love from heaven (Part 3)


hi guys its me again . aditi ur rocking yarr . what a story . really no words to say . so now we go into the storybefore that lets see what happened in before episode:
purab and abhi was in spicy conversation . finalaly abhi burst into crying and hug purab and started to cry.
lets what going to happen.

purab console him and says don’t worry abhi for those who don’t have love for u . see she moved on in her life but u were still crying . u should also move
on in ur life . abhi says I can’t . purab says u should .and for that u should come out this dark room . abhi says then where I should go .purab says ok I have
an idea abhi asked what purab says we can go ur lonawala house which is in near pune . there u can relax no one will disturb and one thing u remember .abhi
asked him what .purab say hare yar we had totally forgot about our contract to mr seth ji . u didn’t prepare for concert .so, if u go to a new surrounding u will get
relaxed and u will get good them and lyrics for ur song . abhi say its sounds good but what about dadi . purab says I will speak to dadi . abhi says then its ok for me.

As dadi granted permission abhi stared to pack the stuffs . he strated his journey reached the guest house . he was just admired by green scenic aroud him it made
him relaxing . suddenly a music he heard from a distance later he could hear some one is singing . he just strated to go in the direction of sound then purab called
and also the voice of singing stopped . he then go back to the guest house saw the purab was take the stuffs arranging . abhi asked him for what u were calling me .
purab says come yarr come arrange ur stuff in the way u like then don’t schold me if I arrange in my way . abhi says ok and they both stared to arrange the things.
Later it was night fall the moon was smiling at the sky brightly . purab was preparing the dinner abhi seeing moon and gone into deep thought about what happened to him .

Fb (flash back)
Its was abhi and tanu who were dating . and they both started to love but the love of tanu was fake . she only love s abhi for his money . but the love of abhi pure
for her .he loved her to the core of the earth . since 4 years they loved .recently one month ago she stop talking , dating and every thing with abhi . abhi who loved
tanu that he could not even live without her for a day . he cannot bear her avoidance . he cannot tolerate . so he called her continuously and tired to meet her but
he can’t .later he got a news from his pa that tanu got married to rich business man . abhi didn’t believe .then he himself got the marriage photo of tanu and broken
into thousands of pieces .he couldn’t able to accept the truth .so, he strated to drink heavily in his dark room crying a lot .
Fb ends

Purab called him to have dinner . he said that he made it by himself and he himself said he is a great chief . abhi who said don’t over think . its my fate to have the dinner
made by u . so just shut the mouth and come and eat . purab who get irked .sat quietly had the dinner . later they went to sleep .

so guys i think some what i have started the story . very soon there will be pragyas entry . i think iam dragging the scences if not please comment me .

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  1. Very nice episode….Loved it..Update the next part fastly???

  2. Superrrrrr……. But please give long episode…. Waiting for next episode…..

  3. Aditiroy

    Hey hey thanks fur your compliments…nice plot..continue…nd ATB…

    1. thank u aditi . comment from u i can’t belive yar. and ur story i awesome yarr. i loved it more.keep supporting me.

  4. yes it was nice to hear

  5. Nice…

  6. super……………

  7. Reshma_Pradeep

    Its Niceeee…..

  8. Hey nice 1 plz update regulary yar plz

  9. hi ???tanvika plz updates next episode soon my very eagerly to know wat will happened wen abhigya will meet nd plz i request u tat????plz make pragya stylish liKe tanu i dont like ever tat someone compliment on pragya bad like how aliya calling behenji type so llz make pragya stylish
    nd todays episode was??????????????????????????????7??????????????????????????????????????????????? u rock it??⭐??????like a rockstar??

    1. Tanvika

      Thank you writing for ur lovely comment. I will try my level best to do

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