love from heaven (Part 1)

hi guys its me again . guy my original name is shivani but i lkie the name tanvika so ihave my profile as tanvika . ok in last update u have seen the intro part .and i would to thank u all for comments . now go into the story

it is an evening in dark room with only one small night lamp a person with a photo in his hand and crying as if he is crying for days and days. A knock from door the
person wipes his tears and ask him to come in . it is robin and the person is none other than abhi and in photo it is abhi and tanu . abhi asked what do u want robin
I have told u na not to disturb. Roin said sir I have brought food . abhi shout at robin how much time I will say I don’t want any thing . why r u shouting at him a voice
from behind the door . its none other than our purab. Abhi became silent . purab asked why u r not shouting now ,what happen to ur voice . abhi remains silent . purab
asked robin to keep the food tray and go . robin keeps and leaves the room . purab switch on all light and come near abhi with the food tray and asked him to eat . but
ahi push tray say I don’t want . purab got anger and give him a hard slap and asked why are u doing like this . abhi says why u don’t known . purab says I know ,I know
it is hard for u to forget or forgive that but u can’t cry for the whole life. For that sake u don’t want to eat or drink . have think about dadi ,and Aliya even me to. U only think
about whom u loved and not about those who lloved u . u will think for who does not love for u but u will not think of those who have love for u . abhi remains silent and
didn’t spoke a word . purab asked now answer my question abhi why r u remain silent . I know u don’t have any answer for my questions . suddenly abhi hugs purab and
strated to cry aloud .

precap: purab console him and says don’t worry abhi for those who don’t have love for u .

sorry guys its too small epi so sorry .but from next time onwards i will try my level best give long episode

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  1. Shriti

    hey shivani i am to shivani i like shriti name soo much tat is y i kept shriti ??? nd today episode awesome awesome awesome

    1. Tanvika

      Thanx sriti . thank u very much

  2. superbb yarr…………………………but purab slaping abhi………’s a shock……………..waiting for next update

  3. Super..… Waiting for long episode.

  4. LakshmiSiva

    nice start….

  5. Superb yaar…

  6. nice start. give next episode soon

  7. good that tanu out of abhi life



    1. Tanvika

      Thanks di

  9. Thank u Nikitha. U r also reading. Any how thanks

  10. Prathi

    Hey nice one Shivani!!

  11. Very nice…i liked it yaar

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