This is Love…… IKRS Episode 1


Hi Friends……. I am back with a new ff of IKRS….. Hope you guys will like it…
Characters of IKRS in this ff are all the same…but one thing… THERE ARE NO NEGATIVE CHARACTERS IN VIPLAV’S AND DHAANI’S FAMILY ….
Dhaani’s house is shown. Her sister Piya is getting ready for her engagement function. Dhaani is shown shouting for her a safety pin to adjust her lehenga. Dulaari and Krishna(Dhaani’s father) are shown.
Dulaari: Sangeet is of Piya and Dhaani is shouting as its her function.
Krishna: Dulaari, one day our Dhaani will also get married like Piya.
Dulaari gets emotional.
Krishna: Oho… some tears for your daughter’s bidaai… and stop crying now.
Dulaari goes and Krishna also gets busy in other arrangements.
Piya comes to Dhaani.
Piya: Chhoti….
Dhaani: Yes Di….
Piya: Next turn is yours……
Dhaani understands but pretends like she did not hear anything.
Piya nudges her and tells that its her turn after her marriage.
Dhaani: I don’t want to marry soon.
Piya: You have to…
Dhaani: why??
Piya: Now you are asking me why…. but once you see a prince charming then you will yourself tell mom and dad to fix the marriage……
Dhaani: Really?? Such a man might not have born till now…
Sisters have a talk and they hug…….
A handsome guy is shown talking to someone in phone…… His face is shown and he is none other than our Viplav….
He is in phone and tells his friend that he will reach on time. Just then Kanak comes to him and asks him to dress well and go so that the girls get mesmerized seeing her son. Viplav smiles and says

Maa, your son is already handsome….. there is no need to …… Before he could complete,Shaalu comes and says even if Bhaai goes in towel…… girls will get flat….. Viplav pats her and says Motu…you know one thing….. a girl that I want in my life is not available in this whole world….and I will get married when the girl comes. Kanak goes saying Haye Ram….mere bête ko woh ladki kab milegi….kuwara hee reh jaayega mera beta….( When will my son find that girl…..OMG…..he might remain unmarried if he does not find that girl)……
[Viplav and his family get ready to attend the sangeet of DT’S family friend’s grandson…..who is actually getting married to Piya…..] Viplav is looking handsome in black dress and Shaalu teases him saying today, girls will surely faint…. Viplav smiles……  Shaalu says God knows if you will find someone in the venue…. Viplav gives expressions like maybe….
Piya is sitting and Dulaari comes to her. They have some emotional talks.
Dhaani comes and…

Dhaani: Offfooooo….these mother daughter duo are crying…and Di…who told you to cry….make up will get spoiled. Today is your engagement…and you have to look fab..
She jokes saying what if my brother in law gets scared seeing your face with spoilt makeup… Dulaari pats her lovingly and the trio hug… Dhaani’s father comes and asks Dulaari to help him in welcoming guest and asks Dhaani to be with her sister…. Dhaani complies.
Dhaani teases Piya…. Piya also asks Dhaani to find her soul mate among the guests. Dhaani smiles thinking will someone come in today’s wedding?? Viplav’s face is shown…. Piya nudges Dhaani and teases her. They have fun… Someone tells them that guests have arrived. Dhaani rushes to see her brother in law, Sameer.
Her parents welcome the guests. Dhaani looks here and there and sees aged people around and thinks Di told someone might be there who will be my soul mate…but here are uncle aunties only.. Sameer comes to her and asks Saali Saahiba…whom are you searching…. Dhaani gets nervous and says she was searching for him only. Sameer asks really? Dhaani smiles and goes saying she will bring Piya. Sameer smiles seeing Dhaani blushing ….. Just then Viplav enters with his family……
Dulaari and Krishna welcome them… They have a talk. Dulaari goes to Dhaani and asks her to bring Piya for beginning the ceremony. Dhaani complies. Viplav goes to Sameer and they have a talk. Sameer asks him about marriage. Viplav says till now he did not find someone whom he could call his soulmate. Sameer says his hunt for her soul mate will soon finish. Viplav asks really??? Sameer says yes… He asks Viplav if he had seen his Saali…. Viplav says No…. Sameer is about to tell about Dhaani but Viplav goes to attend a call. And Sameer thinks he should talk to Piya about fixing ViDhaani’s relation once their marriage is done.

Dhaani comes there with Piya. She takes her to Sameer and Sameer compliments Piya. They have a talk. Dhaani teases them and Dulaari comes to take Dhaani from there. Kanak sees Dhaani and talks to Shaalu about Dhaani. Shaalu looks at Dhaani and says if her relation happens with Bhaai….then Bhaai will be happy…. Kanak thinks she should talk to elders about the new relation.
Dulaari sends Dhaani to see arrangements . Viplav is coming from the opposite side talking in phone. They collide with each other. Viplav holds Dhaani and they share an eyelock……. Pehlee Nazar Mein plays…… Dhaani and Viplav apologize together… Dulaari calls Dhaani and she goes. She turns back and smiles feeling shy. Viplav looks at her and smiles.

PRECAP: Dhaani brings Piya and Sameer for dance…… Viplav looks at Dhaani with a broad smile on his face…..

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Superb sujie deat. Loved it. Main thinv is ni NEGATIVE CHARACTER KEEP POSTING U TR TOO TALENTED

    1. Thank you Renu…

  2. OMG thank you so much for again coming back subject. Just loved it keep writing

    1. thank you Maria

  3. Sujie,All the Best dear.i am really excited to know what’s the story track this time.from this epi its not clear.but i think u are going to rock and towel viplav reminded me of ystdy’s beautiful epi and u are right,our viplav is always smart.thanks for coming back and offering this beautiful story.

    1. Thank you Saranya… i will try my best to make it clear…

  4. Good start . Liked ur story very much.

    1. Thank you Porkodi

  5. sujie welcome back very nice start…. keep rocking….

    1. Thanks Kaviya 🙂

  6. A superb start. Thanks for bringing a superb story

    1. Thank you Louella Princess….

  7. Wow wat a start superb…. I was so happy when i saw your name….. 🙂

    1. Really??
      Thanks Ahana

  8. Ha ha sujie maza a gaya…shalu is right ..viplav sizzles in towel loved the piya & Dhani’s talk..I was waiting eagerly when our hero & heroine will meet each other…at last they met & here the love story begins.. Good start. .rock it sujie!

    1. Thank you Rajee… 🙂

  9. Too good! ? update the next episode soon.

    1. Thank you Mahira….

  10. Welcome back sujie.starting story ekdam ramro lagyo.keep continue….all the very best.

    1. Thank you Nima….keep supporting

  11. arre miss Nepal filmy start yaar u keep writing i do suprt by reading lol

    1. Thank you Raj…. why Miss Nepal ??

      1. Oohhh don’t think it soo yaar… but you from Nepal na??
        hey dear sujie somtmes i read all of our ikrs fmly writer’s ffs
        but bit lazy do to commnt..

    2. 😀 yes I’m from Nepal….glad that you read ffs….. but please comment as well okay…..thanks for your comment here….

  12. Hi! Sujie starting is superbbbb.plz update next part soon.

    1. Hi Midarshani…thank you for your comment…I will try to post next part soon…

  13. […] DT and everyone talk about keeping ViDhaani’s engagement in SaYa( Sameer and Piya’s) haldi day which is after two days. They get happy. They make further plans and DT asks them to allow them to leave. Krishna and Dulaari greet him and whole Tripathy family. Viplav is looking at Dhaani. DT asks if he wants to go home or stay in his in law’s house. Viplav smiles and says he is coming. He greets Dulaari and Krishna. Dhaani looks at him.. Viplav goes. Piya asks Dhaani to go and close the door. Dhaani looks one. Piya signs her. Dhaani goes. Viplav turns back and Dhaani smiles. Viplav signs her to see her phone….. Dhaani looks at her phone …. The message reads “ WOULD BE MRS. DHAANI TRIPATHI….. KINDLY SAVE THE NUMBER OF YOUR WOULD BE HUSBAND MR. VIPLAV TRIPATHY…. WILL CALL YOU LATER….. GOOD NIGHT AND SWEET DREAMS… Dhaani smiles. Screen freezes in their smiling faces… PRECAP: ViDhaani’s late night conversation on phone……. Friends….please do read this ff and drop your comments…if you wanna know what happened in previous two episodes….. here are the links……. Keep reading ….commenting and supporting…. […]

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