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love from heaven (Part 4)


hi guy iam busy in exam so sorry it takes long time to upload really sorry . let have a recap:a fb of abhi shown . they had a dinner made by purab . they went sleep .
now lets go into story.
The next morning
Purab got early came to wake abhi but he stopped seeing him having a good sleep .so purab doesn’t want disturb he gone for his morning jogging . when sunshine made abhi’s sleep disturb abhi waked up . he come out the room asked the servant for his coffee and where is purab . the said that he gone for a morning jog and he said I will bring the coffee and leave . then abhi come to the balcony seeing the beautiful scenery and the sound of birds . suddenly he hears the same voice what he heard last night .the song sung by the voice is very beautiful .the servent came aside said sir here is ur coffee . abhi who takes the coffee asked the servant an u hear the voice of singing . the servent relied yes sir . abhi asked then u know whose voice is this . the servent replied that sir this voice I will hear daily but I don’t know who is that . abhi said ok u can go . abhi was thinking who is it . purab came asked abhi what what r u seeing out side .may I know he asked kiddingly .abhi said nothing yarr .purab says it seem like u r lying .abhi says no no not anything like that.purab says yarr!iam just joking ok come we can have the break fast .abhi said ok . they had their break fast. Later they were chatting randomly . then purab got a phone call so he attended the call. It is his pa.
Purab: hello bolo payal (pa)

Payal: sir sorry to disturb but here every thing is going wrong .

Purab : why ? what happen .

Payal : sir yesterday is our last date to submit our project to our client mr.rajesh sigh .

Purab : yes I know , I have assigned the that man …(after thing the name)ha rakesh na.

Payal : yes sir but u only suspended him for mischief .later u said u will finish that project .

Purab : omg I have forgotten about it . but u remember know then y don’t u make me remember .

Payal : sorry sir I thought u remember and so only

Purab just shut up (he shouted , abhi who was watching the tv aked him what happened in sign language and purab replied nothing in the same sign language )

Payal: sir ……

Purab : what sir ? not at all doing a work properly .

Payal : sir mr rajesh want to see u tomorrow itself sir

Purab: what tomorrow itself .how can it possible .

Payal: but sir….

Purab: ok I will come .

Payal : ok sir thank u sir .

Purub ends the call.
Abhi asked him what happened .its seemed u to be tensed is I any problem .purub replied yes a big problem. Abhi asked what problem is it serious . purab says
that its serious actually abhi I have to submit a clients project yesterday itself but I have totally forgotten about it . the client was anger on me so he want to meet
me tomarrow itself .so I have to go . abhi says then he go now itself its very important . purab says thanx abhi . abhi says its ok . purab packed his stuff .he said bye
and tc to abhi and left from there.

so guys i think u have enjoyed . keep supporting me guys .surely in next episode i will bring pragya into story .

  1. Superbb One ! Keep Continuing !

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  4. Prathi

    Hey dear it’s very good!! Waiting for Pragya’s entry

  5. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Nice!

  6. Monesha


  7. Super……. I think voice singing also prgya… Waiting for next episode….

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