LOVE IMPOSSIBLE (krpkab) part-18

alarm is ringing(a very loud alarm )
Sona was sleepy peacefully but wakes up surprised after hearing the alarm.
SONA:ugghh..i slept just now, (she was not able to sleep the whole night because dev’s thoughts )
She snoozes the alarm and goes to sleep ….(the alarm was of 7 a.m.)
She sleeps for like an hour or so…
The room bell rings not just once but many times that too without any break.
SONA(yawning)who the hell is this!wait i am coming.
she opens the door…
SONA:(yawning,her hair fully messed up and her eyes half open)Riya you what is it…cant you let me sleep(in a irrated tone)
RIYA:(angrily)oh!sleep..till when madam its already 8:20 a.m. Everyone is ready and is waiting for you at the breakfast table(there are marriage functions so everyone is up early)
SONA:(now opens her eyes wide)what…8:20a.m.,oh i know you are joking,look Riya i am not in the mood.
RIYA:(showing her wrist watch)open your eyes and see..i am not joking .
SONA:(looks at the watch )oh no!
She runs towards her bed side table where she snoozed alarm and kept the phone.
SONA:i just snoozed it for 15min then why didn’t it ring again…(checks her phone)oh! No the battery is dead.
RIYA:(keeping the phone back on the table)leave this sona,you are already late better be quick …go and get ready.
SONA:oh yes..pls keep my clothes ready i will be back in five min.
RIYA:ok fine

RIYA:sona come fast..are going to take an hour as usual..if so let me tell you ,you just cant!(shouting at the top of her voice)
SONA(coming out)see i am back…did i take one hour no not at all(saying this last line very sweetly)
RIYA:ya ya okay this is your record time..
SONA:yup..(makes hair)
SONA:(after a few more min)lets go…

RIYA:be ready to face everyone’s angry face especially Asha aunty’s(she giggled at the last)
SONA:(nervously)stop giggling riya..(the lift door opens )
SONA(looking up)oh god pls save me..just this time.
RESTAURANT(hotel’s restaurant)
The hotel restaurant is very classy and has sosphicated interiors.
ASHA(she spranged on sona as soon as sona entered)
what is this sonakshi(in a low but angry tone) you are late this the time to come.
SONA:ma actually
ISHWARI:sorry to interfere(suddenly coming in)but Asha ji sometimes it happens,she wont repeat it again right sonakshi
SONA(nods in yes looking towards Asha)
ASHA:ok fine if you say so ishwari ji.
ISHWARI:come Sonakshi ,have your breakfast.
SONAKSHI:sure aunty.(then looks towards asha with a sorry face)
ASHA(after Sonakshi goes from there)thank god riya you helped out Sonakshi or else.
RIYA:don’t worry I wont let any wrong happen in this marriage ..promise.
ASHA(smiles)god bless you!
sona is sitting with everyone and is having breakfast,dev is sitting opposite of sona and he seems to be post in his own world ,he didnt even looked towards Sonakshi.
SONA P.O.V.:what hapened to dev..he looks post somewhere..he did not,even noticed me why?…but wait Sonakshi why are you bothering if dev noticed you or shouldn’t matter you then why?..ugggghhh…sonakshi just forget it!
ISHWARI:Sonakshi what happened? Any problem(seeing her weird expressions)
SONAKSHI:oh no no aunty there is no problem…i am absolutely fine listen I want to talk to you bth something important.(now dev looks there)
SONAKSHI:what happened aunty?
ISHWARI:nothing its about your marriage ceremonies…today From evening your sangeet and mehandi ceremony will be be ready for that.
SONAKSHI(looks at dev and dev too looks at her)(then she says)sure aunty.
They have their breakfast …and Sonakshi goes straight towards her room.

sona goes and sits in front of the dressing table.
(the dressing table is big white with a long mirror and wooden furnished)
SONA(talks to herself)hmmm, finally you are going to have your mehandi’s nam,will be written on your hand …i know that Sonakshi you are doing all this for your parents sake but now when you are doing it do with a smile.
She smiles with different ways lime showing her teeth or just a sincere smile…
Riya barges inside the room
RIYA(sees Sonakshi doing so)Sonakshi have you gone mad…what happen?
SONAKSHI(hugs riya tight)yes I have gone mad(starts crying )
RIYA(making Sonakshi sit on the bed)what happen(very sweetly and a tone full of concern)
SONA:I am not able to understand my emotions…i am so confused and irrated(she was crying at the same time)
RIYA:sona don’t worry it happens sometime…just go,with the flow(by this riya gives a hug to sona)
The screen frezzes on sonakshi’s face…(crying face)
I am so sorry everyone for the late update..i was busy …
Thanks to each and everyone who has commented in my previous episode..
Tell me how was the episode and if you need any improvements through your comments?

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  1. i feel the serial is going the wrong way by showing how a women is tortued by a man
    you are showing how her award is snached away which is due to her then she is locked in the office and the security guards are bribed by th4e big boos
    these all things are in very bad taste
    recently in pune a young tech was murdered by the security guard
    so please dont show provocative scenes which will give ides to young men

  2. Sammi

    hi pari
    awesome yrr
    so finally devakshi wedding fctn will begin

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot..u made a new account thats really great.
      yup in the following episodes you will see devakshi’s marriage ceremonies?

  3. Shruti710

    Wow rockzzz….
    You were amazing
    Post soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thanks a lot???

    2. Rockzzzzzz

      I will surely try to post soon Shruti

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    Hey Rockzzzzzz really really awsome plzs post soon

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  7. Awesome one pari…. Superb… And perfectionism needs no improvement

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      Thanks..i am so happy after reading your commment???????

  8. Priya9876

    Dev is nowhere in the episode…..

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      So sorry for that but pakka wala promise dev will be there in the next episode

  9. Niki645

    Amazing Pari di!!!!

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    Amazing dear

  11. Fabulous!!!!

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    Awesome episode..Sorry I’m late..

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    Sry..4 the late cmt ..I m hell busy with my studies and the epi was awesomeeee di…post the nxt epi soon

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