Love you helly shah


I don’t see any actressbashed likeher.. it was so painful to saw such nasty comments on her post. . every popular actress will get bashing. . even tejaswi slso get bashed. . but no one get such nasty comments as helly gets.. but she never give any damn about bashing comments she gets. when her costars being bashed helly request her fans to don’t bash her costars. . she never blocked that persons who bashed her verybrutally. . she never take any action against them.. I don’t know how much respect and love I have for this girl.. guys she is the strongest girl.. in this young ageshe is very mature. . she took all positively. . if she want she can delete the comments or can take action against these people. . but what she do is ignore. .she ignore such uneducated people. . she never said a word against anyone. . I don’t know what crime she do to get this much bashing. . is acting is such a crime? she really love tejaswi and other costars a lot.. she always respect them.. she wanted her fans and tejaswi fans to get united.. she is such a golden hearted girl.. no sane people can bash her.. only insane cheap people can bash her.. when I saw these comments and helly’s mature and calm response to it I love her more and more.. I’m sure this bashers also helped to increase her followers. . when bashers bash her others will love her.. her fans respect her and love her more.. in a short span of time she get 226k followers in insta.. many of her fans love her as a person she is . I love her because she is such an amazing person. . such a sweetheart and strong girl in this young age.. not her beauty neither her acting but her character and her adorable nature make us love her more.. bashers keep bashing.. I know u can never ignore her.. because you are not mature or strong as her.. as much you all bash her our love and respect towards her will increase. . helly shah .. you are the strongest girl witha golden heart.. love you to the core

note: bashers stay away from this post.. if you have shame you will not bash anyone here..

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  1. U r right jwala di

    1. Jwala

      Thanks shagun

  2. I too like her very much

  3. i m teju fan as well as helly fan ..
    i cry when i read that comment ..i hate that people who do such a cheap comment …y they mix reel life to real life …plz stop this hating , blashing and doing bad comment in every where in instra, twitter aswellas in fb …plz guys stop it now …enough is enough …so stop it…..

    1. Jwala

      I don’t know from which background they are coming. . I pity their parents. . they give birth to such useless people

  4. Hi jwala even i am a raglak fan. But i never bashed helly. No one can bash her to my point of view because she is so cute,nice,sweet and etc. People who called her buaffalo are belly,jelly are call her fake. It just because they are jealous. I am really proud of helly. She is just to good. I dont understand why all raglak fans bash her. Ok i now sometime swasan fans also bash tejaswii but guyzzz why are you bashing swara&ragini or helly&tejaswii. Dont get so shameless. And stop bashing swaragini. Most of all are not understanding that bashing is not going to make things better. You guyzzzz really need a life mostly
    those who bashed other.

    1. Jwala

      I’m happy to see raglak fans supporting helly.. I too like teju.. as a helly fan I will always support tej if anyone bash her.. I hope hejaswi fans should get united

    2. i agree with u …even i am a huge fan of raglak …but never bashed helly………and point to note is ALL RAGLAK FANS don’t bash helly(ur comment’s 4th line)……..But there r some insane people who does that but not all.don’t know what they gain from this………they just gain hatred from others while actors who r being bashed gain more fans and fruits of their hardwork

  5. Purvi

    Well said…… Luv Helly lot……..

    1. Jwala

      I too love her a lot

  6. I completely agree with you Jwala
    Even I like Helly as an individual
    She didn’t give a damn to those bashers bz they don’t even deserve her attention
    If she takes any action against them then she has to remember those nasty comments which I think she doesn’t want to
    I am a silent reader but after reading your article I thought that I should express my view
    I even like Tejaswi. She is so cute
    Swaragini rockzz

    1. Jwala

      yup.. she can block that person so she can avoid their bashing. . but she is not a coward. . she is very strong girl to face anything. . that is why I love her

  7. Agree with u…our helly is gold…n another thing pls watch swaragini show guys trp is decreasing…now both swasan n raglak r getting track…so dont blame fds n watch swaragini…pls literally begging

  8. U r soo right…actually those bashers show that from which type of background they actually hail..n even I saw some of the bashers who even tried to defame her by saying that she is characterless….I really pity for them coz after bashing they r seen as uneducated n illmannered…bhale hi kitni degrees leke baithe ho..

  9. u r 100% true dr . . . i really really love helly character not only being strong and also calm, she is the best example of well manner person . . . i love u helly . . . having a huge fan following its not a matter, if u having a few person who stand with ur critical situation is the best thing . . . u having us . . .

  10. Priya

    Yes ur crct how could someone stoop low for bashing people.what do they get by bashing people…anyways i request people who brutally abuse and bashing celebrities and those who support him stop it…STOP THAT HERE ITSELF WITHOUT TAKING IT FUTHER…

  11. Love u helly…

  12. Neera

    U r rite ! We ll always love helly… !! But d thing s we dont have any right to bash others… not oly helly but also the other actress… dont worry helly… wtever happens we ll always love u !

  13. Eva

    Helly is my inspiration…sach mee..she is awesome….i started watching this serial only because of her….her awesome attitude towards everything… admirable…love u Helly…

    1. Eva

      BTW…r u the writer of gang of devil vs gang of angles?

      1. Eva

        oh that means ki app bhul gayi ki app woh ff likhti ho…..i’m waiting for that Jwala..jaldi likh..

  14. Yeah….jwala I agree with you..I too love helly a lot along wid my varunkapoor…..

  15. Amazing post…she is really a good soul…this incident only increase her fans and respect & love over her…she is acheving a lot in her young age…she handles d situation neatly…happy to be helly fan…

  16. Radhika

    Thankyou for this pot dear. I’m not a heely fan or tejaswi fan. I’m a neutral person for this show but I know how these actresses get bashed. I can’t even understand why people say mean things to them. If anybody don’t like her then they can avoid her but why to say words to her. We do what we like then why they can do whatever they want in their personal life. We don’t own them right?

  17. Aashi

    Yupp jwala!!
    I was just disgusted by the fight which took place at instagram and telly updates.
    Like seriously guys fighting for reel characters is just merely baseless!!….
    Calling helly n tejaswi characterless, sl*ts, whores just prove how cheap you really are. Above all of this involving amar, Dhanya, varun, namish names in this. I really don’t know how they all bore such patience.

    Fighting for your favourite characters.. A polite bashing is appreciable but everything has it’s limit which is been crossed now.

    Guys bashing immensely would not give any benefit to you. Would just pressurized your brain and hurt others.

    If you’re raglak, swasan, swalak, ragsan fan just respect other veiws and keep your veiws peacefully. Maintain a nice ambiance which can be loved by all. Be friends not enemies.

    Here we are to connect interact, not ti fight. Fighting just makes hatred nothing outstanding.

    And please don’t bash any actor whether of swaragini or not. They do hard work for you. Appreciate them encourage them and boast them

    After reading Dhanya stand for happy I felt very happy. She gained a huge respect from many hearts and was compliment too! This proves they all are together, so why shouldn’t we??

    1. Aashi

      It’s for helly

    2. Really Ashi you are absolutely correct they call her characterless she is still a child she ia not even adlut and they use this kind of word for her I really can’t believe which kind of upbringing has been given to these people they just shame on themselves she is just 20 year old yaar for God sake. I don’t understand these people who the hell gave them right to judge someone’s have a right to critisize her acting her behaviour towards you but how the hell you get the right to say something about someone’s character. I have seen in Instagram how badly people react to her every good thing yesterday only I read someone saying she don’t have any friend now even namish is with teju. What the hell is this she has her family with her for whom she is working I don’t think she needs anyone. Specially those who only know how to bash

  18. Yes jwala u r right dear I love helly very much she is so beautiful by her face as well as heart really I proud as a helly fan and keep support helly and pray for her success.I have doubt jwala wat is mean by registered member and how where we can register?

    1. Jwala

      you can register in tu.. just check . there is an option called register

  19. Vaikha

    I too agree with ur post dear.. Helly is adorable.. I love the way she carry herself.. Such a fun loving and down to earth person she is..

  20. Eva . . . she is my inspiratn tooooo . . . .

  21. awesome post… loves helly.. she is superb actor..

  22. Aami

    well said jwala…. i thi k most suitable rpky for bashers….. me tooo really lvd helly alot….. i lbd her chrchtr seara soooo much…. she is so cute n adorable….. n one thng lvng helly means not htng tajswi… bcoz she is tooo beautiful n talentd… lyk our helly lvs n respct her costr we too lve them… both do thier job very well accordng to the instructions the got…. n i dont no y bashers bash helly for her chrctr in reel….. i jst lvd her reel n real chrctr….. ??

  23. Well, helly has been like a dream girl to me. I’ve always wanted to be like her. Her beauty, her charm, her nature, her spectacular acting, everything! She’s a real star!

  24. I too love helly from the bottom of my heart… Many people r bashing helly and tejaswi… As Aashi said there should be a limit for bashing… By seeing some people bashing helly as characterless and also abt her family… How can they forget dt she’s a girl… And sorry to say some girls r only bashing her as characterless…. I always respect helly for de stand she taken towards bashers…

  25. Sitaram


  26. U are absolutely right…..she is a very talented actress…n in a very young age she has gain very much popularity…..
    U know there are many people u are very sensitive to these types of nasty comments and gossips…sometime they insult or take actions against them…but I never heard anything like this about helly…
    She is my favourite actress in TELLY-WORLD

  27. Jawala u r right tat bashers r insane and uneducated I just hate the how can they say thoz cheap words to helly she is so sweetheart .when I read thoz comments I was like I will kill them for such nonsense about my helly cutie even being a we never bashed teju 1stly we don’t have right to do tat to any actress

    Proud to be a helly fan no one can be like her she is 1St actress of the serial I love the most

  28. Aahna

    well said yr…..I too love helly…

  29. Yup ur true… she acts mature nd these ppl who dont like dhn they should mind their wrk nd stop badmouth backbitting bashing helly… ur true i love helly to core…. she wil grow to heights even more…

  30. Well said! I love Helly and Varun a lot…Helly is a very strong girl. I m very proud to be her fan. And i also respect d other actors.
    I don’t think bashers realise this but when they write bad about others, their own nature gets reflected in those comments.

  31. well said jwala…….i love my cutie pie hellu alot…….she is just 20 bt ahe achieved alot in dis age…some stupid jealous ppl cant afford it nd bash her…bt my cutie didnt give ny damn to them….bashers r always bashers we cant change dem…actually dey r jealous of helly…jealous freaks…such an illitratd ppl….hw can dey bash such pretty cute doll like her….she even said to stp bashng her co stars….bt one thng whch hurts me is even namish liked one of d negetive cmmnt against helly…he didnt react while he react whn same hppns with tejaswini…..d worst part is dat hw can a girl bash other girl…dat too a good soul like helly….its really hurtng….stupid jealous ppl….bt our cute hellu is a good soul she didnt give ny damn to dem..she can block dat prsn or take ny actn agnst dem…bt she didnt…dats like sherny…

    .hellu dear dnt bother abt dese kind of cheap illitratd low clss minded ppl….der r many ppl who loves hellu alot..even my mamma like her alot…i watch sr only for hellu….i m really proud to be an hellu fan…she is such a swt fun lvng bubbly cute doll…we love u hellu we love u alot….bcz of her dis good nature she have 226k followers in insta in such a short time….i m so crazy abt gallery is full of her pics…my frnds alwys call me crazy bcz of hellu…dat much i love her….

    she is such a hard workng girl…dat we cn clearly seen in shw..even she mange both study nd actng very well…in exm time i didnt give any time to anythng…my full focus on study bt my hellu go for shoot evn in exm times…guys pls tell me whch coursr she is dng..i knw dat she dng some science subject…bt whch????she really inspiref me alot…love u helly keep gng like dis…we always love u…jealous ppl are alwys bark…dnt give any damn to dese illitratd low clss minded ppl….
    we love u and always do….love u helly….love u alot…keep rockng my cute doll…proud to be a helly fan…love u

    1. Same pinch dear… Meeting too a crazy fan of helly…. My gallery is with her pics.. Eventhough I’m a crazy fan of never tried to bash anyother actors

  32. Totally agree wid u jwala….dere is no point to bash…i m a crazyyyyyy fan of tejaswi she’s ma favv… still i dnt bash helly ..i mean who m i to bash anyone yaar..she’s a fabulous actresss …i m no one to bash her…
    I cn truely understamd helly fans how do u feel wen someone bash her coz wen i see bashng about ma tejaswi i really feelll soooooooo bad n litterely d cmmnts made me cry…
    Sooo its a humble request plz stop bshng any actress…it really hurt dere fans a lotttttt….

    Rather den bashng …start supportng ur
    Love ragini tejaswiii…love swaragini…

  33. Ya i too read that cheap comment….i think they metally sick people thats why they cant see someone’s good and happiness..shame on you who comment like that about helly..
    Weldone JWALA you did right by sending this post….
    We are always with HELLY SHAH…. becoz she is soo pure….and…..lovely….friendly girl….

  34. My helly is a sweetheart. She is real life angel. She is the best person. So pure at heart. Whenever she sees any such comments, she either request people not to do such things it her as well as for others or else she ignore it. I have lot of respect and love for her. Love u helly. God bless u beta.

  35. big fan of helly shah;-)

  36. one word about helly,…….”angel”.so basher company… keep ur mouth shut and behave urself.nd obviously love u helly shah.

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