LOVE IMPOSSIBLE(krpkab) part 10 (ii)


PART-10 part-(i)

dev is standing in front of the mirror and talking to himself.
DEV(talking to himself)wow,dev dixit u are great..what a plan,now no one can save this marriage from breaking…..i will tell Sonakshi about this..oops Ms.khargosh about this(calls sona)
SONA:hello..did u dig up something?
DEV:yup,a very cool and working plan..not like urs.
SONA:oh hello,my plan was also a full-proof one but the luck was not with us….anyways i don’t want to fight or argue with u so tell me the plan quickly .
DEV:even i don’t want to so listen….
(plan:dev will convince ishwari to invite sonakshi’s parents and sona of course to stay with them untill the engagement is completed….during this time both dev and sona will be trying to make a bad impression in front of Asha,bejoy and ishwari respectively)
SONA:oh!that’s great but will ishwari aunty and baba and ma agree on it?
DEV:we will have to convince them
SONA:hmmm ok
DEV:so meet u soon,bye

When de and Sonakshi were discussing their plan ishwari overhears it
ISHWARI P.O.V.:i knew it !they will do something …but u both just wait and watch what i will do now..
DEV:(comes out of his room and sees ishwari standing)

DEV.P.O.V.:oh no!did ma overheard our plan.
DEV:ma u here.
ISHWARI:wo i came here to feed u ur favourite besan ka halwa.(with a smiling face)
DEVP.O.V.:i don’t think ma heard anything or else she would have scolded me .
DRV:(feeling relieved)oh!thank u so much ma love u(gives her a side hug.
ISHWARI:love u taste it and tell me howz it?
DEV:(taking a spoon)hmmm… delicious ma
ISHWARI:ok,then u have i have some work.
DEV:wait,actually ma i wanted to talk to u..something about me and sonakshi
ISHWARI :tell na.
DEV:ma,i was thinking that soon i will get engaged with sona…we both have got to know somewhat about each other but u…and even her ma and baba does not know much about us.

ISHWARI:ya u are right.
DEV:so what if we invite them here and make them stay with us until our engagement gets completed this way both our families will get to know each other well.
ISHWARI:hmm nice idea,i will invite them .
DEVP.O.V:hey this was not difficult,ma agreed so easily..good going,this time luck is with us.
ISHWARI(going towards hall)P.O.V:hmm dev,how much ever u try,i will not let this marriage break,i have my own lets call Asha and bejoy ji.

ishwari calls them and invited them and they too agreed and now they will be coming….

when Asha,bejoy and sona step inside ishwari mansion…
SONAP.O.V.:this time i will surely make a bad impression in front of aunty ji.
Bends in front of ishwari and takes ashirwad..while dev does the same with Asha and bejoy.
ISHWARI(talking to Asha and bejoy)its good that u came….kichu take their bags to the guest room(they are having a two day stay as devakshi’s engagement is on the second day)
NIKKI:oh wow,i am so happy sona di oops sorry sona bhabi that u came,i want to know so many things about u….


So how was it..i know it was small but now i guys know what is devakshi’s plan…in the upcoming there is going to be huge drama…so keep reading
Lots of love

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  1. Amazing episode but it is too short please try to write long episode I hope one day I wait for you episode please please please try to write long episode…

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot princess..i know it was short because it was a part of the previous episode
      but don’t u worry the next one is a longer one?

  2. Rj12

    ‘Twas totally amazingggggg ??????????????????????? post sooner want know How ishwari does aisi ki tesi in DevAkshi plan

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks…sure i will try my best to,do so??????

  3. This was nice. Totally different take than the original show. Love it. But this was too short. Longer next time please.

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot….but this episode was the part of the previous one,hence it was short…but don’t worry next one will be a longer one…plz keep reading and commenting

  4. Anjali333

    Brilliant plan . I’m sure now both DEV & sona will fall for each other
    I’m loving this ishwari
    Loads of love
    Please please update soon…..
    I’m so eager to read the next part

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot…even i love this ishwari????….i will update asap
      loads of love to u too dear?????????????

  5. Manya

    Mujhe achi Ishwari kuch Hazam nhi Ho rahi??
    Alga wala bada hoga Na??
    Post soon
    Love love❤️???

    1. U should try ENO aur isphagol to digest ishwari…????…. Aur even I can’t believe my eyes… pari dear….ishwari ki Achi Se nazar utarna….. ??

      1. Manya

        Thanks for the advice?

      2. Rockzzzzzz

        Ha ha….nazar utar dungi wo bhi aachi wali?

  6. Awesome.. please post next episode as soon as possible. I m desperate to read the next episode

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks…i will try my best to post soon?

  7. Rockzzzzzz

    Haha..true but ishwari is cool i love her like this??….
    the next one will be a longer one pakka

  8. This was spectacular! Lovely! Post soon! And, a longer one!?????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot…..sure next time a longer one?

  9. I read somewhere that supriyaji who plays ishwari on the show is also not happy with too much negativity and her character. She is in talks with the writers to make changes to the story. Hopefully the makers will listen to her.

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Oh wow,then it will be great if ishwari from negative suddenly changes to positive….???

  10. Super cool…….?????????…..Likin next long ho… maza aye ga…..aur ishwari ki nazar utar Lena……???….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks..aur pakka agla wala lamba hogo….
      and yes Abhi Abhi ishwari Ki nazar utar li?

  11. Niki645

    Amazinglyyyyyy fantastic!!!!!?????
    But next one longer plsssssssss!!??
    Post next one asap????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot???
      promise next one will be a longer one
      i will try my best to post soon?

  12. Alka

    Yea ishwari toh mujhe badi pasand aayi ….kya khakaas episode haiii ????❤❤❤❤

    1. Rockzzzzzz


  13. Heshine

    Hey Pari di….!!!the episode was juz awesome..??.!!?…!I loved it…!!the plan was also amazing…!!hope this plan too to be failed…!!??rather they create a bad impression on others…hope they both would understand eo…and their love blooms this way….may be at least one’s….!!haha…!!????pls update soon…!!!I juz can’t wait….fa the next….pls pls do update soon di…!!hope u could understand how desperate I’m to read…!!haan..!??!?so do update soon….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot?….i will tell ishwari that she will have to try her level best to flop devakshi’s plan because u don’t like their plan to succed?
      i will totally understand desperation and i too will try my best to post soon…asap
      and if i am late,then i am sorry really sorry in advance?

  14. Aarti32

    Short update..but no problem only if u promise to make d next one a longer promise??

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Yup i promise that i will give u a longer episode the next time?

  15. Erina

    Wow now i love u more than ur ff ??????? what an epi dear . Thats really awesome to c this ishwari seriously i wanna want to c this ishwari in real also but thanks to our makers nd story writter…. Post soon as now im addicted to ur ff as this is just awesome…..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Oh thanks a lot…i always wanted ishwari to be like this and hence i made her like this in my ff?…..i will try my level best to update asap….really sorry if i am late

  16. Anjali333

    When r u updating next part??????
    I hav become addicted to ur updates
    Please update soon
    & next tym….long one

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Very soon…i have almosted completed my work on it..and yes it will be a long episode.?

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