This is Love…..IKRS Episode 12


This is Love….. IKRS Episode 12
The episode starts with Viplav being restless. He gets up from the couch and sits besides Dhaani. He shares with her that he is getting restless and don’t know what’s the reason. Dhaani is listening only. Viplav holds her hand. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays… Viplav asks her to open her eyes soon. He keeps talking and later falls asleep…..
Its morning.DT and Daadi talk to Kanak about keeping puja for Dhaani. Daadi prays to god to make Dhaani fine soon. DT goes to make a call to Dhaani’s family…. just then Dhaani’s parents arrive. They greet each other. Kanak gets up to call Viplav. Dulaari asks Kanak to let Viplav be upstairs. DT then talks to them about keeping puja for Dhaani. Krishna(Dhaan’s father) says Dhaani is very lucky that she got this family as her sasuraal..but her destiny made her unaware of the love and care being showered to her. They get emotional. DT asks them to think positive…..

Viplav wakes up and says Good morning Dhaani….. He continues saying…. every morning I got a new hope that you would wake up ….please Dhaani….wake up soon…… He smiles…. But then he gets teary eyed… He wipes his tears and says He will not lose hope…. you have to wake up Dhaani….. for me…for your Viplav……. He goes.
Viplav greets Dhaani’s parents. Dulaari asks him to take care. Viplav smiles and asks her not to worry. Krishna asks Viplav beta…how are you smiling with all these pain…… Viplav smilingly says because of Dhaani’s love…. he says he knows Dhaani loves him…. he is alive till now to live his life with Dhaani… He knows Dhaani will wake up for sure….she should….. Dulaari looks at Krishna and then turns to Viplav and says our Dhaani is indeed lucky….. Viplav asks them not to worry. DT tells Viplav to sit in puja that would be kept the next day for Dhaani… Viplav agrees. Dhaani’s parents go back to their home. Daadi comes to Viplav and shows him a tear drop. Daadi says she showed him that tear drop not to weaken him …but to give strength to him ……. Viplav hugs her…and says Meri Dhaani theek hogi Daadi….Daadi says Haa…beta….haa…

Viplav goes back to Dhaani and tells her that a puja is being held for her. Viplav says you will wake up soon Dhaani….. and is happy with tears in his eyes… Just then he gets doctor’s call. The doctor says Dhaani’s body is responding to the medicines very well… Her chances of living are getting bigger.….. Viplav gets happy and thanks the doctor… The doctor reminds Viplav about chances. Viplav says he is sure …nothing will happen to his Dhaani. The doctor asks him to have hopes and hangs up the phone. He looks at Dhaani. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. and he says Maine kaha tha na Dhaani woh din dur nahi…. He caresses her forehead and goes to tell everyone.
Elders are busy in preparing for puja. Viplav comes there running and tells about his conversation with the doctor. They get happy. Viplav is smiling. Some ladies come there. DT greets them and asks them to sit. The ladies greet Viplav and Viplav greets them back. Shaalu also comes there and tells Viplav that she is super happy for her Bhaabi. Viplav goes with her. One of the ladies tell DT that she has brought one marriage proposal. Daadi asks for Shaalu??? The lady says No…for Viplav…. They get shocked. Viplav comes there and the lady asks the same thing to Viplav. Viplav is super shocked and super angry….. He asks the lady if she is in her senses. The lady says whole Banaras knows about the incident …… and asks what guarantee is there that Dhaani will get fine?? She is lifeless since two years…… And god knows if she will survive or not…. so he should think about being with a life partner who is healthy and sound …not a living dead body…. Viplav asks her to shut up (and gives that angry young man look)……. The lady says Truth is bitter…. Viplav asks her to leave right now….. The lady says she wanted to do good…. Viplav says he does not need her goodness and warns her not to take Dhaani’s name again….. Daadi comes and asks lady if she did not hear what her grandson said… The ladies leave. He goes angrily from there.
He sits besides Dhaani and tells about the incident. He holds her hand and asks her to get up soon. Teri yaadein( FROM LOVE STORY ) plays……..

It’s the day ofr Puja…… Everyone gather there. Dhaani’s parents, Piya and Sameer with family also reach AN….. Pandit asks DT to call Viplav for puja. Kanak goes saying she will bring Viplav. Viplav is in his room talking to Dhaani. Kanak comes and asks Viplav to come. She goes towards Dhaani and blesses her. Kanak reminisces the moment she realized Karan aka Kabir is involved in this…. A flashback is shown…. Kabir comes to meet Dhaani…He realizes she has slipped into coma. Kanak comes to know about it and vents out all her frustration. Viplav comes to know about his truth of being an adopted son. He folds hands in front of Kabir and apologizes to him for making him away from his family….. and asks him to go away. Suddenly Viplav gets angry and beats Kabir…….Kanak slaps Kabir and asks him to go away and never come back………. Kanak reminisces the moment when Dhaani was brought home….her grah pravesh was done…but Dhaani was unaware about it(I WILL REVEAL LATER…HOW IT WAS DONE)……. Viplav asks her not to remember that moment…and be happy as Dhaani will get fine soon… Kanak says yes beta..and goes……
Viplav sits for puja. All the rituals are completed. Pandit asks Viplav to distribute Prasad or something like that in nearby temple. Viplav goes and reaches one temple. He distributes the Prasad and comes across Karan aka Kabir…. Viplav gets shocked. Kabir begs for forgiveness. He says he came Banaras for business and thought to meet him. Viplav reminds him Kabir being asked not to come back in their life.. Kabir asks about Dhaani. Viplav asks him not to take Dhaani’s name …. and goes back home angrily. Kabir thinks about his foolishness and goes back.
Viplav comes back home. He goes to room and opens the door. He gets shocked and looks on. He sees Dhaani opening her eyes slowly. Viplav gets happy.He says Dhaani….. He runs to call everyone. Everyone get happy. Viplav also calls the doctor. Viplav sits beside Dhaani. Dhaani opens her eyes fully and looks at Viplav. Viplav smiles. Dhaani looks on. She gives a faint smile….and says with weak voice…. Viplav… Viplav says yes Dhaani… and hugs her. His eyes are filled with tears but he is smiling….. Dhaani sees this and holds his hands. Dhaani’s parents come and hug her. Dhaani responds. The doctor comes and checks Dhaani. He tells her about her state and how Viplav had taken care of her for last 2 years…. Dhaani says 2 years…. She looks at Viplav with tears in her eyes. Hamdard plays. Viplav wipes her tears and asks her to smile. He turns to Daadi and happily says Maine kaha tha na Daadi…meri Dhaani jaroor theek hogi. Daadi pats him lovingly and hugs Dhaani. She says Bhagwan tum dono ki Jodi hamesha banaye rakkhe….. and blesses them. Viplav Dhaani look at each other.

PRECAP: Viplav and Dhaani are on the road. Dhaani gets afraid of the car that passes by their side. Viplav holds her hand. Dhaani has tears in her eyes…

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Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Sujie now I am not at all angry loved today’s episode post the next one soon eagerly waiting for it, don’t delay OK??

    1. Thank you Maria….keep supporting like this dear…gussa math hona

  2. Lovely episode sujie…
    Loved it a lot??

    1. Thank you Arshu…. Keep supporting dear

  3. Hi dear sujie . Thk god u made dhani well ! Cud imagi e everything. Good one but pl don’t delay. ☺☺

    1. Thank you Renu…keep commenting…. And will post next one soon

  4. A lovely episode. I could clearly imagine everything. Go on dear. And post the next one soon.

    1. Thank you Louella…keep supporting

  5. Good episode Sujje.

    1. Thank you Porkodi
      keep supporting

  6. Sujie di amazing waiting for further fb 🙂

    1. thank you Lakshmi

  7. Sujie di nice
    I like ur name vry much 🙂
    Is this ur real name…?
    my frnd’s name is also suji

    1. thank you Sam….
      Lakshmi ne bataya tha mujhe…… My real name is Sujita….
      Keep supporting

  8. I was little angry on previous episode. ? But after reading this episode and analyzing it all, I have come to a conclusion. ? ?

    You truly did justice with your Fan fiction’s title! ? You showed the real love! ? Really! THIS IS LOVE! ?

    LOVED IT!! ❤

    1. thank you so much Mahira….
      keep supporting 🙂 🙂

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