LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 10 (i)


everyone..i am back with the next episode…in this u will get to know about devakkshi’s second plan to break their marriage…let’s see if their plan fail like last time or they succeed this time…

PART-10 ….part-(i)
The trio(ishwari,sona and dev)are now ready to leave and going to home…
ISHWARI:lets go now…feeling tired.
DEV:ok ma come.
They both along with sona head towards dev’s car.
ISHWARI:sona have u bought ur car?
SONA:no,but u don’t worry i will take an auto from here.
DEV:ya she loves the dust and noise that comes while travelling in an auto(taunts her)
ISHWARI:dev stop it.
Dev shuts his mouth.
ISHWARI:sona u are coming with us dev will drop u.
ISHWARI:no but’s its my order.
Sona was heading to sit in the back seat of the car but ishwari stops her.
Ishwari:where are u going
SONA:(innocently)to sit aunty
ISHWARI:ur place is not at the back but in the front seat….after all u are the would be wife of dev.
SOAN:its ok aunty,u sit in the front..i will sit at the back.

ISHWARI:no i will sit at the back and that’s final.
Ishwari quickly grabs the back seat and sona left with no other option had to sit in the front seat.

Ishwari mansion comes first and ishwari leaves. Now dev and sona are left alone in the car and there is a peace less silence in the car but finally sona could not control this silence and breaks it.
SONA:so what next?
DEV:what what next?
SONA:plan,next plan.
DEV:what plan(confused)
SONA:come on don’t u want to do something to break our marriage.
DEV:hmmm that.
SONA:what hmm that?are not serious about it.
DEV:i am .
SONA:but i don’t think so…
DEV:then don’t think…i don’t want to prove u,get it.
SONA:ok Mr.aubhodru,have u thought about a plan?
DEV:currently no..but wait stop calling me that name.
SONA:(acting innocent)what name?
DEV:that name.
DEV:no yaar,if u wont call me dev then what will u call me.
SONA:then what name are talking about?
DEV:stop acting innocent..u very well know what name i am talking about.
SONA:ok …Mr.aubhodru.
DEV:just stop it..
SONA:no i wont(saying this as if she was small five year old girl)Karghosh
DEV:ok then i will call u ..i will call u Ms .karghosh..
DEV:(stops his car and looks at sona with a brow)
SONA:(looks confused)what,why did u stop the car.
SONA(interrupts dev)listen if u stop the car ,then i will not stop calling u Mr.aubhodru,u will always be that,get it..u just can’t threaten me!
DEV:(gets out of the car frustrated and opens sona’s side door)will u ..
SONA:i wont come out..u cant leave me in the middle.
SONA:(again interrupts dev)i said na no means no..
DDV(moves a little side so that he could show sona something)look..
SONA:(suprised)oh!we reached(they have reached sona’s bunglow.)
DEV:(gives smile after seeing sona’s face)so still u don’t want to go….
SONA:(getting out of the car)no i am going..
Sona moves towards her house a little but then comes back and says..
SONA:sorry and bye Mr.aubhodru.
DEV(before he could give a reply sona runs and gets inside her house main gate but still dev shouts from the back)Ms.karghosh,stop it.
Sona angrily sits inside the car and closes his door with a bang
DEV(sitting in the car mutters”a complete crazy girl”
After a few min dev reaches ishwari mansions directly heads towards his room as he was angry actually irritated!(u know why)

DEV(talking to himself)what the hell,i mean i thought girls are silly but after meeting her(sona) i feel i was wrong..completely wrong!girls are very very irrating..or maybe this one (sona)is a unique sample among them.
ISHWARI(getting in)who is an unique sample?
DEV:(turning towards ishwari,shocked and nervous)wo..wo ummm…one of my staff.
ISHWARI:oh!well leave that,i have come here to talk something important.(getting quite serious)
DEV:((concerned)ya tell me ,everything all right.
ISHWARI:(sitting on the bed and even makes dev sit beside her)dev its about u and sonakshi
DEV’S P.O.V:oh no now ma also wants to talk about that Ms.kharghosh,what is happening to this world!
ISHWARI:are u listening dev
DEV:ya say na
ISHWARI:its about ur engagement.
DEV:engagement but..
ISHWARI:what but dev,sona likes u and u too like sona.then why delay,i will meet her parents and fix ur engagement date asap.
DEV(left with no option,nods his head like a puppy)ok
ISHWARI(smiles and leaves)
DEV(talking to herself)she(sona)was right,i have to think something soon or else ma will never(imagines something) i will have to do something but what?

Sona is sitting on her rocking chair(made up of wood )and reading a novel but she is interrupted by a knock at the door.
BEJOY:(opening the door and gets in followed by asha)hope we did not disturb u
SONA:of couse not ma and baba(closing her novel and getting up)
ASHA:sit we actually wanted to talk to u..something important.
SONA:ok say what’s it?
BE JOY:its about ur engagement. We mean u like dev and he too so there should not be further delay for the engagement na…
SONA:ya but..i don’t want to leave u .
ASHA:aww,but one or the other day u will have to and dev’s house is just 3km away ….plus this is just engagement.
ASHA(to bejoy)so we will talk to ishwari ji about this.
they both leave and sona immediately calls dev
DEV(was reading one of his project file when sona calls him)hello(recueving it)
SONA:hello dev ,ma and baba are planning our engagement(sounding tensed)
DEV:i know that(casually)
DEV:my ma too is planning the same.
SONA:aunty too..and still u are not tensed,come on start
DEV:ya u are right..give me some time,i will dig up something.
DEVok(cuts the call,closes his file and starts thinking )
SONA:(keeps her phone and is completely tensed)

dev is busy thinking about a new plan to stop their marriage and is walking in his hall and nearby room is of nikki(Nikki is talking to someone on her phone,maybe her bestie)
DRV(muttering to himself)what to do?think dev think.(he hears Nikki talking about something and hears a boy’s name say Rahul)(dev being an over protective brother goes and silently overhears her talks.)
NIKKI(talking to someone on phone says)oh poor Rahul..ha ha really ..meaning rahul’s girlfriend diya’s parents are not agreeing so Rahul is planning to spent a one full day with her parents just to impress them ,great yaar
DEV(hears this and an idea clicks in his mind)wow yaar thanks a lot nikki(whispers this silently and goes towards his room)
so how was it ??plz write ur comments?

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  1. Rj12

    Amazingly awesome pari it was totally cool❤️???????post soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks?…i will try my best to do so

  2. An upto expectations episode..

  3. Manya


  4. It’s intriguing……bcoz u always leave me in the middle of curiosities…..and of course it was super duper amazing episode…….?????????….. Loved it……

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Oh!thanks a lot for loving it…and soon u will be getting the answers of all ur keep reading and commenting?

  5. Heshine

    Hey Paru di….!!!How r u….!!? Hope u r doing good…!!and yeah sorry fa not cmntng in the previous parts…!!bcas was stuck up in a skl work…!!so!!!butbibwould read every episodes of urs…!!!it was simply superb….!!!???awesome…!!!haha..!!Ishwari was so positive here..!!and its really a merit fa our devakshi to unite hope so…!!!???and yeah….!!!hope all their plans to cancel their marriage shud be failed ….bcas want them married soon…even in ur ff too….!!!?????and yeah this epibwas amazing….!!!juz awesome….!!its really making me read a lot….but unfortunately it was the end….!!!eager to knw the upcoming plans and its failure tricks…!!!so curious….!!so upload soon….will be waiting fa the next…!!!?????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Hey heshine….u back,i was badly missing ur comments but feeling glad that u read all the parts..and u even liked it
      thanks for commenting ….i see u are quite sure that devakshi’s plan will fail but it can even succeed,can’t say anything
      try ur best to comment in my next part
      lots of love

  6. Anjali333

    Dev aur sona kuch bhi kr le….pr wo to ek ho ke hi rahenge
    But i want to know how??????
    So please update asap
    Please please

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks Anjali…ya i will update asap

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    Awesome one dear..

  8. Awesome episode dear but plzz post next episode soon..

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      Thanks and sure i will be posting soon..u won’t have to wait Long

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    Amazing Pari di!!!!?????❤️
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  10. This was fabulous Pari di!!!
    Loved it to the core!<3
    Please post the next one really soon!
    Love ya!??????

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      Thanks..i have already updated the next,waiting for TU to post?

      1. Erika

        hey can u pl. give me its link dear

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    Super duper epi dear … U really rock ???????

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