This is Love…… IKRS Episode 8


This is Love…. IKRS Episode 8
The episode starts with Viplav dropping Dhaani to her home. Dhaani turns to go. Viplav holds her hand. She turns and smiles. Ishq ishq plays…… Viplav comes closer to Dhaani. Dhaani asks what is he doing and feels shy. Viplav leans closer to her and says Bye…… Dhaani looks on. Viplav says he knows his limits and will not disappoint her. Dhaani smiles. Viplav asks her to go now and get ready for haldi ceremony . Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav jokes that he wants to stay there. Dhaani looks on. Viplav says just joking. Dhaani smiles again and Viplav turns to go. But he turns back with an adorable smile and waves bye to Dhaani. Dhaani waves back. Mere ishq ka rang plays…………
Kabir is at some place thinking about Viplav and Dhaani. He is in dilemma. He reminisces about Dhaani staying happy with Viplav. Then he reminisces indirect orders of his maternal uncle to kill Viplav. He thinks he came to Banaras for only one motive and he will not let go that chance….but what about Dhaani. His inner voice says he should think about himself …not others…. Dhaani is no one to him……

Piya and Dulaari are busy in arrangements . Dhaani comes to them and offers help. Piya asks her to rest and order them. Dhaani says there are your functions also left Di…. Piya smiles and says that’s also true… Dulaari says today is their haldi and mehendi….. Dhaani says sangeet also… Piya says she is so excited….ratta maar ke baithi hai ki kaunsa function kab hai…… Dhaani hides behind Dulaari and Dulaari asks Piya not to tease Dhaani as its her function also…. Sameer would be so excited. Piya says Maa….. The daughter duo hug mother.
In Tripathi mansion, ladies get ready for going to Dhaani’s home to give her mehendi and Piya ‘s inlaws also join them. Viplav and Sameer come there and ask if they can also accompany them. Ladies say no need. Viplav says he is free and can help them. Kanak says no need beta…..and they go pulling their legs. Sameer asks him not to worry as they have just gone to give haldi and mehendi and will be back…they have to plan something to go in the evening before sangeet….. Viplav agrees and says he doesn’t want to miss the haldi ceremony. They make some plans which is muted. Viplav smiles and thinks I AM COMING DHAANI…….
Dhaani is at her home when Tripathi ladies come to her home and Dhaani greets them. Kanak gives the dress for sangeet to Dulaari and they exchange the bowls of haldi and mehendi too. Kanak gets happy and asks Dulaari to make Dhaani ready properly . Shaalu adds so that Viplav Tripathi won’t be able to take his eyes off would be Dhaani Tripathi…. Dhaani feels shy and goes inside. Piya’s inlaws also come and they sit for chit chat.

Kabir is somewhere outside thinking about how to harm Viplav….. He reminisces about Dhaani as well but thinks Viplav is happy with Dhaani….and he can’t see Viplav happy. He gets Dhaani’s call who invites him for her sangeet. Kabir refuses saying he has some work. Dhaani insists and he thinks he can harm Viplav being in the sangeet, so he agrees. She cuts the call.
Haldi ceremony of Dhaani starts. They are looking too good….. Similarly Viplav’s haldi also takes place. Viplav asks Kanak to make it fast. She asks if he needs to go somewhere. Daadi tells them that they should not go out after haldi. Viplav says he has some work and emotionally blackmails them with his sweet innocent face….. Kanak agrees and asks him to come soon. Later Sameer whispers that his idea was too good.Viplav smiles and says Dekha Viplav Tripathi ka kamaal!!!! Ladies of Viplava’s and Sameer’s family apply haldi to the groom and Viplav is thinking about his plan to meet Dhaani.

Later when haldi ceremony at Dhaani’s place is about to finish. Viplav and Sameer reach there. They see ladies busy in mehendi ceremony’s prepararion. Dulaari, Kanak, Daadi,Shaalu are also there. Shaalu asks Daadi if she can apply mehendi to Dhaani and Piya. Daadi agrees.Viplav and Sameer reach there and call Raj and Pankaj. Four of them gather. Sameer asks how to go inside. Viplav says from pipe?? Raj asks Guru…do you think its easy… Viplav says that he knows as he has already climbed. Boys look at him and say Yeh toh phas gaya ab….. They say DT’s grandson…..climbed pipe to meet his would be wife….and joke BREAKING NEWS ! BREAKING NEWS….. Viplav asks them to keep quiet and focus. They climb the pipes one by one….. Viplav stays in Dhaani’s room. Sameer quietly goes to Piya’s room. Raj and Pankaj think they have no one here as both their friends are busy with their lady love…. They joke and some ladies see them. They go to inform Dulaari. Kanak also comes there and says Viplav, Sameer were with you …where have they gone?? Raj and Pankaj stand looking at each other as they are short of answer……
Viplav is waiting for Dhaani who is in washroom. She comes out and checks her dress for mehendi. She looks at her hands and says I AM GOING TO APPLY MEHENDI OF YOUR NAME MR. VIPLAV TRIPATHI. She smiles feeling shy. Viplav asks her to go on. Dhaani turns back and sees Viplav. She says you??? Viplav says Yes…. Its me…. Dhaani asks if anyone did not tell him that bride, groom should not meet each other after haldi…. Viplav asks is that so?? Dhaani smiles and says yes…. At the same time, SaYa’s romance also continues…….
Dhaani tells Viplav that he is so impatient. Viplav asks really and moves closer to her. Dhaani asks him what is he doing??? Viplav smiles without replying her and keeps moving towards her. Viplav pulls her closer and applies haldi to her. Dhaani looks on and smiles. She also applies haldi to him. Ishq ishq plays…. Just then Dulaari knocks the door and calls out Dhaani. Dhaani asks Viplav to hide somewhere. Viplav goes in the washroom. Dhaani opens the door and Dulaari sees haldi in Dhaani’s cheeks. She asks Dhaani to get ready fast. She panics as Dhaani has not even washed haldi…. (BUT DULAARI DOES NOT KNOW THAT HER SON IN LAW HAS QUIETLY ENTERED THE HOUSE JUST TO APPLY HALDI TO HIS DAUGHTER). Dhaani goes. Viplav comes out. Dhaani asks him to go now. Viplav smiles and asks her if he can stay for more time. Dhaani says no….and sends him out…… Accidentally, Kanak sees him and calls out him. Sameer also hears this and comes out. AB TOH PAKDE GAYE…… They see Raj and Pankaj there and Viplav asks if they came for some work. Kanak says Unki chhodo…beta yeh baatao what are you doing here…. you said you had some work. Dhaani looks at Viplav….. Viplav stands there with his innocent face… Other ladies laugh at Viplav. They tell Dulaari that her daughter has got a perfect partner. Kanak goes to Viplav and pulls his ears. Viplav says Uooiiimaaaa……… Naughty Viplav……

Dhaani asks Kanak not to punish Viplav like that. Kanak asks Dhaani not to interfere. She says its your fault. Dhaani looks on. Kanak smiles and asks Dhaani why is she so lovely. Dhaani smiles. Sameer asks Viplav if they should leave from there. Kanak stops them. She asks them to stay back. They get happy. Kanak says….itne bhi khush mat ho….. you can stay here in one condition…. Viplav says he is ready… Kanak asks if he will move back…..Viplav says No chance!!Kanak says you have to dance …… Viplav says what???? Kanak says you promised …you can’t move back…. Viplav says okay…… Banno tera swagger plays…. Viplav is hesitant…. Sameer goes to Piya. She sends him saying he should give company to Viplav. She pushes him and Viplav, Sameer dance…. The ladies enjoy watching them dancing. Viplav asks Kanak if he can sit with Dhaani. Piya pulls his leg and Kanak finally asks them to sit dowm. Piya Sameer, Viplav Dhaani settle down….. Dhaani smiles looking at Viplav. He asks if he is looking much handsome ….Dhaani says yes….and teases him about his dance… Ishq ishq plays……. Viplav pulls Dhaani’s cheeks and watches her smile. Mehendi function starts…. Shaalu Piya Dhaani dance in the song Mehendi hai rachne wali… Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani….. Dhaani asks Shaalu to write V inside the heart… Shaalu does the same…. and compliments that the mehendi is dark….that means Viplav will love her the most. Dhaani feels shy… Viplav comes there and asks if they are talking about him. Shaalu goes from there. Dhaani looks at Viplav and shows her hands. Viplav smiles seeing his name on her palm… He leans closer to her. Dhaani smiles. She says anyone will see…. Viplav says he does not care….. Dhaani closes her eyes… Viplav leans more closer…. Ishq ishq plays in the bg….. He gives her a peck on her cheeks and goes saying see you in the evening. Dhaani opens her eyes. She looks at her mehendi and gives a broad smile.

Its Sangeet now…………..
Dulaari and Krishna are busy in welcoming guests. Viplav’s family and Sameer’s family arrive. They greet each other. Viplav is looking handsome in sherwaani….(check this link for demo) He looks around. Sameer asks if he is hungry. Viplav smiles and says No….. Sameer says Boss….hungry to tum ho yarr….. hamari saali saahiba plus bhaabi ko dhood rahe ho….. right ?? Viplav says yes boss…..
Dhaani is in her room. She is looking stunning in lehenga( check this link for the demo( Piya and Dhaani are taken towards the hall by Dulaari. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other. Dhaani smiles. Viplav gets mesmerized seeing Dhaani. Mein Rang Sharbaton Ka plays….Piya and Dhaani come to take elders blessings. Viplav signs Dhaani that she is looking beautiful. Dhaani smiles and signs Viplav is also looking lovely. Viplav smiles back.
Just then Kabir comes and watches everyone busy in the ceremony. He sees the jhumar and smirks. He thinks no one can save Viplav now.But first he needs to meet Dhaani and Viplav without coming in sight of Tripathi family. He calls Dhaani and asks him to meet him as he will be leaving. He asks her to bring Viplav too. Dhaani and Viplav excuse themselves from others and come to meet Kabir. He cooks up story that he needs to attend an urgent meeting. He congratulates ViDhaani and goes. When Viplav and Dhaani go back, he rushes to loosen the rope of the jhumar……
The celebration starts. Sameer dances in the song Jogi Maahi heer raanjhna…. Piya joins him. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smile. Elders also enjoy. Viplav and Dhaani perform in the song Jab koi baat bigad jaaye ………. Viplav asks Dhaani not to leave his side ever….. Dhaani promises…… They smile. Everyone clap for their performance. Kabir is watching all this and thinks every joy will turn into sorrow now….. he loosens the rope of chandelier ….and smirks…… Viplav, Dhaani, Piya,Sameer are dancing on Salame-ishq …….. SaYa whisper to leave ViDhaani alone in the dance floor. Dhaani sees the jhumar about to fall and gets shocked. Viplav notices this and looks up. They both jump to the other side and everyone get shocked seeing this. Kabir is not happy at all as this chance got ruined. He goes from there fuming. One servant sees the shadow and thinks to inform Dhaani’s father.
Dhaani gets worried for Viplav and asks if he is okay. Dhaani hugs him and Viplav also hugs her back asking if she is okay. Families smile looking at them. They break their hug and smile looking at each other. DT asks everyone not to take tension as their children are okay by god’s grace. Later, they are seen greeting each other good bye. Dhaani looks at Viplav and asks him to take care. Mere ishq ka rang plays……..

PRECAP: ViDhaani’s marriage shopping ……. Some romantic moments

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Credit to: Sujie

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