This is Love…..IKRS Episode 9


This is Love… IKRS Episode 9

The episode starts with Viplav calling Dhaani and asking if she is okay. Dhaani replies she is okay and asks about him. Viplav says he is fine. Just then, Dhaani hears her father calling her. She tells Viplav that she will call later. Viplav says okay and take care. Dhaani says you too.. Viplav says I love you…Dhaani smiles and says Love you too.. She cuts the call and goes.
Dhaani and Piya go to Krishna. He tells about one servant seeing someone near the rope of the chandelier. They get shocked. Dhaani asks but who can it be??? Krishna says don’t know… and asks them to be alert and talk about this with Viplav and Sameer as well because they have the right to know. Dhaani and Piya nod yes. Dulaari gets tensed and shares his worry with her husband. Krishna asks her not to worry as ViDhaani, SaYa are together and they need nothing else. Dulaari smiles and prays to god to keep everyone safe.

Kabir is thinking about the chance he lost in harming Viplav. Just then Dulaari calls Kabir and tells him about the incident. Kabir reminisces it but asks Dulaari not to take tension as Dhaani and Viplav are safe. Dulaari invites him for marriage. Kabir says he will surely come and cuts the call. Kabir thinks I am sorry Dhaani but Viplav can’t be happy…. and he deserves DEATH….. He goes somewhere.

Dhaani calls Viplav back. Viplav who is looking at Dhaani’s pic, picks her call. Dhaani tells Viplav whatever her father told. Viplav asks her not to worry…. When we are together..nothing can harm us… Dhaani smiles…. Dheere dheere(love tune) plays… Viplav asks her to close her eyes….. Dhaani asks why?? Viplav says you ask a lot of questions…close your eyes na…Dhaani does so… Viplav asks Dhaani to tell what did she see…. Dhaani says my eyes are closed…how can I see anything?? Viplav gives offo…wala expression and asks again if she didn’t see anything. Dhaani smiles and thinks I saw you Viplav…..and tells I saw my lovely would be husband…. Viplav asks really?? Dhaani opens her eyes…. Viplav asks her again really?? Dhaani says yes…… They say I love you to each other at the same time… They laugh….. Ishq ishq plays…. Viplav says he will take her for shopping tomorrow. Dhaani says okay…. Viplav asks for a kiss…. Dhaani says KUCH BHI BOLTE HO…. Viplav smiles and gives her a kiss from phone…. Dhaani smiles and looks here and there… and Viplav smiles hearing the sound…………. They say bye to each other and sleep….

Its morning….
In Tripathi mansion, Viplav comes down from his room whistling. Daadi comes there and asks if he will drop her to the temple. Viplav says okay…and realizes he asked Dhaani for shopping… Daadi asks him if he is okay. Viplav says yes….. Kanak comes there and says Dhaani had called her and asked her to come for shopping as a mother in law should give the bridal dress to the bride… Viplav says Oho…and thinks Dhaani bhi na….. akele romance karne ka socha tha…saare khaandan ko thoos diya…. 😀 :p Bichare ka plan flop hogaya… Daadi sees him and whispers him to spend some time with Dhaani when they will get busy in shopping….. Viplav says wow Daadi and hugs her……….

Dulaari, Kanak,Piya,Daadi, Shaalu, Dhaani meet in the market. Viplav sees Dhaani and smiles. Viplav pulls Dhaani and says Accha khaasa hum dono shopping karte…tumne sab ladies ko bulaliya… Dhaani smiles and says there is whole life for spending romantic moments… She shows how ladies are happily shopping and says Viplav…. romantic moments can be spent for whole life…but see the smiles on their faces. Viplav smiles and says he is so lucky to get her as wife…. He leans closer to her. Dhaani smiles and pats him. Dhaani asks what is he doing?? Viplav says Pyaar…. They look at each other lovingly. At the same time, Sameer’s mother also comes there….. They look on as Sameer’s mom asks what are they doing here. Piya also comes out of the shopping mall and sees her would be mother in law questioning ViDhaani…. She says they arrived just now…and takes her…. She comes back and says Lage Raho…and goes winking at them…….. Viplav and Dhaani smile. Dhaani says lets go……

While shopping, Kanak asks Dhaani to drape some pallu and see if she likes anything. Dhaani does so…. Viplav is behind her. Dhaani drapes one pallu. Viplav signs that’s not good… Dhaani says to Kanak that she did not like it… Kanak asks her to select something else… Dhaani drapes next one….. Viplav signs…..okay okay but not good…. Dhaani takes another one….Ishq ishq plays…… Viplav signs that she is looking fabulous. Dhaani smiles and asks Kanak if she can take this…. Kanak says of course…and they continue shopping. Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani. She feels shy….

Everyone finish shopping. Viplav asks them to wait for him till he brings the car. When Viplav brings the car, he gestures Dhaani to sit with him. But Dulaari goes to sit…. Dhaani giggles… Viplav makes faces…. He asks Dulaari to sit at the back because the seat is not comfortable… Dulaari says what’s the need…. Viplav insists… He asks Dhaani to come forward. Kanak asks if Dulaari cannot sit in that seat, then how can Dhaani sit…. Viplav says Dhaani is strong Maa…..majboot haddi se bani hai…she will manage….am I right Dhaani?? Dhaani nods yes…. and they exchange the seats…. Piya whispers to Viplav what an idea sirji??? Viplav smiles….. They come back home.

Viplav stops Dhaani and gives her the earrings… He says its our marriage tomorrow….and here is your gift….. Dhaani takes it with a smile and thanks him. She tells him that she did not bring anything for him…. Viplav says who said you did not give me gift…. you will give it to me tonight… Dhaani looks on and says Tonight??? Viplav says yes….. and asks her to wait for him….he will come to meet her…. Dhaani smiles and Viplav asks her to go now. He kisses her hand… She smiles….. Mere ishq ka rang plays……. Dhaani turns back and waves bye to him with a smile on her face… Viplav gives her a flying kiss… and goes… Dhaani smiles and goes inside……

PRECAP: ViDhaani marriage……………. and a lot more[ AS IT WILL BE A MAHAEPISODE]
Thank you for all of your support and inspiring comments…. Keep supporting…. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND Keep smiling…. 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Kya kahu me apko just loving it ??? you are a wonderful writer, pls update the next part soon. Eagerly waiting for vidhaa’s marriage… And God bless you too dear ☺

    1. Thank you Maria….keep reading

  2. Superb sujie. From start to end fully vidhani moments. Loved it. What an idea viplavji..

    1. Thank you Porkodi …..

  3. Good sujie u gave nostalgic moments of dhani.great but kabir chapter still not closed.

    1. thank you Renu mam……. actually in coming episodes kabir aka karan’s chapter will be closed …keep reading

  4. simply super sujji, u r awesome

    1. Thank you Sabita

  5. Such a romantic and lovely part. Keep going.

    1. Thank you Louella

  6. super one sujie i am in love with it wonderful vidhani scenes pura ishq ishq….waiting for the mahaepidose now….vidhani’s romance before wedding and the wedding

    1. Thank you Eshani…..keep supporting

      1. will always support for this wonderful story sujie….i love the way u write in detail and most importantly der r lot of vidhani scenes for me to like

      2. will always support for such a lovely story sujie….like it when der is such lovely vidhani scenes

  7. Brilliant Sujie. Can’t wait for the next episode. Love all the detail you add. Thank

    1. Thank you Nimisha

  8. omg sujie after reading this i am dedicating this song to u
    iss lamhe ko rok doon…..
    ya main khud ko is mein jhonk doon…….
    kya karun? kya karun? kya karun………?
    iss lamhe main kuch bhi jaanu na………
    😀 its awesome i should say
    this song is for u and ur ff

    1. Thank you so much Laxmi

  9. sujie, wow! simply the best awesome vidhani scenes..loved it.

    1. Dhanyabaad Nima

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