love from heaven (Part 6)

hi guys i have took a very long time to update because iam fed up of exam later i fell sick .sorry for updating late really sorrrrrrrry.
let have precap: pragya is treating abhi’s wound .
After some times abhi got his conscious sees around and shocked . he get up with panic . he saw his shirt was removed and he can understand that he I treated
for his wound . he then just come out of the hut saw a beautiful pond near the hut . the full area is surrounded with tree . (if want see the hut scenary u can go to the
google and copy and paste this link Click Here. Then u can visualize the story. Yes what u see in that picture
is the hut where the pragya lives in this story )

Abhi was just mesmerized by seeing the scenery . then abhi gone back of the hut there he saw a big and a beautiful garden with variety of flowers , plants and trees .
then he again hear the voice from inside of the garden . he just go towards the garden . at that time pragya was coming outside the garden with a basket full of flowers .
she didn’t notice abhi . suddenly she hit him , abhi holds pragya the flowers showered on them . (allah wariyan song plays ) abhi feels his heart beats started to beat fast . pragya too feels the same . then they came too sense . abhi asked may I ask u one thing . pragya say yes abhi asked u were the one who is singing song daily. Pragya says ye
s . why u didn’t like it . abhi said no no not like that actually I loved it ur voice r so sweet . pragya says thank u. abhi asked if u don’t mind what ur name . pragya said pragya .
abhi said sweet name . pragya said thank u she asked him to come and sit inside the hut . they both moved inside the hut .abhi sat in the couch . pragya asked do u want
coffee or tea . abhi said coffee . pragya said I will bring u . she goes into kitchen .
abhi saw may magazines in the table in front of him . he wonder how these magazines come here. Then pragya the bring coffee give it to him . abhi says thank u
pragya says no thanks . pragya asked abhi how is ur pain now abhi said no much pain . pragya again asked for what purpose did u come inside the dense forest .
abhi said I am came for vacation I am staying in that lonowala guest . I daily hear ur voice of singing .so my curious to know who is the hidden singer bring me here .
finally I fond the nightingale. Pragya asked what ? abhi said I mean I fond u . ur voice is so sweet . pragya says thank u . abhi why r u living inside this dense forest .
r u staying alone . what r u doing I mean job. Pragya says wait a min why r u asking this question at a time . how can I answer.abhi says sorry first tell me why r u living
inside this dense forest .pragya say sorry I cant answer this question alone plz . abhi ok fine atleast tell me what u r job . what is the source of income for u inside the
dense forest . why r u alone . pragya say iam floweriest (she is lying because she does not want say about her reasearch) . I am not not leaving alone in this dense forest if u go little ahead from here u can see a beautiful village named vanastipur.

hi guys i think u r happy with stoy and its line if so plz comment me . i am really waiting for ur comment .

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