..loved it …….the cinema line was ???….and expert climber ???…….awesome episode pari…..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much …??????

  4. Alka

    Omg …. It ended ….
    Plzzzzzz post soon can’t wait to know our dear sona’s plan …. ??????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Sure i will try to post asap…keep commenting like this even in the coming up episodes,take care?

      1. Alka

        Yeah sure dear …..but can wait that’s the only problem

  5. Niki645

    Amazing episode!!!!!! It was sooo good!??
    Next one longer pls??

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks..sure i will try to?

  6. Erina

    Awesome epi ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????whatever reason but I loved d way sona enter devs room it realise that she has already all right on dev ???????????????????????
    Post soon dear eager to know …….. Nd now I’m going to read ur whole ff as it was my every first epi of this epi ?????????c u soon till then take care nd plzz post asap

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u …glad that u are gonna read all my episodes…hope u like it as u liked this episode..and yes i will try to post asap???

      1. Erina

        I just read ur whole epi nd they all r awesome dear nd one more thing I dont lyk those epi ??……. But I loved those ??????????????? …….. ChaloChalo c u soon nd I’m waiting to read next .. ???

  7. Aarti32

    Sona is impossible..shes crazy.. episode was awesome

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      That’s true?…and thanks?

  8. Vinya

    Wow amazing episode….pls post the next episode asap….???

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and yes i will try my best to post asap?

  9. Hey Pari di!
    The episode was wonderful! I mean, it was totally amazing! Splendid!
    But, don’t tell me Sona’s planning to break off her marriage with Dev!!! I’d die then!
    Please post soooooon!!
    Loads and tons of love!<3

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks…well she is planning to break the marriage but somehow it would not happen it would a great fun to read sona’s plan …i hope so?…don’t die plz,u wont be able to read the part were devakshi gets married?

  10. Heshine

    Hey Pari di.. !!!! The epi was amazing…!!!☺☺?☺???juz mind blowing….!!loved the way sona made her way to Dev’s room…it was awesome and shows her strength in ur ff…!!!???juz awesome….and do u knw 1 I thought “Ria” (sona frnd) was Dev’s sister.. …??but to my dismay…..she was not…???no prob…this was also too gud and likng it a lot….!!! U r fantastic…!!?????? plzz post the next one soon and a longer one plz…and eagerly waiting for sona’s plan to disclose…!!! And I think it would be funny….????is it so…!?!?? Plzz post soon di…!! I’m waiting…!!
    Love love….????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much ?????…ya it would be funny,I hope u would? it…so keep reading ,keep enjoying and keep commenting?….and yes sorry for that confusion actually in my ff dev will just have two sisters-Neha and Nikki no Ria..that’s what I have decided till now?

  11. Manya

    Post soon?
    Love love❤️

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and I will try my best to post asap?

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