LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 12


both dev and Sonakshi are getting ready in their rooms)

NIKKI:wow di,u are looking so beautiful.
NEHA:first time in ur life Nikki,u have told the truth.
SONA:thank u Nikki and Neha.

NIKKI:come di we will check bhai and come
NEHA:hmm,bhabhi we will just come .
SONA:ya ya its okay.
(for now)dev is wearing a sherwani which is matching with sonakshi’s dress
NIKKI:(getting in)umm someone is looking very handsome.
DEV:arrey Nikki,come .
NEHA:bhai u are looking handsome

NIKKI:bhabhi and u are looking as if u both are made for each other
Dev gives a fake smile.
SONA(talking to ria on phone)ya finally getting engaged with that unbearable Mr.Aubhodru….u are coming na
RIA:ha ha,i am just arriving
SONA:oh wait,i am getting a call from the hospital,come fast okay bye.
SONA:hello(taking over phone)hmmmm..ya what i am coming,ya ya coming.

the hall is well decorated with flowers and lights. There is a aroma of food and other edible items filling he room…in short its beautiful!
ISHWARI(standing and checking)hmm now everything is perfect.
ASHA:wow!so beautiful na bejoy.
BEJOY:ya ,ishwari ji without u we would not have been able to do this much in just a short period of time,thank u so much.
ISHWARI:bhaisab why are u saying thank u ,Sonakshi is going to be my daughter and for my daughter cant i do this…

ASHA:ok ok(trying to change the topic)are our sona and dev Babu ready.
ISHWARI:Nikki Neha.
NIKKKI:haan ma,bhai and bhabhi are ready and are looking very good
NEHA:yes ma shall we bring them.
ASHA:ya Neha u can go and bring dev wheras Nikki can bring sona.
ISHWARI:i will go and check the guests till then.
NEHA:bhai,come its time for

DEV(mutters)time for me to be hanged.
NEHA:what did u say?
DEV:nothing lets go .

NIKKI:(barges in)bhabhi come lets ..bhabhi.
the room is empty meaning no Sonakshi ,Nikki searches everywhere but could not find her.she panics and rushes to the hall.
dev has come down and standing with his family while everyone is waiting for sona.
Nikki runs down the staircase and shouts ma.
ISHWARI:arrey Nikki,what happen?why are u running?
NIKKI:ma wo ma sona bhabhi is no where

NIKKI:haan i searched for her everywhere.
ASHA:i will call her..(she calls)oh no the phone’s switch off
all the guests started talking among themselves
GUEST-X:did u hear the bride is missing…
GUEST-Y:oh yes,maybe she ran away.
GUEST-X:with her lover..haha
DEVP.O.V.:oh no,did Sonakshi really ran away but till yesterday she was ready and i don’t think Sonakshi will ever run away then is she in any trouble….or she really ran away?

PRECAP:NIKKI:why don’t we do a destination wedding?
ISHWARI:oh ya that’s a nice idea.
SONA:but what’s the need? Dev has also injured his hand yesterday then
ISHWARI:oh oh that’s just a small injury,it will get alright within a few days..we will do a destination wedding.


Where is sona ,is she in some danger?how did dev get injured?is engagement completed?will destination wedding happen?…to know the answers stay tuned.
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  1. Rockzzzzzz

    Hey guys i know its a small update because i was busy with my projects and so but i will be giving you a longer one once i get time..till then keep guessing ?

  2. Angel20

    Good one! Waiting for the next update!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks i will try my best to do so?

  3. Awesome waiting for the next episode

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and i will make sure that u don’t have to wait long…this is a promise from my side?

  4. Superb……awesome….?????? I’m loving it more and more…… No guesses from my side….?? it’s ok…that the update is short……but next time a long one….?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot for understanding and yes i promise next one will be longer …??

  5. Manya

    Waiting for next episode?
    Post soon
    Love love❤️

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      Thanks manya

  6. Awesome. Loved it.

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      Thanks dolly?

  7. Loved it

  8. Anjali333

    Awesome update
    Manage to write ff with studies become very hard….but u r still giving updates regularly
    Thank u so much fr that☺
    I hav become addicted to ur ff
    Please update whenever u’ll gst time
    Loads of love

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot Anjali….?
      even for understanding me,i will try my best to update soon…..
      lots of love to u too??????

  9. Amazing!

  10. Ngkrishnakumari

    Nice one post next part soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks and i will try my best to post soon?
      by the way if u don’t mind …were u a silent reader because u never commented so sorry if it hurted u!

  11. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee epi dear pari i hope devakshi’s engagement gets completed w/o any more drama i hope sona is not in any danger and pl. update asap and end the suspense soon eagerly waiting for the next one

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