This is Love…… IKRS Episode 2


This is love…… IKRS Episode 2
The episode starts with Viplav looking at Dhaani with a smile in his face. Dhaani reminisces Piya telling about Mr. Handsome… Dhaani then thinks she is overreacting…. the guy just said sorry and that’s not a big deal. She goes. Viplav also reminisces Shaalu telling about finding his soul mate. Viplav thinks she is sweet but she just collided and said sorry…so that’s not a big deal….. He goes to Sameer and Piya.
Viplav talks with Piya and she asks about his future plans. Sameer says Marriage…. Piya also teases him. Viplav blushes and goes smiling. Sameer asks Piya about Viplav. Piya says he is nice… Sameer and Piya look at each other and smile thinking about Viplav and Dhaani’s relation.
The engagement ceremony starts. Dhaani comes there with plates of rings. Viplav looks at her. Piya and Dhaani have a talk and Viplav gets to know Dhaani is Piya’s sister as he is standing besides Sameer. Sameer introduces Viplav as his friend to Dhaani and Dhaani is introduced as his Saali.. Viplav and Dhaani greet each other . They shake hands. Kanak is also looking at all this thinking she is perfect for my Viplav. Viplav does not leave Dhaani’s hand and they are lost in each other’s eyes unknowingly. Piya nudges Dhaani and Sameer nudges Viplav. They take their hands back.
Piya and Sameer exchange rings and they take elders blessings. The announcement is made that everyone out there should dance and the star of the night….would be bride and groom should come to the dance floor… Dhaani takes Piya and Sameer for a dance. Viplav is looking at Dhaani….. He thinks why are his eyes stopping at Dhaani….( arrey!! our hero does not know he has fallen in love with Dhaani…. love at first sight…..)
Everyone enjoy. Kanak goes to Daadi and talks about Dhaani. Daadi gets happy and says that they should not delay in talking about marriage. DT also comes there and he says he will talk to them. Kanak gets happy.
Sameer and Piya are talking and Sameer asks Piya about her opinion on Viplav. Piya says he is a nice guy. Sameer asks if she likes Viplav for Dhaani. Piya says that would be awesome. She asks him to talk to their parents first. Piya thanks him for thinking about Dhaani. Sameer smiles and says he also has some relation with Dhaani…. and she is like a sister to me. (how sweet of Sameer)
People are enjoying dinner. Dhaani is with Sameer and Piya. Viplav is with Shaalu but his eyes are constantly looking for Dhaani. Dhaani also looks at him. They smile seeing each other. Piya sees this and asks Dhaani if she is okay. Dhaani says yes… and blushes….Dhaani thinks why is she feeling like this seeing Mr. Viplav…..( Heroine does not know usko bhi Viplav se pehli najar mein pyar ho gaya hai….) Sameer understands and signs Piya. Dhaani goes from there. Sameer comes to Kanak and Piya comes with Dulaari. They make them talk. Kanak praises Dhaani. Dulaari gets happy and says it would be an honor to get Dhaani married in Tripathi family. Kanak and Dulaari talk about discussing the matter with others. Piya and Sameer smile.
Everyone is back to their home. Dulaari is talking to Krishna( Dhaani’s father ) about her conversation with Kanak. Krishna gets happy and says both of their daughters are lucky. Dulaari says Indeed….. Dhaani hears them and runs. She collides with Piya and Piya asks if she is fine. Dhaani says yes. Piya asks her to come with her. She takes Dhaani to the room and makes her sit. Piya says she knows everything. Dhaani denies …. Piya asks her to tell if she likes Viplav. Dhaani blushes. She says whenever she is with him…she feels different. Piya smiles and tells Dhaani that she had not thought her sister will be talking like this…. Dhaani smiles. Piya says Chhoti, I had told you that you will get your Mr. Right soon. Dhaani smiles imagining Viplav.
In Viplav’s home, Daadi asks DT to talk about fixing Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage.. DT gets happy and says yes. Viplav gets happy hearing this and Shaalu comes from behind. She says Bhaaiya I had told you that your soulmate would be found soon. Viplav smiles thinking about Dhaani. Ishq ishq plays….

Precap: Viplav’s family comes to Dhaani’s home for talking about fixing relation. Viplav looks at Dhaani and Dhaani also looks at Viplav from the balcony….. They smile at each other…… Romantic music plays in the background…….

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Oh sujie its awsome………..waiting for the other one

    1. Thank you Lakshmi….

    2. Humble apologies Laxmi…

      1. Its ok sujie

  2. Sujie it’s wonderful. Plz update the next part soon

    1. Thank you Louella…. will post it soon

  3. All the Fan Fics are so romantic & interesting. Eagerly wait for the fanfics. but the problem is it takes time to get uploaded. Loved each of the stories.

    1. Thank you Laxmi ….. are you the same Laxmi commenting as Viplav??

      1. No i’m not that lakshmi

  4. Are wah sujie tum bahut achi ho. Itni jaldi sab kuch ho gaya bina rukawat ke. Thks for giving a good story

    1. Thank you Renu….. keep reading to get updated to the further developments.. 🙂

  5. Nice……lovely I loved it

    1. Thank you Ahana

  6. I loved it dear. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you Maria 🙂

  7. sujie, I’m also feeling ishq ishq….. 😀
    nice episode….ab arko ishq ishq feeling kaile garaune 😉 🙂

    1. Thank you Nima…aba chadai nai garaune….. keep supporting dear

      1. of course dear 🙂

  8. Hi sujie finally u posted.
    I was waiting for ur ff past 5days.
    Superb sujie. While reading it brought me big smile from start to end.
    Good going. Waiting for next part.
    Plz try to post it quickly.

    1. Hi Dear
      Thank you Porkodi and sorry for the delay

  9. Sorry for the very late reply Sujie and i wonder what’s going to happend next,what will be the twist and how are u going to develop this story bcz currently every character is good.ok let’s wait and watch what’s going to happend next but don’t make delay to update.pls.bcz i really want to know what’s going to happend next and pls include more vidha scenes next time.

    1. Its Okay Saranya…. i know i started off with all the positive characters…but you will get to see some twists here…so don’t worry…. hope you will like further episodes………and humble apologies for late update

  10. Wow!! Too good! Can’t wait for the next episode! Please update soon.

    1. Thank you Mahira…will post it soon….sorry for the delay

  11. It was a cute episode.

    1. Thank you Rajee

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