my love is for my hubby and my brother is best-OS


happy birthday my jannemaaaannnn this os is specially for you
tu meriii siissiii h naaa isiliye hamesha khush rahe
and bhagwann aur allahhh se yehi ummeennd h ki hamari dostii hamesha salamat rahee
baar baar diinn yeehh aayiii
baar baar dil yeh gyeee
tum jiyp hazaro saal yeh hamari h aarzooo
happy birthday too u ohhoohoo
happy birthday to you ahaah
happy birthday to you my dear freind happy birthday tou
my love is for my hubby and my brother is best
a girl is seen running behind a girl(6 years) holding a plate in a hall
g1-priyaaa ruko baby pls eat this
p-no mummaa i will not eat this
g1-pls priya i am not feeling well pls eat this (she has a baby bump)
p-no no no i will not eat this
g1-pls baby
p-noooo she again started running

(a boy comes there and sees their bonding)
the girl was about to fall but a strong muscular men save her
g-thank you (smiling)
b-(angrily)what thank you haa…..tu kyaa kar rahi h agar tu gir jaati toh…
t-kunj (tears) i…mmm soory
k-(calm)u know naa twinkle tujhe yaa hamare baby ko kuch hojaata tho..(placing his hand on her belly)
t-i m sorry
k-its okay wifie but agly baar sambhal kar
t-okay (smiling)
k-by the way why are u running behing my daughter

p-papa momma wants me to eat this food
k-so what i also want it
p-i dont like it i want to eat something else
k-what do you want to eat
t-pav bhaji
k-ohh so my jaan wants to eat pav bhaji and my princess what do u want to eat
p-umm ice cream
k-okay would u both like to come with me
p-yup daddu

at car
t-kunj i dont want to eat pavbhajii
k-then..stopped the car
t-that pointing towards golgappa walla stall
k-it will effect your health
t-i want to eat(making puppy pout )
k-okay jaan
t-thank you u r the best
(she then started to run)
k-dont run twinkle pls
t-opppsss soory kunj
k-thats like my siyaapaa queen

t-dont call me that
k-i will call you that
p-papa aap mumma ko siyyaappa queen ko bolte ho
k-jab aap badehojaunge tab bataunga

while twinkle was eating gol gappa
someone closes her eyes from behind
t-chodo kunj
k-mein nhi huuu mein toh priyaa ke saath huu
t-toh kaun h
k-pata nhi
t-checked the hand from behind and shouted
t-uvvvvvvvvvv bhaiyaa
uv-hyeee babydoll
(and they hugged eachother)

uv-waese tom. i will give u a suprise
uv-what just wait and watch
t-okay simple bhabhi kaha h
s-yaha hu twinkle mein (they hugged each other)
after sometime they went to sarna mansion
they eat there dinner and went to sleep
k-baby do u want to eat something

t-i want to taste you
t-yes,(they share a liplock full of love)
t-no i want to
k-twinkle you are not fine we will do later
t-okay (making puppy pout)
k-good night
t-good night but one more

k-(smilling)okay and (they again share a liplock full of love)
at morning
(twinj was ready to go to hospital for her checkup)
t-i m ready kunj (she shouted coming down from stairs)
k-aram se aaiyo
twinkle was walking suddenly she lossed her balance and was about to fall when uv saves her
t-thanks bhai
uv-sambhal kar yrr tu 7 month pregnent h u have to be carefull chal
k-twinkle kaha tha naa sambhal kar kal bhi girne walli thi jab bhi kahi jaana ho mujhe bataiyo mein lekar jaaunga tujhe
t-okay kunj

uv-kunj i m going
uv-i have some work simple yahi h priya ke saath you both go to hospital

at hospital
kunj made twinkle sit on the waiting area and went to receptionist
k-hey i am kunj sarna i have my appointment with dr.jain
r-yaa sir but your case is shifted to other dr.
k-okay what is his or name
r-sorry sir he told us not not to tell us ur identity to you
k-but y
r-he told us that he tell u personally
k-okay (kunj went from there)
receptionist call someone
r-hello sir they arrived
dr-send them to my cabin(smiling)
r-but sir you have patient before them

dr-i dont care send them first
r-okay sir
(dr end the call)
r-mrs.twinkle kunj sarna you have to go in
and they went to dr. cabin

dr.was facing his back
k -hello dr.i m kunj and she is my wife (before he can speak)
dr speak- twinkle 7 month pregnent and she is my sister (while facing them)
dr..shh no i m not your brother here i m dr.luthra
t-noo u r myy bhaii (angry pout)
uv- okay bhena and i am handling your case now
t-yeaahhh and he hugs him
suddenly door opens theree was a lady dr. lets name her mahi
uv-yes miss.mahi

m-i m sorry mein galat time par aagyii…she must be your wife right? and u dont you have shame aap unko hug karte huee dekh rahe ho how cheap (uv was trying to say something suddenly kunj held twinkle’s wrist and hugs her)
m-what the hell how dare you.

uv-miss mahi she is not my wife. she is my sister real sister not even cousin
k-and she is my wife….real wife okay(angrily looks at her)
m-opps i m sorry
uv-its okay go and check my sista
m-okay sir

after sometime
m-sir twinkle is perfectly fine
uv-thank god congo kunj
k-same to u jigs
uv-kunj take care of my sister aaj walla hadsa nhi honaa chaiyee wo toh mein tha isiliye wo giiri nhi
k-jigs mein usse uthne hi nhi dungaa
uv-yaa and haa apni bhen ko boldio ki mein late aaunga

uv-yrr aaj bahut patient tum dono jaau mein aajungaa
t-byee bhaiii(pressing the word bhai and looks at mahi)
uv-heheh bhai sista and they hug each other

after sometime they reached sarna mansion
and kunj make twinkle sleep

leap 5 years
a girl is seen making breakfast suddenly a girl and a boy start fighing
b-didi pls give me toffee
g-noo sidhant i gave you naa
s-priya dii pls today is ur birthday naa pls give me
p-okay take it (and they hug eachother)
looking at them twinj also hug eachother then simraj also came we are also here bhai with a girl
priya sidhant and jasmine(3 years)
starts playing

and they start talking
j-happy birthday priya dii
p-thanks jas
everyone started wishing her
and then they share a freindly hug and many selfies

the end

#priya ka birhtday #jannneeemaaannn dhyaan rakhiyoo apna hamesha
hope tujhe yeh achha lagaa hoo

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  1. Sohi

    Aww very cute os

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks a ton Sohi❤❤

  2. Presha

    Loved it

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      Preshu thanks yrr❤

  3. so cute and lovely os

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      Thanks a lot❤

  4. Nishfd

    Cute os girl. ..
    Love the bond of twinj n twiraj

  5. SidMin23

    Enjoy a lots and happy birthday priya

  6. Twinj

    Awww what an adorable os…
    Cute n beautifully written….
    Lovely…muahhhhhh…loved it…
    Keep writing…

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks a lot ❤
      Well if u don’t mind can u pls tell me your real name..

  7. Sameera

    Amazing awesome loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar anshi ????????????….
    Do write more ???????

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thanks Sam❤❤ and yaa thank you for giving me nice name I loved it❤❤❤

  8. Ramya

    Awesome anshu
    Amazing superb
    Lovely and cute
    Love you keep smiling

    1. Anshikajainn

      Thank you ramyaaaaa
      Love you ❤❤

  9. Baby

    well I knew it was u……..♥
    loved it……..♥
    lods of love……..♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Anshikajainn

      Well thank you baby but kaisa pata it was me..❤

      1. Baby

        Bhai apne Bhai ke liye humesha kon stories 😉 dedicate krta hai hahaha……♥

      2. Anshikajainn

        Hehehe ?? mein Karti hu naaa but this is for my Priya baby..

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