This is Love…..IKRS Episode 10 MAHAEPISODE


This is Love…. IKRS Episode 10 (MAHAEPISODE)

The episode starts with Dhaani coming from after freshening up. She looks at the earrings given by Viplav and smiles. She tries it and smiles looking herself in the mirror. She imagines Viplav signing her that she is looking pretty. She pats her forehead and says she is imagining Viplav everywhere. Viplav comes forward and pulls her cheeks. Dhaani looks on. Dhaani says Viplav… Viplav says yes…. Dhaani realizes Viplav is really there. She asks how did he come. Viplav says from pipe.. They both laugh……
Viplav asks Dhaani to close her eyes and takes her to terrace. Dhaani opens her eyes and does not see Viplav. She turns to see Viplav with a guitar. Yeh kaisi raat hai aaj(IS FROM LOVE STORY SERIAL)………………. Dhaani smiles. Viplav thanks her for the gift. Dhaani looks on and says she diwd not give any gift. Viplav thanks her again. Dhaani looks on confused. Viplav leans closer to her and says nothing can be a better gift for me than watching you smile. Dhaani smiles and looks at Viplav lovingly.Ishq ishq plays……They hug each other. Dhaani asks Viplav to go now as anyone will see. Viplav says okay….and turns to go. They wave bye to each other….. Ishq ishq plays………..

Its morning…….. In both the houses, everyone is super busy…… Daadi, Kanak come to Viplav and give him the sherwaani ( )Viplav smiles when Daadi says its Dhaani’s choice…… Kanak says Dhaani would also be happy to wear bridal dress selected by Viplav. Viplav looks on smilingly. Kanak says she knew that Dhaani selected that dress which he liked. Daadi prays to God to keep their Jodi happy forever…. Viplav hugs them and goes to keep that sherwaani… Kanak and Daadi also go from there to see the preparations.

Dhaani is in her room. Dulaari comes to her and they have a talk. Piya also walks in and asks if they remember she is also getting married today. They share some emotional talks. Piya says they will go to beauty parlor. Dulaari asks them to go and come back on time. They happily make plans……. Krishna comes there and asks them to call Shaalu and take her to the parlor as well. They agree. Dhaani calls at AN and Kanak picks the call. Dhaani seeks for her permission. Kanak agrees. Shaalu also gets excited. Viplav comes and asks if he can do anything. Shaalu teases him saying he does not leave a chance to meet Dhaani…. Viplav smiles and asks what is she saying?? Shaalu says Bhole mat bano bhaaiya… you are eager to meet Bhaabi….that’s why?? Viplav smiles and says don’t talk too much and get ready…..i will drop you to the parlor and come back…. tere bhaai ki shaadi hai aaj….tujhe tayaarr hona hai ki aise hi bhootni banke baithegi….. Shaalu asks Kanak to see how Viplav is teasing her…. Kanak asks them to go now….. They go.
They reach parlor and Viplav sees Dhaani. Both of them smile. Piya asks Dhaani not to keep looking like that else she will not get time to complete her make up. Viplav says he will not disturb them now…… and goes saying he will come to pick them later…. Shaalu says Bhaiyaa…you just need to pick me …as Bhaabi and Piya Di will go in another car…… Viplav says that’s also true and thinks moti bhi na….  He goes.

Kabir calls at AN and Daadi picks the call. Kabir greets her and she gets tensed. Kabir says he wants to attend marriage of his brother forgetting everything….. Daadi asks him not to call again and is about to keep the phone. Kanak comes there and takes phone from her. She gets shocked hearing Karan. She warns him not to do anything to Viplav Kanak asks him to go far from their lives…… Kabir hangs up the phone. He then calls Dhaani to congratulate her for this day. Dhaani thanks him and asks if he will not be there. Kabir says he will come for sure but will get late. Dhaani says no problem. He hangs up Kanak gets tensed….. Viplav comes there and asks if everything is okay… Kanak calms herself and asks him to go and get ready… Viplav goes. Kanak and Daadi get tensed thinking if Kabir aka Karan will create any problem….. Daadi says nothing wrong will happen… Kanak prays for the same.
Piya, Dhaani and Shaalu get ready. Shaalu does not see Viplav and calls at home. Kanak tells her Viplav is getting ready and asks her to wait for sometime as she will send someone to bring her. Dhaani takes the phone and asks her not to worry as they will send Shaalu…… Kanak thanks her. Dhaani cuts the call and the trio get in the car….

Viplav is getting ready. He smiles seeing himself in the mirror. Shaalu comes there and compliments him. She gives her one beautiful brooch and makes him wear it……. Viplav smiles and bro-sis hug. He says my moti is looking fabulous today. Shaalu says Bhaiyaa, you will forget complementing others when you will see Bhaabi….. Viplav asks really?? Shaalu says yes….. She goes teasing him. Viplav is super excited.

Dhaani is looking herself in the mirror at her home. She wears the earrings given by Viplav and smiles feeling shy. Piya comes and says my chhuttki …. make up done in parlor is not enough for her. Dhaani smiles and says Di, I was just fixing my earrings….. Piya says okay okay…… They click some pictures and are super happy……

Viplav’s and Sameer’s family are welcomed…. All other guests are also welcomed. Dulaari comes there with Dhaani and Piya……. ViDhaani and SaYa look at each other and smile……… Viplav is looks mesmerized seeing Dhaani in the bridal wear…..( Shaalu nudges him. Viplav moves. Dhaani smiles seeing this. Dheere dheere (love tune) plays….. The rituals start………. Both the couples are asked to stand up for the rounds… Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smile. They take rounds……. Dhaani looks at Viplav…. Aaye ho meri jindagi mein plays….. Viplav smiles…… Viplav fills Dhaani’s hairline with vermillion. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. Dhaani and Viplav look at each other with much love…. Dhaani thinks from now on your every sorrow is mine and my happiness is yours…. Viplav thinks the same…… Pandit says the marriage is done and asks them to take elder’s blessings. They take elder’s blessings. Dulaari gets emotional seeing Dhaani and Piya….. Viplav and Sameer tell her they would not let their wives cry and will always keep them happy. Dulaari says she is lucky to get such son in laws……

Their bidaai ritual is going on…. Viplav’s family tells Dhaani’s family that they should reach home early for grah pravesh rituals…. And they ask ViDhaani to come by another car….Sameer and Piya also proceed.. Just then Kabir arrives when only Viplav and Dhaani are there. He congratulates them. Dhaani pretends to be annoyed as he came late. Kabir apologizes. Viplav asks him not to get late for the reception. Kabir says sure… Viplav shakes hands with him. Kabir thinks poor Viplav…he is so excited for reception ….but will not remain alive to enjoy it…. Dhaani and Viplav sit in the car…. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and smiles. Dhaani leans her head on Viplav’s shoulder. Ishq ishq plays……

Kabir calls someone and says they are coming and asks them to be ready……. He smirks thinking Bichara Viplav…….. Viplav and Dhaani are holding their hands and looking at each other with much love… Sun saathiya plays……… On the way they see one heavy truck coming towards them… Viplav and Dhaani get shocked…….. The truck goes after running over their car… Viplav, Dhaani and the driver go unconscious with a pool of blood. The truck driver calls Kabir and says work is done….. Kabir smirks and asks him to come for his payment. He thinks he had to sacrifice Dhaani for his revenge ….and says now Viplav Tripathi is DEAD…..

Kanak is preparing for their grahpravesh. She drops the aarati plate by mistake. She panics.. Daadi asks her not to worry as Viplav and Dhaani would be coming. Kanak thinks to call Viplav. His phone is ringing. Kanak starts panicking more and calls Dhaani …… ViDhaani are lying unconscious in the pool of blood… Kanak informs this to DT. DT asks her to think positive. They get a call informing them about accident. Kanak gets shocked. She thinks her fear was right. She breaks down. DT asks her what happened??? Kanak says accident…… They also get shocked……. They rush to the place….. They see Viplav and Dhaani lying unconscious…. and the driver too unconscious… They rush them to the hospital. Kanak ask Dhaani and Viplav to open their eyes…. She breaks down. Shaalu asks her not to cry… What will happen if they see you crying. She hugs her…. Daadi prays to make everything fine…….
Here Viplav is treated and Dhaani is also being treated in ICU… Doctor comes and says Viplav is out of danger but Dhaani…. Kanak asks what happened to Dhaani?? Doctor says nothing can be said at this time…. and asks them to hope for the best……
One day passes, Viplav gains consciousness and finds whole family around him. He does not see Dhaani and asks about her. Everyone stays mum. Viplav shouts to answer. He runs to see Dhaani…..DT tries to stop him but in vain… Viplav sees Dhaani in the ICU. He asks doctor if his Dhaani is okay… Doctor says something which is muted ….and Viplav gets shocked.

PRECAP: Viplav brings a cake and some balloons . Happy Birthday is written in that cake…. and he looks for someone……………

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Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Sujie it’s too good. But getting scared about Dhaani. Plz post the next one soon.

    1. Thank you Louella….. Keep reading…

  2. Sujie wow it’s too good yaar please update it soon.. And really worried for Dhaani…

    1. Thank you Maria…. keep reading to know if Dhaani is okay or not…

  3. Too good! I know Dhaani will be okay!! Right??

    1. Keep reading Mahira…

    2. Thank you

  4. sujie kya writing hai yaar
    now me and my sis is feeling your story
    khushiyon ke beech aansu aa gaye 😀 🙂 🙁 :'(

    1. Thank you Lakshmi……. Glad that you liked it

  5. sujie i has sent a friend request to you in fb plz accept it
    my name is Lakshmi Jaikumar

    1. And I have accepted it 🙂

      1. so now onwards we can chat there also

    2. sure Lakshmi…

  6. Wow Sujie u r awesome loved it 🙂

    1. Thank you Joyee….keep reading and keep commenting 🙂

  7. wow! sujie awesome episode…last scene so scary na… hope dhani lai kehi nahos ..finger crossed.
    yeh kaisi raat hai…..aww Mishal ko yaad dilayeu tq 🙂 :$
    mlai love story ko purai songs man parxa.

    1. Thank you Nima…. keep reading to know okay…..
      Malai ni love story ko sab songs man parcha………
      Teri yaadein and above one…… most favorite

  8. OMG!! SUjie… what happens next???

    Loved reading it and so so easy to visualise, I still have Viplav and Dhani as Mishal and Eisha.
    Thanks again. Really enjoying this!

    1. Thank you Nimisha……… keep reading
      Let me tell you I am writing this ff visualizing Mishal and Eisha as Viplav and Dhaani because I can’t imagine other than MiEisha as ViDhaani……..
      Glad that you are enjoying this ……

  9. Hi sujie was really excited to read about marriage ceremonies n felt bring present physically but last part is scary . I know that Dhaani wud become ok but till that time feeling bad.

    1. Hi Renu mam…… Glad that you liked it … keep reading to know if Dhaani would be okay or not….

  10. wow sujie again a wonderful one….am liking your stroy a lot….hoping dhani to be fine….hey give me d fb link i will also join you guys….

    1. Thank you Eshani …keep reading …and here is the fb link….first send request to Prachi also ….

  11. and wonderful wedding dresses i loved it….

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