LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part 2


Hellooo….i am very happy after seeing the response and i hope the same continues….?

SONA’S HOSPITAL(she owns her own hospital)

sona’s cabin has a very big window which faces the seashore of mumbai(this story takes place in Mumbai,so sona’s office is somewhere in juhu)…sona is standing facing the window lost in her own thoughts.when there is a knock on the door.
SONA:(coming out of her thoughts)yes
RIA(sona’s best friend and works in the same hospital..she is a cardiologist)may i come in
SONA:(facing towards the entrance)oh ria,how many times i have to tell u that before being my employee u r my best friend and u always will be.
RIA(smiles)i know my dear sona,i was just checking.
RIA:whether u still remember me or not
SONA:why will i forget u?
RIA:u r going to get married na so…
SONA:oh pls now at least u don’t start
RIA:why?what happen?
SONA:u know na that i don’t want to get married,but ma and baba they think that i should get married asap,although they have given me the right to finalise but still..
RIA:uff,when will u change since school life u are the same.
SONA:what do u mean how did my school life get involved in it.
RIA:see,in school life that is in 10th std,u always used to run away from boys never even talked to boys…in college too u never had one single boyfriend..and now still ..come on
SONA:ya so,i don’t believe in love.
RIA:hmm or maybe u don’t want to fall in love.
SONA:whatever,i don’t want to talk about and waste my time on this stupid emotion.
RIA:ok fine.what about ur marriage
SONA:ma and baba are in search of boys for me..and u know the part which i hate the most is meeting them..u know dressing up in traditional,then talking as if just stepped from 1990’s ..uff so much of drama just to impress the boy’s family and then a complete different drama for impressing the boy..i just cant handle it.
RIA:i know,but its not this much as much u think.i mean its not that difficult,as u are making it.
SONA:(siiting on the sofa and making ria sit too)i guess its better if we don’t talk about it..lets get onto the work…what about that patient..


DEV:how could u do such a big mistake,where was ur attention..talking to ur girlfriend ha..tell me,have i kept u for making things worse for my company,because of u now i will suffer a loss…
EMPLOYEE:i am sorry sir
DEV:what sorry,will ur sorry pay for my losses
MANAV(dev’s best friend and also the co-partner of dev)calm down dev,(to the employee)u can go now
EMPLOYEE(to manav)thank u sir
DEV:manav,u don’t know because of him we suffered a huge loss…
MANAV:calm down dev (handing him a glass of water)here have some water.
DEV(taking a sip,calms down)
MANAV:feeling better,now tell me why are u so angry i am sure not because of that employee..there is something else bothering u.
DEV:umm.nothing,nothing much
MANAV:come on now u have started to hide things from me…that means u know more regard me as ur best friend.
DEV:nothing like that manav ,its just the same issue
MANAV:u mean marriage
DEV:ya,ma has invited one more girls family today.
MANAV:as far as i remember this is the fourth girl u r gonna meet this month na(smiling)
DEV:stop smiling,its not funny.
MANAV:ok fine but i don’t agree why do girls reject u i mean u have this much of money,u are so handsome,caring and what would a girl one….anything else than this.
DEV:its because i make them reject …i have to do lot of hard work for this and i am tired of it(u will get to know what dev ‘s does so that the girl rejects him i, the coming up episodes)
MANAV:oh i got it..but one day or the other u have to get married
DEV:i don’t think that one day or the other will ever come..anyways what about that client meeting.
MANAV:u are totally impossible dev..
DEV:i know that,the meeting
MANAV:its 3:30pm in the afternoon
DEV:ok then,i will be able to manage it then.


sona is sitting on the table and checking some files
RIA:hey lets go for a coffee.
SONA:now its 3:00pm(afternoon),not the right time
RIA:come on sona i want to drink coffee now cant u do this much for ur best friend.
SONA: stop ur emotional blackmail…i will come but after completing this work.
RIA:ok then i am going now u complete ur work and come there.
SONA:ok meet u
RIA:cafe coffee day,make it fast

dev has the meeting in the same cafe coffee day at 3:30…so lets see whether dev and sona will meet each other there

SONA(to herself..this dialogue is after 15min)finally completed now i should make it fast or else this ria will kill me.

sona leaves in her car,she herself is driving.
On the other side dev too starts in his car,he is also driving herself

sona is driving in front of dev….suddenly a small puppy comes in front of sona ‘s car and she suddenly applies was just behind her and due to the sudden stopage dev’s car hits sona’s car…nothing major and sona both there car gets damaged but nothing happens to both dev and sona and even the small puppy(due to which all this happens)

SONA(gets out of the car and runs to check the puppy)oh thank god u r not hurt ..u should be careful(cuddling the puppy in her arms)
DEV(gets out of his car and is very angily moves towards sona)
SONA(leaving the puppy to go and turns back)(she clases with dev)aww…(looks at dev)cant u stand at a little sense at all.
(saying so she moves away and tries to open her car door when dev holds her hand from the backside)
SONA:hey (turning towards dev)leave my hand,right now.
DEV:(eyes burning with anger)oh just shut up

dev pull sona towards his car
SONA:what are u doing(trying to free her hand)
DEV:see what u have done to my car.
SONA(looking towards the damage)oh shit,i am really very sorry for that..i will
DEV:what will ur sorry do ??
SONA:(casually)it will lessen my guilt
DEV:oh really and what about my meeting,because of u i will get late
SONA:umm..u can take a auto from here.
DEV:u r asking me to take auto..u don’t know who am i ..i am(he stops because he sees that sona is no more listening)
SONA:(moves forward and forwards her hand ,u know how a person call for auto)auto,auto

after two three min,an auto stops
SONA:great see the auto has stopped,come on.
DEV:i am not gonna go in this auto
SONA:come on don’t act like a child,just think about ur meeting.
DEV:umm ..umm.
SONA:(holds dev’s hand pull him towards the auto)u should not think this much,tell bhaiya were u want to go. coffee day
SONA:hey u r going there,if u don’t mind may i come with u.
DEV(getting in)yes this way i can repay for ur help although i need not
SONA(getting in)its such a long time ..that i am gonna travel i n an auto…i am so excited..chalo bhaiya.
DEV:what for travelling in an auto ..u r excited …r u some kind of mental case.
SONA:no not at all,how dare u??u don’t know the fun of travelling in an auto.
DEV:oh really,what’s the fun in travelling in this rubbish auto
SONA:its so much of fun..u can feel the wind…u can enjoy the wind which u cant in ur luxurious car..everything occurs so different…so beautiful
DEV:this wind,makes my face dry..the scenes maybe beautiful but are covered with pollution…everything really looks different here..but in bad way.
SONA:uff,why do u take everything in negative manner…cant u be positive.
DEV:its like this only..and i cant be positive
SONA:(to herself…in a soft sound)totally impossible
DEV:i heard it
SONA:(turns towards the other side and starts looking out)
DEV(too turns the other side and look out.

so how was it guys..i hope u all liked it so plz do comment….waiting for ur comments??

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  1. Omg……U really rocked….???????????????❤?…….Superb and fantastic episode…..I loved every bit of it…..????❤??????…….sona causual behavior, angry dev…..everything was so cool……??????……loved it to the core……???

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much?….i never thought that u will love it this much….??

  2. Vinya

    Wow….this part was really nice…i have a strong feeling that the girl Dev is supposed to meet is sona….so excited for the next part….pls post it asap….keep writing and keep smiling ☺….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Hey thank u so much….???…to get sure about ur guess keep reading

  3. Bharti123456

    Amazingly superbly fantabuosly fantastic

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks…i will try my best to post soon?

  4. It was awesome nd really nice…..

  5. Manya

    Loved it?❤️❤️?????❣❣❣???❣?????❣?❣??????
    Post soon??
    Love love?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u..?..i will try my best to post soon

  6. Hey Pari di!
    Wow! Really, it was WOW!
    Loved it like hell!<3
    It was sooooo damn incredible!
    Sonakshi, as usual, is??????
    Meanwhile, Dev too seems great! Mr.Aubhodro is back I see!
    I was hell surprised when I learnt that there were even girls who rejected Dev! Man, how could they? He sooooo amazing! And, iss hi mahine mein 4 ladkiyaan!!!?????
    And yeah, loved the auto scene! It was wonderful! Bichara Dev, shaadi se pehle hi Sonkashi ke kabze mein aa gaya hai!????
    And now, I really have a very strong gut that yes, it is Dev and Sonakshi's marriage which is on the cards???
    Please do try to post as soon as you possibly can! I simply can't wait much to see what happens next!
    Loads and tons of love!<3????????

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much….well the girls reject dev because dev makes them do so….and what he does u will get to know in my further episode…the further episodes will be full of fun and yes of course drama…keep reading and commenting?
      love u too(infinity)???

  7. OMG?????!!!!! It was Agn an Awsmmmmmmm?? epi.
    I m very much exited that I think Dev gonna meet sona as that ? girl.
    Ur just amazinggggggg.
    Tons of love. BYE!!!!!!!!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u so much Nikki…?
      infinity times love to u?

  8. Awesome episode dear

  9. Aarti98

    Amazinggg..keep it up

  10. Erika

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fantastically lovable nice and a very cute fight and no one can defeat our sona she wins always also in the show as per the current track anyways coming back to the ff brilliant writing skills and update asap ………………………………….eagerly waiting to see what dev does so that girls reject him so update asap…………………………..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks…glad that u liked it….well i will try my best to post at the earliest

  11. Niki645

    Fantastic!!!!!! It was toooooooooooooo good ?

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u sooooooooook much?

  12. I am Choo sorry for the late comment dear.. And ya the part 2 was fab..just amazing.. DevAkshi in a rickshaw.. ???bechara dev.. Abhi se apni would be wife ke hukum maan raha hai..

  13. Rockzzzzzz

    Thanks a lot….well yes poor dev?

  14. Looks promising. Can be better. Good luck!

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanx for reading..well I have listed the next part…i hope u will like that…i will try my best to improve?

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