This is Love…..IKRS Episode 11

This is Love….. IKRS Episode 11
The episode starts with Viplav reminiscing doctor’s words with tears in his eyes. He looks at Dhaani from outside. Dhaani is still unconscious. Viplav is shattered. He turns back and sees family there. He stands still. Kanak comes to him and hugs him. Tears roll down his cheeks.

Viplav comes with balloons and cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IS WRITTEN IN THAT CAKE….. Viplav comes to his room and looks for Dhaani calling her name…… A bed is shown and Dhaani is lying on it…Dhaani has slipped into coma and it has been 2 years…( PLEASE DON’T THROW ROTTEN TOMATOES ON ME GUYS…. Viplav comes to Dhaani and keeps balloons and flowers on her side. He wishes her happy birthday and keeps her gift in the cupboard. He asks her to open her eyes and see those gifts first. Viplav sets the candles and blows it for Dhaani. He holds Dhaani’s hand and cuts the cake… He watches her and his eyes are filled with tears….. He wants to cry but is not crying.. and keeps talking with Dhaani about random things……. DT and Daadi are seeing all these things and Daadi prays to make Dhaani fine…

Viplav is holding Dhaani’s hand. He kisses her forehead and asks her to open her eyes soon as he has waited much and his patience is breaking. Bolna song plays…… Then he continues saying he will call everyone….and turns to see DT and Daadi…. Daadi hugs him and cries. Viplav remains still with tears in his eyes….. Viplav says he will not cry because he knows Dhaani would not have liked a crying Viplav…..DT asks him to have hope and says everything will get fine.. Viplav goes saying he will call everyone. Later whole family is seen in his room. Dhaani is lying peacefully unaware of all the happenings but her heart is beating and taking Viplav’s name in its each beat…… Elders bless her and they go. Shaalu looks at Viplav first and says I AM PROUD OF YOU BHAAI…. Viplav smiles and hugs her. Shaalu asks Viplav to wipe his tears and takes Dhaani’s hand to keep it in Viplav’s hand. She goes. Viplav talks to Dhaani about his desires to take her for the world tour…and smiles thinking how will he react seeing her getting fine …one fine day…..
Kanak comes there with a box. He gives that box to Viplav and Viplav opens it. He sees vermillion in it. Kanak asks him to fill vermillion on her hairline. Viplav looks at Dhaani and then the box…. Tears are filled in his eyes… Kanak sees this and asks him to control his tears…. Viplav goes towards Dhaani and reminisces filling Dhaani’s hairline with vermillion at the time of marriage. Kanak goes wiping her tears. He finally fills her hairline and kisses her forehead. Bolna song plays……. He looks at Dhaani and asks her to get up soon. He imagines Dhaani waking up and asking him to smile… He smiles and realizes its his imagination…. He looks at Dhaani and says Woh din dur nahi Dhaani..( That day’s not far…) He holds Dhaani’s hand and says she should wake up soon so that every thing that he dreamt of in these two years should be fulfilled by them together…

PRECAP: Viplav is sitting in puja….. and praying for Dhaani….. Dhaani is shown…. Viplav opens the door of the room and looks on.

Sorry guys for making you waiting for so long….. will post next part soon. Keep reading
and Watch IKRS daily …….

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  1. Sujie I am angry why are you doing this with Dhaani please make her perfect soon… And update the next part soon…

    1. I am so sorry Maria… don’t be angry dear…. :).i will make Dhaani fine soon…gussa mat karo please 🙁

  2. Sujie dear viplavs expressions feeling are described nicely. Could feel his pain didn’t like her in coma. Hope to see her fine in next episode. ☺

    1. Thank you Renu…keep reading

  3. It was painful to see dhani in that state but still loving it?
    Each and every emotion Well described ??

    1. Thank you Arshu….. Keep reading…

  4. Sujie I was first angry with u but after the precap I became little calm. 2 years!!!! Omg!!! If I would have been there I would have lost hope. Reading reading I was going to cry. Go on dear.

    1. Thank you Louella

  5. Dhaani have been two years coma oh god this is really pain full thing but its ok precap was relief so no tension sujie……be smile? keep going…… and keep rocking?

    1. Thank you Kaviya 🙂

  6. He is waiting for Dhaani for two year! ? This is so not fair! ?

    1. Thank you Mahira…keep supporting

  7. sujie di i was waiting for ur ff just like viplav waiting for dhaani for 2 years
    super di post next one soon

    1. Thank you Lakshmi…will post it soon….

  8. Sujie, just I’m crying ?
    full emotional episode…hope next episode bat vidhaniko romance dekhna I mean read grna paiyos…keep it up ?

    1. Thank you Nima…. Paaencha for sure 🙂

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