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love from heaven (Part 2)


hi guys it takes me long time to update the episode sorry iam busy in studing for exam. sorry . see guys i can able only to update small episodes.
purab console him and says don’t worry abhi for those who don’t have love for u . see she moved on in her life but u were still crying . u should also move
on in ur life . abhi says I can’t . purab says u should .and for that u should come out this dark room . abhi says then where I should go .purab says ok I have
an idea abhi asked what purab says we can go ur lonawala house which is in near pune . there u can relax no one will disturb and one thing u remember .abhi
asked him what .purab say hare yar we had totally forgot about our contract to mr seth ji . u didn’t prepare for concert .so, if u go to a new surrounding u will get
relaxed and u will get good them and lyrics for ur song . abhi say its sounds good but what about dadi . purab says I will speak to dadi . abhi says then its ok for me.
As dadi granted permission abhi stared to pack the stuffs .

he strated his journey reached the guest house . he was just admired by green scenic aroud him it
made him relaxing . suddenly a music he heard from a distance later he could hear some one is singing . he just strated to go in the direction of sound then
purab called and also the voice of singing stopped . he then go back to the guest house saw the purab was take the stuffs arranging . abhi asked him for what u
were calling me . purab says come yarr come arrange ur stuff in the way u like then don’t schold me if I arrange in my way . abhi says ok and they both stared to
arrange the things.

Later it was night fall the moon was smiling at the sky brightly . purab was preparing the dinner abhi seeing moon and gone into deep thought about what happened to him .

precape : fb of abhi

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