love from heaven (Part 5)


hi guys its me again . i think i am taking long time to update .really sorry guys i am fed up of exams . till my exams get over u have to wait for my continuous . so now we have a
recap: purab left abhi for his work
Days were passed . abhi daily hear the voice .he started to admired to the voice. Day to day abhi’s curiosity to know who voice increased . one day he decided to go inside the forest and find the voice . it is early morning he woke up and started for his morning jog . he hears the voice again .he decides to go inside .he started to jog in the direction of the voice . a road let the direction to go . it is a deciduous forest . little bit he came to the middle of the forest. It seem for him that he came near the voice which he hears . but unknowingly slipped into a pit got bad wound and fainted.
A group of small boys surrounded him and seeing he condition of abhi they got fear . a by said we only diged the pit so, the police arrest us . another boy said but we did not dig it for him we digged it for the shopkeeper who scoleded us known . another said come we can inform to di. All said yes come we can say to di. They run into the forest they reached a small hut house near a pond . they called dii in loud voice . a voice from inside yes coming .a girl with blue chudi come out of the hut .(it none other then our pragya) . pragya asked what happen why shouting . the boy said in chorus dii we digged a pit for the man who scolded us but…. Pragya asked but what . they said but di some other man came fell into the pit . pragya asked in shocked tone oh my what happened to him any thing serious . they said there is much wounds but he is in unconscious state . we don’t know what to do .
pragya asked where he now . they said di.. di he is still in the pit . pragya said omg come with me show me where he is now . they said ok and take pragya to the place where abhi is . pragya saw abhi’s one leg and hand out and other is in . pragya is horrified by seeing his condition . her heart beat is stopped its beating . she don’t know why it happens . but she feels something diffirent . she goes near the pit and with help of boy take abhi out of the pit and made him to put his one arm on her shoulders take him to hut . ther she made him to lay on the cot . she then treated his wound with medicine (actually pragya is a doctor who is researching on diabetics by staying in forest . ) .

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  1. wow super yaaaaaaaa

  2. Wow very nice….tanvika

  3. Prathi

    Pragya is a doctor good one keep going!! I think she is the one who sang songs

  4. Nice Tanvika !??? Keep Going !? And All The Best For The Rest Of Your Exams !? Rock In That !?

  5. Princesskrisha

    Superb meet di pragya doctor abhi fell in pit so sad hope abhi will fall in love with pragya n pragya too waiting for next part

  6. Nice yaar…

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