This is Love…… IKRS Episode 4

This is Love …..IKRS Episode 4
The episode starts with Dhaani looking at the message sent by Viplav. She smiles feeling shy. She says she had not thought that her life would take such a beautiful turn. Piya comes from behind and hugs her. They have some talk. Piya asks her to call Viplav. Dhaani refuses. Piya says she knows she is refusing because she does not want anyone to disturb her. Dhaani says Di….. Piya gets Sameer’s call and Dhaani teases her. Piya says Tu apne mister se baat kar …mein apne se karoongi( you talk to your would be husband and I will talk to mine)…. Dhaani smiles.
Viplav is in his room looking at his phone and waiting for Dhaani’s call. Daadi comes there and Viplav keeps his head in her lap. She caresses his head and says she did not thought her grandson will marry so soon. Viplav smiles and says even he did not think that he would meet someone so soon and fall in love so soon. Daadi talks about love and relationship. Viplav smiles and says he will always be with Dhaani and keep her happy. He gets Dhaani’s call. Daadi pats him lovingly and asks him to talk. She goes. Viplav picks the call. Dhaani is doodling in a paper as she does not know how to start the conversation and stuck in uhhhhhs and ummmmmmm. Viplav says Ab itna bhi mat ghumao Dhaani…. Dhaani stops and smiles. Viplav tells Dhaani whatever Daadi told him. Dhaani says that she too had no idea how things happened suddenly and she began to ……. Dhaani realizes she was about to say I LOVE YOU and stops…. (I LOVE YOU from Bodyguard plays)Viplav understands her and smiles. He promises her that he will never leave her alone. Dhaani smiles and promises that he won’t have to live his life without her as she would be by his side forever. They continue their talks and both fall asleep with their phone on their sides… Dhaani wakes up and realizes its 4 am ….. She calls out Viplav Viplav….. But Viplav is sleeping peacefully. Dhaani smiles and cuts the call. She sleeps back….

Its Piya and Sameer’s haldi ceremony the next day and Dulaari and Krishna are busy in arrangements and its Viplav and Dhaani’s engagement on that day…. Dhaani comes downstairs and gets happy seeing the decorations. Piya comes and asks if she slept last night. Dhaani looks on and says ofcourse I slept peacefully… Piya pulls her leg…. Dhaani smiles and says Di…. Piya says Yes Chhoti….. and they run behind each other. Just then Viplav comes and Dulaari welcomes him. Viplav gives her the bowl of haldi from Sameer’s side and looks around. Krishna sees this and says Dhaani is inside. Viplav says he was just looking. Krishna asks him to go and meet Dhaani. Viplav goes smiling. Dhaani’s parents are happy seeing Viplav’s love for Dhaani.Piya is running behind Dhaani… Dhaani runs teasing Piya and collides with Viplav. Viplav holds her and they share an eyelock…. Aankhon mein teri (from om shaanti om plays) Piya looks on and says ENJOY …. Dhaani and Viplav does not hear her as they are lost in each other’s eyes…… Piya sees Dulaari coming inside and makes some noise to alert the love birds. Dhaani and Viplav move away….. Dhaani feels shy. Viplav says sorry!!! Dhaani says No, No,I’m sorry….. Viplav says No,I’m sorry…. Piya asks them to leave their sorry there and sit. Dulaari comes and asks why are they tensed seeing her. Viplav says he has to go home…. Dulaari asks him to stay for some time… Viplav looks at Dhaani and says he would love too …but has to go now…. Dulaari says as you wish… Viplav turns back and says the dress for Dhaani would be brought by someone from his family…later in the afternoon. Dulaari says fine and Viplav goes… Dulaari hugs Dhaani and Piya. Dhaani’s father asks her to come and help him. He jokes on Dulaari’s crying face. They have fun…..

In Tripathi Mansion, Daadi and Kanak get ready to go to Dhaani’s home for giving her the sari…. Viplav comes and asks them to take Shaalu with them. Kanak looks at Shaalu. Shaalu says yes yes…she wants to go. Kanak sees Viplav signing Shaalu and holds Viplav’s ears. She tells him few days back her son was not ready to marry …today he is eager to talk to his would be wife by any means….. Viplav smiles and says Maa, I was just asking Shaalu to go as she can enjoy…. Daadi pats him lovingly and asks Shaalu to come fast. Viplav thanks her and hugs his mom and Grandmom.
The ladies from Tripathi family come to Dhaani’s home. They are welcomed and Daadi gives the dress to Dulaari asking her to give it to Dhaani. Shaalu asks if she can go to meet her Bhaabi. Dulaari smiles and asks her to go. Elders talk. Shaalu goes to Dhaani and she hugs her. She gives her the dress and says its Bhaaiya’s choice. Piya comes there and tells Shaalu that your Bhaaiya’s choice is amazing. Dhaani looks at both of them and realizes they are pulling her leg and smiles. Shaalu and Piya do a high five….. Just then Viplav calls Dhaani… Piya asks her to talk. They go. Dhaani answers the call. Viplav asks if she liked the dress. Dhaani says its pretty…. Viplav says not much than you…. Dhaani smiles. Ishq ishq plays….. They talk romantically and later Dhaani cuts the call when Dulaari comes and asks her to take Daadi’s and KT’s blessings. Dhaani goes and talks with them.

In the evening, Dulaari is seen panicking about the haldi ritual of SaYa…. Piya is brought there and ladies make her sit and complete the haldi ritual. Dhaani comes to Piya and applies her haldi…. They have sweet emotional talk and Dulaari sobs… Krishna jokingly asks her to save her tears…. Dulaari smilingly cries and Krishna also gets emotional. When the haldi ritual of SaYa finished,guests started to come for the engagement ceremony of ViDhaani…..

Viplav and family gets welcomed. Viplav is looking for Dhaani. Piya comes there and asks him to have patience as he will get to see his Dhaani soon. Sameer tells him the same. Piya goes to bring Dhaani. Dhaani is in her room looking at the mirror. Piya comes and says Oho….. Dhaani says You started again Di….. Piya smiles and asks her to get up….. Dhaani comes downstairs and see Viplav in Black Kurta…… and looks at her dress
(check out this link for demo of the dress)…. She realizes the color somewhat matches…. and Viplav also smiles looking at her…… Sukoon mila plays….. Viplav compliments Dhaani by whispering. She smiles and whispers back that he is looking handsome. Viplav smiles and thanks her. Shaalu and Piya bring the plates of the ring. Viplav makes Dhaani wear the ring. Dhaani smiles seeing VD written in it. Dhaani makes Viplav wear the ring. Everyone clap. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other lovingly.Tu jo mila plays……. They take elders blessings. Kanak compliments Dhaani and Viplav jokes if she forgot her son. Dhaani smiles and Kanak pats Viplav lovingly.

Precap: DT asks about sending marriage invitations to someone. Kanak asks DT not to take his name….. DT says but he is your….. Kanak says No Baabuji….and goes. DT worries. Someone is shown getting down from the car with luggage….

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  1. sanam re simply superb re keep it up

    i think you cant escape from earthquake problem in your lifelong
    so do you like your country??????
    i am really worrying about this

    1. Dr Sweety…. as you know earthquakes are unpredictable …we can only be alert ….so I’m just relieved that i am safe…my family…my loved ones are fine….. btw i love my country 🙂

      1. i didnt thought to dishonor your country but every people like to live peacefully and safely in their motherland..
        hope everything will b fine one day according to destiny

      2. that’s okay sweety…i know you don’t want me to get in trouble….right??

    2. thank you…..

      1. absoluuuuuuuuuuuuutely but not only you dear whole people in your country and other countries also

  2. It’s Mind blowing sujie. I have no words to appreciate ur writing skills. Good going sujie.

    1. Thank you Louella princess. 🙂

  3. Sujie the episode was just awesssome. Keep writing, waiting for the next part. Update it soon

    1. Thank you Maria

  4. thank you Louella

  5. Sujie it was mind blowing.. So lovely episode.. No worda to describe it..
    I could relate it to real life.. What happens once your marriage is fixed..nd that too to a person whom u love
    I loved it !!

    1. Thank you Arshdeep 🙂

  6. superb sujee. loved it.

    1. Thank you Porkodi. 🙂

  7. why your ff not shown in ikrs home page???

    1. i don’t have any idea about that Sweety.
      ..why its not in ikrs tu homepage … gad to post the link

  8. sujie you are always my favourite :-*
    keep going dear 😉

    1. thank you Lakshmi

  9. Sujje dear loved yr concept of situational background songs, reminded me of sararnya. Best is the dress aa i cud really imagine dhani in it . so loving story . excited to know who was KANAK talking abt , n who has come , great bhacha great

    1. Thank you Renu….. keep reading

  10. sujie, ati uttam episode dherai ramro mlai sarhai man paryo ? precap ??? kaun hai wo banda ?

    1. Thank you Nima……padhdai gara la…keep supporting

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