Hello guys..
I’m writing a one shot for the first time.. Plzz read it with patience.. It is little long.. I hope you all will like it..
It is morning time.. A girl of 12-13 years is sitting on a chair.. Besides her, a girl of 9-10 years is sitting..
Elder girl: Maa, breakfast..!!
The lil girl: Haa Maa.. Nashta laao naa.. Mujhe zoro ki bhook lagi hai.. (yeah Maa.. Bring the breakfast.. I’m too hungry)
A lady comes with two plates in her hand..
Lady: Arre, Arre.. Wait for a minute na..
Both the girls: We will tell papa that you aren’t giving us breakfast..
Lady: (keeping her hands on her waist) ohh.. Is it?? Then go and tell him.. Even I will what he will do??
Both the girls: (smiling sheepishly) Maa.. We are running late.. Sorry..
Lady: That’s like my good daughters..
The girls were eating when a man too came there..
Man: Swara.. Ragini.. Come soon.. Else you will get late for school..
Both: Yeah.. Papa.. Juzz coming..
Both the girls kissed on either sides of her mother’s cheek..
Man: Bye Shomi..
Lady: Bye Shekhar..
Swaragini left with Shekhar..

At school:-
Swara went in her class.. The class passed on like that.. It was break.. Every student took their lunch and went outside.. Only few students including Swara were in the class.. All had their lunch except for one boy.. He was sitting silently at the corner of the last bench.. He was reading the book, you can say only to distract himself from the food every student was eating..
Swara saw him and went towards him..
Swara: Hii Sanskar..
Sanskar: Hey Swara..
“You can have some food from my lunch box..”, said little Swara forwarding her lunch box..
Sanskar saw towards the lunch box and smiled faintly.. “It’s okay.. I don’t wanna eat anything!!” He was indeed hungry, but he can’t accept anything as a sympathy from any one..
Swara sadly pouted and said,” Hawww!! I thought that you are my friend.. But you!!”
Sanskar: Friend???
Swara: don’t you think me as your friend??
Sanskar: Ohh Sorry.. I didn’t meant that!!
Swara: It’s okay Sanskar!! I can understand.. You are first ranker.. And I’m second ranker.. You don’t want your competitor’s friendship, right??
Sanskar: No.. No.. It’s nothing like that!! Okay okay.. Swara.. Will you accept my friendship??
Swara: ?? Why not.. We are friends.. So now you will have to eat my lunch..
Sanskar: No.. No.. Swara.. I’m not hungry..
Swara: ?? Sanskar.. How can you manage without eating anything in school?? I just get so hungry.. And see how can you say no to this tasty aloo parathas..?? It’s a sin.. (She says in a dramatic way)
Sanskar laughs..
Swara: Now stop laughing and have this aloo parathas.. ??
The break gets over..
Swara goes back to her seat..
Like this, the day passes.. Both SwaSan move to their respective homes..

At Swara’s house:
Swaragini came home.. They talked with Shomi for a while and then went to their rooms.. (they have separate rooms)
Swara went in her room, she kept her bag in a corner and lazily laid on her bed.. She was in her uniform.. She laid on her bed like that for some more time and changed after that..
At Sanskar’s house:
Sanskar’s house was not that big.. A 3Bhk house.. He went in the house.. His mom came there with a plate of food in her hand..
Sujata (his mom): Sanskar, beta!! You didn’t had anything since morning.. Have some food!!
Sanskar: No mom!! I had some with my friend!!
Sujata: But..
Before she could say anything, Sanskar went in a room..

Swara’s POV:
We are not so rich yet not poor at all.. My mom dad can fulfil any demand of mine and my sister..
Sanskar!! He is cute.. (her lips curved in a small smile) he is quite intelligent, but an introvert, I guess? He never talks with anyone, doesn’t befriends anyone.. Everyone said that he is egoistic bcoz he is ranker, but I didn’t felt like this when I talked with him today.. (her thoughts interrupted due to her mother who was calling her downstairs)
Swara: Coming, Maa!!

Sanskar’s POV:
Today, I met with an angel whom people calls SWARA.. She is so sweet.. Her smile just made me forget everything.. Her cute antics and talks made me so happy today.. But I can’t keep talking with her like this.. I don’t deserve to talk with her.. She is from a rich family, and I?? (smiles faintly) I have no money.. My dad, he was a teacher in a government school.. But, now he died in an accident.. I’m studying with my scholarships.. And Uttara will study with his savings, FDs.. (Just then Uttara called him)
Sanskar: Coming, Uttara!!

The day passed.. Darkness prevailed everywhere.. It was 8:30..
At Swara’s house:
Four of them were having their dinner..
Ragini: Papa.. It has been so many days, we didn’t went to eat ice cream!! ? lets go tonight na..
Shekhar: Okay, Beta.. We will go after dinner..
After their dinner..
Swaragini, SheSho were walking on road together.. Swara was enjoying the cool breeze that was flowing.. She was looking everywhere.. Suddenly, her eyes fell on a boy working in a mechanic shop.. She gets teary eyed seeing him working..
But SheSho called her.. She composed herself and went to eat the ice cream.. She wasn’t concentrating on eating her ice cream.. SheSho felt that something is wrong but thought that it is studies’ tension..

The next morning, Swara went to her school.. The class started but Swara was seeing Sanskar only.. During the break;
Swara went towards Sanskar with her lunch box, but with two lunch boxes.. Sanskar was confused.. Sanskar asked her the reason for bringing two lunch boxes..
Swara: I know you wouldn’t have brought your lunch today also..
Sanskar: And how can you be so sure??
Swara: Bcoz.. I.. Umm.. Yes.. I just felt it..
Sanskar smiled..
Swara was looking at him teary eyed.. Swara: Sanskar, take it na..
Sanskar: No, Swara.. I’m not going to take it..
Swara: Why?? See, you are my friend na??
Sanskar: No.. We aren’t friends.. Swara..
Swara: Sanskar.. I saw you yesterday night.. But don’t worry.. I will never tell anyone.. You are my best friend.. (smiles but teary eyed)
Sanskar heard this and he also got teary eyed.. He stood up and held her hand..
Sanskar: See.. I don’t deserve your friendship, Swara.. I’m a poor guy.. And you are a rich girl.. Students will tease you..
Swara: First of all, Sanskar.. I never thought to befriend you for your money or intelligence.. It was just that I don’t even know why I felt to befriend you and I did.. If you feel that I’m not that good, then thank you.. But yes, plzz have this.. I really care for you becoz I always thought you my friend.. (Gives him a lunch box)
Sanskar: I’m sorry Swara..
Swara: It’s okay, Sanskar!! Now, we both are classmates, only classmates..
Sanskar’s face hung down hearing this, but he didn’t wanted her to face teasing, so he didn’t said anything..
Months passed, Sanskar now realized that Swara was a true friend for him.. She used to stand for him, help him whenever needed.. But never talked with him..
Sanskar felt really bad.. So he went towards her;
Sanskar: Swara.. Listen to me..
Swara: Yes..
Sanskar: Swara.. Won’t you listen to your best friend??
Swara smiled a little and hugged him tightly..
Sanskar: Swara.. You aren’t angry??
Swara: I can understand your situation..

Years kept on passing.. SwaSan completed their school, then high school and now they are going to their college.. But they were in different colleges now.. But still they remained in contact.. They used to meet each other at least thrice a week and talk for hours.. Sanskar was focusing on business while Swara was doing fashion designing..
Both loved each other truly, but never got the guts to confess..

Once, Swara called Sanskar; On call:
“Hello Sanskar”
“hey Swara.. What happened??”
“I’m leaving this city, forever”
“Swara, why are you leaving??”
“It’s needed Sanskar.. don’t try to find me!!”
The call ended..

Three years passed..
Everything changed.. Sanskar was now a household name.. The reason?? He is a business man.. No. 1 business man.. But this business man isn’t able to find his life till now..
No one knows about Swara.. Where is she?? How is she?? (Don’t worry when I’m here?? I will tell na..)
Sanskar is going to Kolkata for his deal..

At Kolkata:-
Sanskar came out from the airport wearing a black hoodie.. He took his luggage and went towards one black Lamborghini (???) He sat in it and went to a hotel..
In his room:-
The room was a big room with a king sized bed in between.. A big balcony.. And one more door for restroom.. He laid down on his bed and closed his eyes.. He took out a paper and looked at it.. His glassy eyes scanning the paper again n again.. He folded the paper and kept it in his pocket.. He clenched his fist and went towards balcony..
He was staying on the tenth floor.. He started looking down.. Suddenly his eyes fell on a girl.. She was distributing papers to people..
“Ragini??, no Sanskar you are thinking too much.. How can she be Ragini??” thinking thus, he went in his room back, but still he was not able to concentrate.. So he went down and started searching her.. After a struggle of almost twenty minutes, he found that girl..
The girl was giving the paper to everyone.. Sanskar saw the girl, he tapped her shoulder, but the girl turned out to be someone else.. Sanskar, being disappointed was going back when he saw a girl in a yellow jumpsuit with her hairs curled at the end and a bag in her hand.. She was giving something to everyone..
Sanskar saw her.. The girl didn’t noticed him.. But Sanskar… His happiness knew no bounds.. He was going towards her when something struck in his mind.. He was going back when the girl saw him.. “Sanskar” was all she was able to say.. The glassy eyes of the girl blurring her vision.. Sanskar made a arrogant look and said
“I don’t know why the hell I’m here with these poor people??”
Saying so, he leaves the place.. Tears make their way out from the girl’s eyes.. She smiles and looks upwards, “Thank you so much!!”
“Swara” She feels a tap on her shoulder.. She wipes her tears composing herself and said, “Haa, Ragu.. Say..”
Ragini: Nothing.. Let’s get back home!!”

Sanskar entered the room and started throwing everything present in his room.. “Why?? Why do you do this to me?? I asked you not to make us meet again!! Why did you do this, God?? Now, she will hate me?? I will not be able to die in peace!!”
At Swara’s side:-
Swara was sitting in her room.. She was crying silently.. Her tears were unstoppable.. “Thnk you so much.. He hates me!! Thnk you so much God..!!”
Ragini was seeing this silently from the room door.. Indeed she knew about their love.. She was like Uttara to Sanskar Nd Swara’s best friend after Sanskar.. She came to know everything about Sanskar’s return in Kolkata.. “i can never unite you both back, but still he has the right to know everything” she said slowly wiping the tear that slipped from her left eye..
At Sanskar’s hotel:
Ragini went to the receptionist took the details and went straight in Sanskar’s room.. Sanskar was staring at the same paper when he heard a knock on the door.. He placed the paper on the bed and opened the door..
Seeing Ragini, Sanskar was horrified.. He never expected her to come to him..
Sanskar (rudely): Who are you??
Ragini didn’t said anything.. She just hugged him and said, “ I missed you so much, Bhai!!”
Sanskar wasn’t able to control his emotions.. He caressed her hairs and said, “How are you kiddo??”
“just like I was before”
After that Ragini told something to Sanskar, he cried.. The paper flew from the bed towards Ragini’s feet.. She opened it and was shocked to read it..
Ragini: (teary eyed) Bhai??
Sanskar nodded and Ragini cried..
Sanskar: Don’t cry.. I will arrange everything for her..
Ragini: No bhai.. She don’t want to..

At Swara’s home:
Swara is feeling dizzy and facing blackouts again and again.. She was about to fall when Ragini held her..
Ragini: Dii.. Will you do my work??
Swara coughed.. And nodded..
Ragini: Dii.. Just go to this address.. I had some work.. They will give you something.. You will have to bring it.. Plzz dii.. I’m having work..
Swara: (coughing) its okay Ragu.. I will go and bring it..
Ragini: Dii.. (hugged her) I love you..
Swara went and took a taxi..
Here Sanskar is also not feeling good today.. He doesn’t know what he was feeling..
He received a call;
Other person: Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari?? Do you know Ragini Gadodiya?? She met with an accident and continuously murmuring your name..
Sanskar: I’m coming..
He also went..
It was an isolated place..
Swara’s taxi stopped.. She stepped out of it and stood there..
Sanskar also came there.. He was worried for his baby sister.. He saw Swara standing there.. Swara saw him and smiled.. Sanskar too smiled..
Sanskar just hugged her.. “Everything will be alright Swara.. Dont worry.. Nothing will happen to Ragini”
Swara: What.. Ragu?? What happened to her??
Sanskar: Her accident!!
Swara: Sanskar.. She herself sent me here..
Sanskar: Means it was a drama??
Before, Swara could say anything, she started coughing badly.. Blood was coming from her nose and mouth.. Sanskar took his Handkerchief and cleaned the blood.. But it was still oozing from her mouth..
“She is suffering from blood cancer” started echoing in his head.. He got teary eyed and hugged her..
Sanskar: You cant do his Swara!! No… No.. You cant..
Swara smiled and said, “I love you, Sanskar!! Dont leave me.. I want to die in your embrace!!”
Sanskar cried, “Swara, don’t say this plzz”
Suddenly, the rain started.. It seemed that the nature itself is crying seeing the cruelness shown by God on these two pure souls..
Sanskar hugged her tightly.. He also fainted there getting wet in the rain..

The next day
They were two pure souls who weren’t able to live together, but they died together.. They never cherished being with each other, but dying with each other was enough for them!!
How was it??
Its my birthday after 8-9 days i.e. 10th May.. So, you can take this as a pre-birthday treat by me..
And plzz I’m sorry.. But I will post my ff after two days as I’m going to my uncle’s house due to some functions.. So will not be able to post my ff for two days.. But i promise that I will post a long chappy once I get back home!!
Love you all..??
Take care..

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