This is Love…..IKRS Episode 13


This is Love…. IKRS Episode 13
The episode starts with Dhaani trying to get up. Viplav comes there and holds her. They share an eyelock. Ishq ishq plays… Viplav asks her to take rest and call him if she needs anything. Dhaani smiles. Viplav looks at her lovingly. Dhaani says she is lucky to get him as her husband. Viplav replies he is lucky. Dhaani gets sad reminiscing how Viplav had to face problems in these two years. Dhaani says she knows that these two years were the toughest years for you……. Viplav asks why do you think so?? Dhaani tries to speak… Viplav puts his fingers on her lips and says Dhaani…. I agree the time was tough for me….but you were with me …that’s why this tough time passed….. Dhaani’s eyes are filled with tears. Viplav sees this and leans closer to Dhaani. He kisses below her eyes and says these tears have no place in our life….. and hugs her. Dhaani feels so relieved. Agar Tum saath ho plays.
Kanak and Daadi are busy in household chores. Viplav comes there and asks Kanak if he can take Dhaani outside for some time. Daadi and Kanak permit asking him to take care. Viplav goes happily. Ladies get happy thinking this happiness has come to them after 2 years. Viplav comes to Dhaani and asks her to get ready as they are going out. Dhaani gets happy and gets up from the bed. She opens her wardrobe and sees some gifts. She looks at Viplav. Viplav comes to her and says some gifts are for you and some gifts are for me from your side. Dhaani looks on happily. Viplav asks her to open one of those daily from now on. Dhaani says only gifts will not work…he has to sit with her and tell her what happened in these two years….she needs details of every day…. Viplav says Done… and gets happy.
Viplav Dhaani come down and Dhaani looks around. Viplav smiles seeing her.Dhaani takes blessings from everyone. DT asks them to go and spend some time alone.Kanak asks Viplav not to take Dhaani much far… Viplav assures her. Dhaani steps outside and smiles as she is out after two years. Viplav opens the door of car for Dhaani. She steps back. Viplav holds her and asks her to get in. She goes. Viplav and Dhaani reach the café where Dhaani and Viplav met before their marriage. Dhaani looks at Viplav and smiles. Viplav and Dhaani spend some lovely moments. Dhaani smiles with tears in her eyes. Viplav sees this and says You girls are impossible….. you cry on happy moments also ..sad moments also….how can you ??? Dhaani looks on. Viplav wipes her tears. Agar tum saath ho plays……. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and makes her smile.
Later, when they are walking on the road, one car passes nearby Dhaani… She screams and is afraid recalling the incident….. Viplav sees this and comes to her side.He holds her hand. Dhaani cries again. Viplav asks her not to get afraid of these things… that night passed long back…now it’s the time to celebrate. Dhaani nods. Viplav says again tears…… Mrs.Dhaani Tripathi …I hate tears rey…. Viplav makes her smile and hugs her.

PRECAP: Wait and Read the update………..but jo bhi ho ViDhaani ko ek romantic number pe dance karte hue dekhoge aap log…. I mean imagine karoge………….. 
Thank you everyone for supporting me and giving your feed backs….I would like you guys to read my ff and support it by commenting…….. I am thinking of finishing it ….so that I can come up with a new story….
Sorry for the late update….. I adore the way you people loved my 1st ff…and now same goes with this one….love you guys….god bless you all….keep smiling……  

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Aww! Emotional episode! ??

    Precap is good! ? will wait to read and then imagine them dancing! ?

    1. Thank you Areeb….

  2. it was awesome as usual

    1. Thank you Aish…

  3. Well the truth is I was a silent reader. Guilty! guilty!! Sorry for not commenting but reading ur guys ff only I decided to write one so, thank u for the inspiration.
    As for ur ff it is mind blowing

    1. Thank you Nancy….keep supporting

  4. Superb episode. Go on dear. Loving it.

    1. Thank you Louella ….

  5. Aww so sweet? and emotional? one
    I loved it?
    God bless u di?

    1. Thank you Arshu…..

  6. It was emotional but loved it as usual.. Waiting for their romantic dance..???? please post the next one soon…

    1. Thank you Maria

  7. Sujie dear i was waiting for it. N really happy to see vidhani wpending quality ti.e together alone?? liked the background song. I wish all ff like yrs . Or mahira , maria, kavya; lakshi; shweta; goldie ; louella can be seen on tv wow it would be so great.

    1. renu di i also wish the same and thanks

    2. Thank you Renu…keep supporting…..
      I wish the same dear 🙂

  8. sujie di i just love ur ff but i don’t know why………i love the song very much agar tum saath ho……but i didn’t know that it was fav to mishal also….then my love becomes double after that….and i liked ur dialogue hate tears re…….plz reveal all fbs

    1. Its my fav one lakshmi…..and coincidently its Mishal’s fav too….
      and thank you…keep supporing

  9. It was good and emotional episode. Loved it sujje

    1. Thank you Porkodi…keep reading….

  10. 1st sorry for late commenting actually dhilo read garec comment pni teskai pxi pxi aaune nai ho ni ?? as always episode is superb. and precap OMG already I’m feeling ishq ishq…?☺

    1. Its okay Nima..thank you and keep commenting

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